Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 4

Happy Monday! We’ve got something to add a little pep to your day: Another giveaway!

To celebrate Season 5 airing on PBS beginning March 2nd, we’re giving away prizes from past guests for 13 days! Stay tuned on the blog for giveaways every day, and every giveaway you enter, you’ll also be entered to win the Grand Prize, a copy of Sew it AllTV Season 4 on DVD!

Thank you all for participating in Friday’s giveaway. You entered to win a copy of the latest issue of our three titles, Sew News, Sew it All and Creative Machine Embroidery.

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(Sew it All magazine is a twice-yearly ((December and June)) newsstand-only special that doesn’t offer a subscription. Find it on the newsstand at JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby & some independent sewing and bookstores. If the magazines aren’t available in your area, purchase them online at

The two lucky winners of this prize package are:

Sandy Roberts and Barbara Norton!

Congratulations! Please email with your mailing addresses to receive your prizes!

Today we’re giving away a copy of Nicole Blum & Debra Immergut’s book, Improv Sewing: A freeform approach to creative techniques. In this book, you get 101 fast, fun and fearless project tutorials, including dresses, tunics, scarves, skirts, accessories, pillows, curtains and more!

url2 282x300 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 4

Get more tutorials on their blog, Improv Diary. And check out their episode, “Applique Away,” where you learn to make a knit skirt featuring reverse-applique flowers.

To enter to win this great book, answer this question in the comments section below: “How did you hear about Sew it All TV?”

Did you stumble upon it on PBS one Saturday morning by chance, or did a good friend recommend it to you? Let us know! From the comments, one lucky winner will be chosen tomorrow, and we’ll be giving away another prize!

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59 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 4

  1. LeGwen says:

    I love to get up Saturday mornings and watch the sewing, quilting, cooking shows on PBS….and there you were. What a wonderful surprise and a great show!

  2. Debi Gibson says:

    I learned about the show from facebook! Love it….

  3. Trudy L says:

    I believe through a quilting magazine. I haven’t seen it on tv yet.

  4. Debby says:

    I stumbled across your site by accident when I was searching for sewing supplies. Love it, now just hope my local PBS station will carry the show. I spend my Saturday morning before my family wakes up watching My Sewing Shows.

  5. Susan P says:

    I found it while tivo-ing all sewing shows. :)

  6. PBS was the only station we had while living in the country. I kept on Create all day and always looked forward to Ellen’s show!

  7. Carolyn H says:

    I learned about Sew It All in Sew News. Unfortunately my PBS station doesn’t carry it.

  8. Shareen Mioskowski says:

    I learned about Sew it All from a friend on Facebook!

  9. Monica Bauschard says:

    As I am confined to home due to knee surgery I look at the TV guide for all the craft shows and found yours – and have been a fan ever since

  10. barbara says:

    By reading Sew News

  11. Lawana Whaley says:


  12. Diane Jettinghoff says:


  13. By searching for how to sew, & by the sewing forum, appliqué forum etc. By Facebook and email

  14. Semra Keller says:

    From your magazine Sew News. :-)

  15. Terri Hinzman says:

    I did a keyword search on my Direct TV system looking for programs on sewing and it came up. Great show and I have learned alot from watching it.

  16. Elna Lockmon says:

    I saw it on facebook.

  17. Joanne Brice says:

    I found out about it through Facebook & will be looking for it on Prism in March.

  18. Jamee Phillips says:

    Through the sew it all mag, and my embroidery magazines.

  19. Kathryn Patch says:

    I have watched PBS for quite some time and the Saturday line-up of sewing shows. Sew it All has just recently been added to the group. I really enjoy that it is not just about quilting or garment construction but a wonderful new look and ‘how tos’ in all aspect of sewing. It is a fresh new look I look forward to and truely enjoy

  20. Kath says:

    Our PBS station does not carry it but learned about it through Facebook. Wish it did!

  21. Christal Ellis says:

    I found you on Facebook and love love love Sew it All

  22. Sherry T says:

    I have not seen this show on my PBS….would really enjoy it if I found it!

  23. Sharon Krulitz says:

    I watched on Public TV

  24. Susan Brooks says:

    My pbs does not carry your show, I keep asking. With cable there a plenty of kids shows on but nothing for sewing.
    I catch up on the internet.

  25. Tracy Enos says:

    I searched for sewing sews on my directv and this one is my favorite!

  26. Savannagal says:

    I was looking for sewing and knitting shows on TV, and found Sew It All and others.

  27. Patricia Lenhart says:

    It took the place of another sewing show that I watched on PBS. Enjoying it very much.

  28. Kelli says:

    I was looking at my TV guide & the show was in between 2 other sewing shows I like to watch. I have been watching since then.

  29. BJMarley says:

    I heard about Sew It All TV from facebook.

  30. Jane C. says:

    I searched using the keyword Sewing.

  31. Cynthia T. says:

    I found it by accident. I just love to watch even though I have been sewing for years.

  32. Nita says:

    I heard thru the Sew News magazine and other magazines I subscribe to.

  33. I heard about it in the Sew News magazine, and the Sew It all Magazine, unfortunately my PBS station doesn’t carry it.

  34. Mary M says:

    I heard about Sew it All TV from my Mom.

  35. Kathy C says:

    I love catching up on shows on dvr. Always something new to learn.

  36. cindy z says:

    I heard about it from Sew News Magazine:))

  37. Mary Mac says:

    From Sewing News the sewing blog.

  38. Valerie Brown says:

    I heard about it on Facebook. I love the great ideas. I hope one day to find my creative streak. Until then, I need this program!

  39. Kathleen says:

    on facebook, but I love watching(and recording shows on PBS. always looking for new and fun things to sew!

  40. Evelyn says:

    I heard about it from an email before the show premiered. My local PBS station put it on the schedule when I requested it.

  41. Patti says:

    I was watching PBS one day when Sew It All came on and I was hooked. I also enjoy Sew It All magazine. Patti

  42. Connie Monville says:

    I recently retired and after working in the corporate world I finally have time to get back into sewing. It has been about 10 years since I have been able to pursue my love of sewing so I ran across the show on PBS. I now watch on a regular basis to get ideas

  43. Marla says:

    I was looking for a new sewing magazine to order this year and found your website. On the SEW NEWS website, it found information about the Sew It All program.

  44. Kathy Cederholm says:

    I watch Saturday morning TV on PBS and love watching it after Sewing With Nancy!

  45. Adeline says:

    I found your show by accident one morning when I was looking for an interesting show to watch on PBS.

  46. Beth R says:

    Found it from the Facebook connection. Woo Hoo!

  47. jeanne says:

    From an online group.

  48. Cathy M says:

    I found you by chance. So glad I did. I always learn something or am reminded of something I used to know.

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