Free Stuff Friday Winner!

Happy Monday everyone!  We hope you all had a great weekend!

0111 300x241 Free Stuff Friday Winner!Last week we announced that we were giving away the book “New Dress a Day” by Marisa Lynch! It’s the ultimate guide for re-fashioning those not so fashionable thrift store finds!

To enter we asked people to post their answers to our question:

What has been your best (or worst) re-fashion project?

Congratulations to our winner Susan G, who said: “My best project was making two different costume jackets out of an old bed spread. The fabric was fabulous. Both have been used in serveral productions. I love thrift stores. They are our family’s favorite weekend activity.”

We hope you are able to put this book to good use!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and remember to check back every week for more giveaways!

 Free Stuff Friday Winner!
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