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Good morning everyone! Friday has come again and we’re busy as ever here at Sew News HQ. It’s amazing how much we learn every day about cutting edge sewing techniques. Have you checked out our online exclusive for the current issue?

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What is your sewing pet peeve?

For me, it’s all the ironing! Stopping to iron often takes the wind out of my sails on a project. Yet, it’s so very necessary.

From all the responses we’ll randomly choose one as our winner and announce the winner on Monday. Thanks for reading and good luck!

 Free Stuff Friday! Win a Mysterious Grab Bag!
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222 Responses to Free Stuff Friday! Win a Mysterious Grab Bag!

  1. Jane says:

    I hate having to change the stitch I’m using on my serger and having to rethread the machine. I always try to minimize that as much as possible.

  2. ELAINE LACZNY says:


  3. Renée O. says:

    My sewing pet peeve is that I only have one pin cushion… easy fix I know, but I made that one and haven’t had the time to make another!!!

  4. Cindy says:

    Not having enough room ever!!

  5. Kate Oliver says:

    Patterns that are simplified to the point that inportant steps are skipped and the quality suffers.

  6. Sara Seagrist says:

    My cat, Homeros, making my extra bobbins on the table into hockey pucks. The smooth table surface makes perfect “ice rink”.

  7. amy mayer says:

    Biggest pet peeve is not having enough time to just sit and sew!

  8. Barbara Berke says:

    Two biggest pet peeves are when a looper thread breaks in my overlock and have to stop to rethread my overlock to finish the project!! Second is sewing for everyone else and NOT having time to sew for ME!!!!

  9. Amanda Cooke says:

    When I think I have enough material, get to the end, and realize I need more >:(

  10. Carol says:

    Plan and work hard on a project, and need just a little more fabric and its no longer available.

  11. KJT says:

    For me, it’s realizing when I go to start that I’ve forgotten to get the matching thread for my fabric!

  12. Wienerwane says:

    Cutting my fabric too short! Especially when I have purchased a kit over a year before and can’t find the fabric anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have learned to “think” outside of the box! It has made me more creative though, hmmm, may not a pet peeve after all :)

  13. Jackie Reilly says:

    My messy sewing room! I can’t sew in a mess!

  14. Bianca S says:

    Sewing buttons or any closure is a real pain for me. I hate it!

  15. Mary M says:

    Running out of bobbin thread when I’m just about to finish the project. Well actually, running out of bobbin thread at any time.

  16. Terri Hinzman says:

    Either running out of, or breaking the thread and having to thread the needle – supposedly I have an automatic threader,but can’t prove it by me!

  17. joe helen grimes says:

    I love to do many different crafts. My pet peeve is remembering where I put things when I start a new project.

  18. Kathy R. says:

    My pet peeve is having to run to the store in the middle of a project! When I get a groove going, it’s ruined when I have to stop to go get some more bias tape or thread or whatever.

  19. Diane Simmons says:

    Needing just one more little 2″ pink piece and not having enough scraps to sew together to get it.

  20. Ironing all the way! I get home and all I want to do is just start my project…but I have to iron!

  21. Barbara Jo Stricker says:

    I really hate it when the “cleaning fairy” hasn’t cleaned up my sewing room by the time I’m ready to start a new project!! I also really hate it when I KNOW I’ve got something (a particular notion, fabric, thread color, trim, button, or whatever) and can’t find it.

  22. Jessica P says:

    My sewing pet peeve is having to stop. I can spend 10 hours on a weekend day sewing, love every minute of it, but only get one or two projects done when I had five or six projects in mind to do :)

  23. Carol Breault says:

    Running out of bobbin thread especially when embroidering!

  24. Diana says:

    Taking time out to find something that I had just in front of me a moment ago!

  25. Sharon S. says:

    I agree with everyone who said ironing. My ironing board is in another room, so that makes it even more annoying.

  26. Nancy Glisson says:

    The phone ringing right when I get to the most complex part. I just can’t ignore it!

  27. Theresa Brooks says:

    Running out of bobbin thread!

  28. My biggest sewing pet peeve is picking up all the little strings from trimming an embroidery project.

  29. Mary maxwell says:

    My pet peeve is discovering one of my wonderful children using my sewing scissors to cut paper. Especially when their paper scissors are easily within reach.

  30. Marilyn Linnegar says:

    I hate having to unpick, either serging or regular sewing machine stitches. Sadly I’ve gotten good at it, but it doesn’t make me like doing it any better.

  31. Brenda Lovic says:

    Having to rip out a seam because i didn’t sew it correctly or because it didn’t fit together properly (my fault)

  32. Kristin says:

    My sewing pet peeve is misjudging the amount of thread on my bobbin, so I run out in the middle of a seam.

  33. Marilee Hawkins says:

    My pet peeve is not having my pincushion where I am working. When I am at the .sewing machine, it is at the ironing station or the cutting table. And vice versa

  34. Naomi says:

    I hate clipping threads and having them all over the floor. My machine leaves about 1.25″ after thread cut, and I just can’t stand leaving it! I have to clip, but they don’t always fall in the trash can.

  35. Patty Kulas says:

    My pet peeve and is just getting started on a projet and having to pick everything up and put it away so you can use the table.

  36. Jane C. says:

    When I get a birds nest in the bobbin. Drives me nuts. Most times I know why. Other times I am totally puzzled. What happens is that I will be going along fine and start thinking how it hasn’t happened and the Whamo!

  37. Leesa Hunter says:

    My sewing pet peeve is being interrupted. When I’m sewing I just wish the world would go away, and that is always when they come visiting.

  38. tammy t says:

    As a beginner sewer, my pet peeve is trying to match thread to the appropriate needle. It is very confusing for me.

  39. Dianne says:

    When my 97 lb yellow lab lays under my sewing table and put his head on my foot petal. Have to watch my fingers.

  40. Sherry T says:

    Ripping out mistakes! So annoying!

  41. Sunny says:

    Realizing I have to rip out a seam, It’s just the worst.

  42. valerie csmith says:

    having to stop in the middle of a project because I ran out of bobbin thread–I was doing so good and now I have to stop!

  43. wendy says:

    I hate hate winding bobbins. It is such a bummer to sit down to sew something all pinned and ironed only to discover you don’t have a bobbin the right color thread.

  44. Grace says:

    I love to sew but I really hate the measuring and cutting! I find it so tedious and stressful.

  45. Rose Johnson says:

    Fin9ishing a project a discovering that I missed thread tails & having to go back to finish them off.

  46. Sue Winnie says:

    My sewing room not having a cleaning fairy

  47. Jill W says:

    It’s the ironing for me too! My sweet hubby does the ironing if he’s home.

  48. Beth R says:

    Being ready to start a project and realizing that I don’t have everything that I need!

  49. Bonnie Coalson says:

    Cleaning my sewing area so I can find what I need.

  50. Love to sew, hate to cut out the fabric. My teenage daughter loves to cut out, but has attitude issues with the sewing machine. LOL So, I’ve struck up a deal with her – she cuts out the project and I sew it!