Free Stuff Friday!

We hope you all are having a wonderful week and are ready for a weekend!

If thrift store shopping is on your weekend agenda, we’ve got the giveaway for you!

011 300x241 Free Stuff Friday!This week we are giving away the book “New Dress a Day” by Marisa Lynch! 

It’s the ultimate guide for re-fashioning those not so fashionable thrift store finds!

All you have to do to enter in this awesome giveaway is post your answer to our question in the comment section below.

What has been your best (or worst) re-fashion project?

We’ll randomly select a winner on Monday.  Until then, enjoy the weekend!

 Free Stuff Friday!
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67 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Marilyn Snow says:

    I took several old work shirts and made them into a fun color-blocked one. Some of the old shirts where worn by painters so they had lots of fun colors.

  2. Nancy says:

    I have not done a lot of refashioning…Worst would be a long shirt dress that I didn’t think was flattering so I shortened it…not any more flattering in the shorter version.
    Best…using an old pair of corduroy pants along with some other fabric scraps to make small messenger bag.

  3. Sunny says:

    I took two tshirts and made them into a dress with an elastic waist. easy and I wore it out from wearing it so much.

  4. Merilynne says:

    1. A brown taffeta shower curtain with mang rows of topstitch tiny pleats made into a long, very dressy skirt.
    2. I’ve started on a crazy patchwork quilt. However, I don’t want it of the usual calicos and other cotton prints. instead, this will be of elegant fabrics–brocades, satins, velvets, embroidered and bejeweled fabrics, etc. When I can get a suitable item of clothing at a yard sale or thrift shop for a quarter, I buy it for the quilt. Sometimes I make other things first and save the scraps for the quilt. Until I think of other items to make, they all go directly to the chest for that elegant crazy quilt.

  5. Linda Davis says:

    My greatest success was my daughters country wedding. I made a hankerchief tea length dress of satin and lace. It was beautiful. I also made vests for the groomsmen and the ringbearer. Skirts and matching vests for all the bridesmaids and flower girl. I entered her dress in the local county fair and was awarded the purple rosette first place ribbon. I have entered many wedding dresses and other sewn items in the past, but this was the first purple rosette I have won.

  6. Lauren a. says:

    My favorite refashion was when I took a cream chiffon mumu dress that had these beautiful butterflies on it. I took it apart and turned it into a fun strapless dress. Pair with a cute pair of brown slouchy boots. I love it. Every time I wear it strangers come up to me and compliment how much they love my dress. If only they knew what it started at as. ;)
    Big fan of Marisa’s I stumbled on her site and inspired me to start refashioning. Live it. So glad to see her doing so well

  7. amy mayer says:

    my best re-fashion was taking a mundane boring tan canvas tote and turning it into one very similar to one Anthropology sells for $88!

  8. I turned a skirt and top into a dress, corduroy, and orange! Not MATCHING orange, though, and it still looked like a skirt and top, but one you’d think twice about wearing OUT! Ha. Better luck next time!!!

  9. Mary M says:

    I turned a man’s dress shirt into a peasant top. That was fun! I’ve felted a few wool sweaters and made a purse and pillows. I haven’t tried anything too tricky so I have no “worsts” yet.

  10. Renée O. says:

    I made an iPad cozy from old Hawaiian coloured car seat covers!!! Does that count?

  11. Kathleen says:

    I love to sew. Just give me a piece of fabric or a garment to re-do. I will make, handbag, dresses, whatever, I just love to sew! I may even ad fabric paint, beads or trim!

  12. I tried to turn an apron into a tote. Big fail!

  13. Janice R says:

    My most successful do over was a pair of undies I made for an 18 inch doll using a pair of Name brand underwear of my aunts that she didn’t wear because they were to sexy. They looked very classy when made over.

  14. Milagros says:

    My worse project was trying to do a nice dress for my grandaughter but it was a little complicate and by the time I finished it was too little for the baby. It was a sad feeling and funny at the same time.

  15. jan murray says:

    brought some fabric ( silk) back from Sri Lanka . Made a mock wrap dress and embroidered it. Unfortunately didn;t fit it that well so only wore it once !

  16. Jill W says:

    My best re-fashion project to date was taking 2 pillowcases that I bought for a quarter each at the thrift store and turning them into a pair of knock-about shorts for my husband. Then the scraps were made into 2 hot/cold packs (small and large) and a pouch with ties to go with them. :)

  17. Heidi says:

    I don’t have the greatest success with re-fashioning items. I have turned a jumper into a skirt, and tailored too big dress shirts, but really would love to learn more!!!

  18. Jackie Goff says:

    I tried to make a jacket out of a sweatshirt. I bought an expensive kit that had minimal instruction and an “art” rendering of what it should like, but was only a suggestion. I was supposed to use my imagination. Well, I imagined that my jacket would look like the one on the ad/cover, but without instructions and better guidance, I could not even get the lapels to work out. It is a huge, bulky garment that sits unfinished in my stash. Seemed like a good idea at the time!

  19. Yvonne South says:

    I made a two piece outfit from a short black jacket and long purple silk shirt. I attached layers of net and silk edged with vintage black lace to the bak of the jacket to look like a victorian riding jacket and made a skirt using a deep waisband from an old black skirt with lined fishtail panels in the purple silk using the front button panel as a feature up the back and all edged with the black lace. I added a ruched sash through the belt loops of the skirt. I was really pleased with the result as it was my first attempt at upcycling – all I bought was the shirt from a charity shop the rest I had in the wardrobe and my sewing stash.

  20. Susan V says:

    I was making a top for my daughter and sewed two pieces together wrong. After looking at it for a bit (cuz I really didn’t want to rip out all of those stitches) I made a completely different (and cuter) top out of what I had done.

  21. I haven’t done any re-fashioning, but I sure like the look of the book. It would be a great prize, and a very helpful resource to start re-fashioning.

  22. Margo says:

    My best was a black pullover sweater that I made into a wrap sweater, very cute. My worst was a men’s shirt that I tried to make into a cute top for myself, ugh, it did not work out! I finally just pulled it out of my closet and told myself it was a lost cause. :)

  23. kim cady says:

    I took apart a First Communion gown, hoping to refashion it into a Christening gown for my newborn, two days before the Christening. Working with slippery satin and lace was a bit more difficult than I had imagined. I hope to have it done by the time SHE has a newborn, lol!

  24. kahla says:

    I’ve been working on repurposing clothes my husband and I don’t wear into lovely items for our little girl. That’s the good.
    On Christmas morning I was attempting to sew a button on a dress I made myself when I somehow stuck my finger in the sewing machine and broke off the needle in my index finger, through the fingernail, but not all the way through the finger. We spent 3 hours (on Christmas!!) in the emergency room! I felt like I ruined my little girls first Christmas, but luckily she won’t remember it excpet as a funny story. The dress was a fail even without the button incident ;)

  25. Lucy says:

    I turned all of my son’s onesies into shirts and they last from 18 months till now he’s 3.5 yrs old. Oh well he’s a skinny boy, but that helped a lot on our clothing budgets!

  26. Becky Donaldson says:

    i took button down shirts of my mothers (who recently passed away) and made refashioned tunics for my 8 year old twin granddaughters. they now have 2 unique and memorable fashions to wear from their great-grandmother. Sew Special! #nanasewbizzy

  27. Best refashion: turning placemats into totes!
    Worst refashion: Attempted to take a RTW dress and remove the cowl neck. It then turned out to be a dress with a really tight and high round neck. Not flattering. Unless you enjoy the neckbrace look :)

  28. Savannagal says:

    I had a couple ribbed turtlenecks that had huge, like 5″ cuffs. They were uncomfortable and bulky. So I cut them off and used my serger to make a lettuce hem instead. I like the much better now.

  29. Hazel Evans says:

    I really enjoy making childrens clothes. I made my oldest grandaughter”s(22) dress for a little miss pageant. She did not win,but I enjoyed every minute of making it.I also made my daughter A dress for little miss pageant, prom and also have done bridesmaid dresses.

  30. Mary Jo Fadell says:

    My best transformation project was turning a 1970′s wedding dress into a Christening gown for the first grandchild!! It turned out perfectly!

  31. Karen says:

    I love taking all sorts of thrift store finds and re-fashioning them into useful things. From wood sweaters to mittens, table cloths to curtains for my laundry room cabinets and flannel sheets to quilt linings and hankies. I think my best is the Pfaltzgraff table cloth that became wonderful curtains for the open cabinets in my laundry room or the Christmas table cloth that was turned into a beautiful set of dinner napkins for our Christmas dinner table!

  32. Susan Guynes says:

    My best project was making two different costume jackets out of an old bed spread. The fabric was fabulous. Both have been used in serveral productions. I love thrift stores. They are our family’s favorite weekend activity.

  33. Audrey says:

    I love finding another purpose for all fabric things. It’s the best feeling.

  34. Rhonda Glover says:

    Best–Used antique, velvety table runner, made a throw pillow, fringed, so elegant now!

  35. Erin Cumming says:

    Back in high school, I was running late in the morning, opened the fridge to grab my lunch and head out the door, when an entire bottle of salad dressing spilled all over my jeans. I quickly changed, did a rushed clean up job and left the oily jeans for later. I tried everything to get the grease stains out of those jeans! Finally, I randomly poured bleach on them, washed them and they came out with bleach blotches and drips all up and down the legs. I liked the effect and wore them to school, getting compliments from popular girls–that was a good day. No sewing, but still a textile refashion of sorts.

  36. Millie Bentley says:

    I have had lots of successes, nothing really complicated–purses from ties and jackets, cutting a dress into a skirt and blouse, making outfits out of drapes. I also made two shirts for myself by refashioning two men’s shirts, really fun. One shirt did not go so well; it looked too much like a scrub top, which was not the look I was going for.

  37. Cheryl M says:

    When I was in high school, I fashioned a very cute Easter dress out of some old mint green sheets I found in the house. But halfway through the day, the weak fabric gave way and ripped right up the side! My boyfriend stared in shock for a moment and then very politely said, “Would you like a sweater?” :)

  38. Deb Davidson says:

    I love to take wool skirts from the thrift store and make them into flower pins, dog coats and purses.

  39. Jamie says:

    My worst was when I took a fabric drawstring bag that my pj’s came in and tried to make it into a pillow case style dress for my 2-year old daughter.

  40. Cecilia Miller says:

    My worst was sewing a pants leg on a napped fabric upside-down. I didn’t have any choice but to wear it to the event. Tried to hide my leg all night with a tiara on. It still haunts me 40 years later.

  41. Kloma Ostrowski says:

    I transformed a pair of scrub pants into a work skirt by sewing the crouch area closed and hemming the length to the knee. Presto!

  42. Katherin says:

    my best sewing project, was a fashion show luncheon I hosted. I sewed an outfit for each of my nine models. I had a senior lady, mid 50′s lady, young mother, teenage girl and boy, young girl’s and a 2 yr old boy. I sewed for weeks , my husband always tell people he was eating thread for weeks. I sewed everything from suits to a cape. I loved every minute of it. The show was a huge success and the models really enjoyed themselves, not to mention they all went home with a great outfit. It warmed my heart so much when I would see them still enjoying the items I made for them. lol Thank God the stitching held up to washing and wearing. lol

  43. Tracy Enos says:

    I made a dress with shirring and it didn’t turn out right so I thought I’d turn it into a shirt and it turned out even worse!

  44. LisaVH says:

    I attempted to make a tube top thinking it would be easy peasy….well, it might have been if I had a clue what I was doing. It looked horrid. The material was wrong, I had never used elastic before and it was way too short. It was quickly recycled into a dusting rag.

  45. Jeanne says:

    What is worst for me is remaking clothes to fit as I have lost weight. It is worst because I dont’ like doing it. But it is best because I really love some of these clothes, especially the dresses, and I am able to wear them again and the people here think they are new because they have never seen them before!

  46. Ellen wenz says:

    My worst sewing project was when I was making shorts for myself, the pattern called for pockets. I sewed the shorts with both pockets positioned in between my legs. One in the front and one in to my rear. Instead of them on the sides, I reversed it and made them on the inside. I would say a very strange place to keep your spare change!

  47. Susan Knueven says:

    The best~~Took a long black dress and made a great black knit skirt out of it. Wore it for about 10 years.
    The worst~~Found a sweet very outdated purple velvet short cocktail dress ~~thought I would update it with a lower neckline and some jewels and sequins~~material shredded when I cut the neckline~~What a mess!

  48. melody says:

    My best so far was turning a huge sweater into a toddler sweater dress, leg warmers and a pillow.

  49. shannon says:

    the worst is trying to make dresses for the grandbaby…she grows to fast and I sew to slow…lol…will get it some day….

  50. Linzel McBride says:

    I took an old, not-so-interesting wrap and embellished it with beads and trim. It now looks very ethnic and exotic.