Free Stuff Friday! Win a fabulous Babyville Boutique Grab Bag!

Happy Friday! This week I’ve got babies on the brain, thanks to my little niece who’s scheduled to arrive next month. I can’t wait to meet her, and of course, sew for her! My sister Wendy’s baby shower was last weekend, so here we are with the baby quilt I gave her:

sisters 300x224 Free Stuff Friday! Win a fabulous Babyville Boutique Grab Bag!

One resource that will come in very handy when I’m sewing for my new niece is Babyville Boutique, which is featured in “Cool Tools” in the current Sew News. Babyville Boutique started as a source for supplies for sewing cloth diapers as an eco-friendly alternative to expensive disposables. In addition to a variety of adorable PUL fabrics and other products, Babyville Boutique is also a great place to find sewing ideas, inspiration and information. Plus, PUL fabric has so many fun uses beyond diapers, including aprons, book covers, appliques and more.

So today, we have an amazing giveaway of Babyville Boutique products, including books, patterns, PUL fabric, appliques, buttons, snaps, fold-over elastic, diaper pins and more!

babyville 1024x867 Free Stuff Friday! Win a fabulous Babyville Boutique Grab Bag!

For your chance to win, answer the following question in the Comments section below:

Do you plan on sewing anything for babies in the near future and if so, what will you be sewing?

Enter your comment by Monday when we’ll randomly select a winner! Good luck and thanks so much to Babyville Boutique! Be sure to check out their blog and Facebook page for more information on projects and products.

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226 Responses to Free Stuff Friday! Win a fabulous Babyville Boutique Grab Bag!

  1. Caroline Couture says:

    I just found out I’m pregnant with our second baby so of course, I’ll be sewing a lot (more) than I already am. Especially if it turns out to be a boy, because we have a girl and lots of girl clothes but not enough boy stuff. I plan on making blankets, hats, stuffed toys and more.

  2. Raquel R says:

    After having 3 boys, I now have a little girl, so I’m excited about making dresses and all sorts of girls accessories — bows, bags, aprons, etc…the list goes on and on…

  3. Natalie L. says:

    I will be sewing dresses for my toddler and baby for my sister-in-law’s wedding coming up soon.

  4. Jackie Champagne says:

    I will be making pocket diapers and crocheting a puppy hat and diaper cover for my first baby due April 17,2013. We are expecting a girl <3

  5. Anna says:

    Just sewed 6 diaper covers and re-covered a changing pad out of babyville products for my baby due in February. Also did 30 soakers with babyville wicking fabric and starting on a couple wet bags as well! I love babyville, there are so many cute prints and it functions so well!

  6. Candace says:

    I really need to make a wet bag for my clothies for my 7 month old baby girl. Don’t have one right now and using a plastic bag liner!

  7. jennifer says:

    Im sewing my daughters diapers right now and have quite a few left. I plan on starting spring dresses for them and matching peacoat/sweaters with some knit fleece my older daughter picked out.

  8. Karen Honeycutt says:

    I will be making decorative burp cloths and little skirts!!!

  9. Jessica M says:

    I am making diapers for baby #2 and training panties for the girlie!! I hope to find some time to make me some mama cloth and nursing pads.

  10. Deb says:

    I’m expecting my VERY FIRST grandchild in July! I’m gonna sew EVERYTHING!!

  11. Dayna Johnson says:

    I plan on sewing some wet bags and snack bags for my girls (1yrs and 3yrs).

  12. NANCY JOHNSON says:

    I m planning to make some hitop booties !!!!!!!!

  13. Missy says:

    Oh I certainly hope so!!! My kids will surely decide to have a baby soon. I love love Babyville things. FOE is my new favorite thing to sew. So easy and pretty too. I will go to town making diaper covers and accessories as soon as I hear some news of a baby on the way.

  14. Tamara Kemp says:

    My son is giving me a new grand girl in May. So I will be sewing all the things she needs!

  15. nel fraker says:

    I have been sewing sewing-I have a great nephew due to make his appearance in the middle of March. I have made him fleece jacket hats blankets and mittens. I made receiving blankets burp cloths and I have crochet him 4 setts of booties. Still have a few things to finish. O I made him a quilt to match the one I made his mother.

  16. Sarah Milleville says:

    I love Babyville! I make tons of diapers and wetbags- the wet bags are way cheaper than any you could buy!

  17. Karen says:

    I plan on making baby quilts and flannel bibs.

  18. Faletta says:

    I plan to sew summer outfits.

  19. Cher says:

    I have been blessed with a granddaughter and now a grandson, so I will be making all kinds of things like wet bags, and bibs.

  20. Rustina Anderson says:

    I plan on sewing some diapers, inserts and quilts.

  21. Audrey says:

    I plan on making little baby PJ’s. Love to make them colorful.

  22. Rebecca Fleury says:

    I am making my little man some footed pajamas right now.

  23. natalie h says:

    I plan on sewing cloth diapers, baby skirts, and a ring sling.

  24. Jos W says:

    I have 1 daughter of 2, and am currently 5 months pregnant so my sewing and embroidery machines are non stop every time my daughter is asleep, but right now making diapers, wetbags and change pads!

  25. Barb says:

    This would come in so handy. I am helping my girlfriend make 60 newborn diapers for her 3 great grandchildren due this spring. It is a large project but would be so much fun doing diapers using your products.

  26. Ginger says:

    Yes, I do plan to sew for my own baby. I just finished making a long sleeve t-shirt and will make some shorts for summer.

  27. Teri Powers says:

    growth charts for my two grandsons

  28. Michelle Strange says:

    When do I not sew for “Little Man”!! He is growing so fast. This weekend is an assembly line of 4 comfy sleepers for winter, using scraps from my Mom, only investment will be the 12-inch zippers! So each suit will run me $1.67 plus thread I already have! LOVE that my Little Man gets some really cool stylish colored sleepers instead of plain old Blue and Greens! And UGH, YELLOW!!! Too much yellow!!

  29. Vicki Gentzell says:

    I will be making some “night time pants” (pocket diapers) to fit my potty training great nephew. He is so proud when he wakes up dry! I have made 2 pairs and another couple will see him to dry all night! I love Babyville products!

  30. ally carnelli says:

    I plan on making some dresses and their halloween costumes as well as some diapers!

  31. Anina Duren says:

    I have three kids under three (all who are in cloth diapers!) and I sew for them all the time. Next on my list is a quilt for my son!

  32. Heather Oppenheimer says:

    I plan on making diapers!

  33. Marion Ruybalid says:

    Cloth diapers!
    I love making cloth diapers and baby #6 is due in April.

  34. Krystal says:

    I’m going to be sewing some cloth wipes soon.

  35. Sarah says:

    I plan on making cloth diapers galore =) No one form where sells CD so to get myfriends intrested i plan on showing them how easy they are to make and use =)

  36. Laura says:

    I have to make new dresses for my girls, and new wetbags for daycare diapers! I’m not sure which I’m more looking forward to.

  37. Wendy says:

    I am always sewing for my grandsons it is the best “job” in the world !

  38. Amy Mayen says:

    I love sewing for babies! I’m working on a little dress now. Enter me please!

  39. Brandy Fountain says:

    I plan on making several bibs and burp cloths and one special quilt for my niece that will be in this world in May YAY I am so excited cannot wait to have a baby around again! Thank-you

  40. Jennifer K. C. says:

    Well, beginner here, but I would like to sew his nursery curtains and then move on to bibs and burp clothes!

  41. Stephanie says:

    Probably burp cloths, a blanket, and a dress for a friend’s baby.

  42. Kelly says:

    I’m making a couple wet bags (I use them everywhere! Next one is for the kitchen to hold dirty rags until wash day) and cloth wipes. If time allows, I’m also going to make big bibs for my toddler!

  43. Irina says:

    I am expecting a baby boy in June. My dream is to create his nursery bidding and decor. I also would like to start making sme stylish cool little boy clothes for the summer – I am a mom of two boys.

  44. Amanda says:

    Planning on making more diaper covers.

  45. Penny says:

    Yes! I have family members having babies and I plan to sew for them :)

  46. Crystal Anderson says:

    I am getting a sewing machine in a couple weeks. I want to make diapers and clothes. :)

  47. HollyC says:

    I’m sewing blankets, swaddling wraps, diapers and a carrier. Lots to do before new little Mr arrives in June!

  48. Michelle says:

    With 7 nieces and nephews, I feel like I’ve been sewing baby stuff for 6 years straight :) This year, my husband’s best friend is expecting his first baby. I’ll be sewing bibs, onesies and a shopping cart cover. Yay babies!! :)

  49. Jodie says:

    I’ve been and will continue to make diaper covers and pocket diapers. I bought the $9.99 book that came with patterns and tutorials. I made 1 cover for my son and loved it! It was my best cover out of the ones I already had, and it was so cute. I’m not a big sewer, but babyville has helped to make it much easier! I’m currently working on cloth diapers for baby # 2 due in March. And I may be making some gift diapers too! I might have to tackle some aio’s, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. :)

  50. Evelyn says:

    Every baby in my family gets a custom quilt from me.

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