Free Stuff Friday!

We hope you all are having a wonderful week and are ready for a weekend!

If thrift store shopping is on your weekend agenda, we’ve got the giveaway for you!

011 300x241 Free Stuff Friday!This week we are giving away the book “New Dress a Day” by Marisa Lynch! 

It’s the ultimate guide for re-fashioning those not so fashionable thrift store finds!

All you have to do to enter in this awesome giveaway is post your answer to our question in the comment section below.

What has been your best (or worst) re-fashion project?

We’ll randomly select a winner on Monday.  Until then, enjoy the weekend!

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67 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. hueisei says:

    I attempted to refashion my husband shirt into a skirt and I have fail. I need a pattern to do it rather to cut it freely.

  2. Loretta Tejkl says:

    Tried to refub a maternity pair of overalls into a pair of capris.

  3. Amy S says:

    I fought this awful, floor-length mumu with long sleeves and sequins everywhere for $5 at a flea market. The color was perfect for me, though. After some seam ripping, cutting, and re-sewing, it is a chic, sparkly top!

  4. Inita Bermudez says:

    My worse outfit I made is when I forgot to was my knit fabric before I made It. After washer it, it fit my 6 year old niece.

  5. Kimberly Corbett says:

    I tried to make a mans shirt into a cute shirt for me. It still hasn’t turned out right, but I will keep trying. I love Marisa’s website and would love her book even more. She does amazing things.

  6. Jane C. says:

    My best was using two men’s dress shirts to make into an apron. My worst was using hankies to make a skirt. I worked on it until 3am. In the morning I discovered most of them were upside down or wrong side out. Never again!

  7. Lupe says:

    Changed a Christmas velvet dress into a medieval costume for a medieval theme wedding. Everyone else paid tons to rent a costume.

  8. Nancy kwisnek says:

    Love taking an article of clothing anyone can wear and refurbishing it to something orignial only I would wear. Replacing the buttons with one of a kind, adding topstitching, bedazzling, embelishing and fashioning to suit our personalities.

  9. MelodyJ says:

    I haven’t done one yet.

  10. Jessica M says:

    My best re-fashion project was turning an adult sweater into a dress from my daughter. It turned out cute and she loved it.

  11. Karen says:

    Made a linen tablecloth into a peasant blouse. Dyed the fabric with tea. Turned out great.

  12. Karen says:

    Took a baby blue tablecloth and 12 napkins and dyed it turquoise. They were made in Syria with lots of embroidery. I made an Indian style salwar pants with the 12 napkins by piecing them together and then made the long top with the tablecloth. The fabric looks great. The gold threads stayed gold and the other embroidery threads took the fabric dye darker. Looks fantastic.

  13. Evelyn says:

    My best was making a drawstring tote out of cut off brushed denim pant legs.

  14. Lisa says:

    I felted old sweaters, cut them apart and reassembled them into a patchwork jacket. Turned out great!

  15. Connie Rabun says:

    I took a bridesmaid dress from my sister’s wedding and cut it off to tea length and re-hemed it. I did not like the pastel pink color, so I attempted to dye it a deep violet. It was a horrible flop. The dress had a sick tie-dye effect. I do believe this was the first and last attempt at fabric dying but not my last at re-fashioning discarded but usable clothing! My motto is Re-purpose, not recycle!

  16. debra lee says:

    i took two beach towels . and made a bath robe with them. it was to big and i then had to take it in. that also was my first project for sewing in about 35 years.

  17. Jen Bee says:

    Hard to chose, but I took an inexpensive pair of plain drapes and made them into valances for the entire family room. 4 windows in all. Less expensive then buying them individually and they worked perfectly.

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