Steamboat Slippers!

book Steamboat Slippers!Once upon a time we received an advanced copy of Killer Slippers and How to Make Them. I fell in love with the cover slippers, a pair of dashing steamboats anyone would be proud to have warm their feet. There was much office discussion of where one would wear such fantastic slippers. I proclaimed, “Everywhere!” To my amazing astonishment, Ashley (our lovely Assistant Editor) made me a pair.

These fantastic slippers are now mine! I call them my “work slippers” and without fail, every single day they make me so very happy.Slipper 300x278 Steamboat Slippers!

In thanks for my slippers, I interviewed Ashley on her construction and dedication to amazing office fashion. Here’s the interview:

Me: How long did it take to make these glorious slippers?

Ashley: Roughly 1 weekend.

Me: Do these slippers make you want to go on a cruise?

Ashley: I would, but only if the boat looked just like these slippers.

Me: I think these slippers look a bit like a tug boat, which would not make a great cruise. But I digress, what was the trickiest part to sew?

Ashley: Creating the pointed bow of the ship. It was difficult to have it join the slipper and keep its shape.

Dose 252x300 Steamboat Slippers!

Me: Did you use any sewing shortcuts?

Ashley: I am historically known to not follow sewing patterns precisely. So I mostly just looked at the picture and sewed from there. Luckily, the book suggested using pre-made slippers as my base.

Me: What slippers are you going to sew next?

Ashley: Probably the swans, another member of our office staff would like a pair to call her own.

Me: Ooh!

This concludes our slipper interview. Thanks to Ashley for the amazing slippers and taking the time to sit down for an interview. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

 Steamboat Slippers!
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2 Responses to Steamboat Slippers!

  1. Connie Rabun says:

    Absolutely adorable! I am inspired! Think I will just have to make myself a pair of these.

  2. Judy Simmons says:

    Oh, oh, oh! Do I ever need these slippers? I work on a steamboat! My coworkers would be too jealous!