Free Stuff Friday

Keeping with the theme of well dressed children, Free Stuff Friday is giving away a child size pattern from Sweet Seams. This pattern is for girls size 2-6x and is great for re-purposing items that she has grown out of.  All you need is a purchased or thrifted knit t-shirt. Sew up the skirt and attach the t-shirt to it for an adorable dress.

sweet seams Free Stuff Friday

All you have to do to enter in this  giveaway is post your answer to our question in the comment section below.

Question:Did you learn to sew as a kid or did you learn as an adult? What was the first item that you sewed?

Post your answer to our question in the comment section below.

We’ll randomly select a winner on Monday.  Until then, enjoy the weekend!

 Free Stuff Friday

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115 Responses to Free Stuff Friday

  1. Diana McMillan says:

    I entered a contest and won a sewing machine when I was 8, in 1960. I wanted this machine so bad but my parents argued with me that there was no one to teach me to sew. I promised if they would just let me go pick up the machine I’d learn to sew and I would use it forever. Well, I won over my dad and he kept me to the promise, but he also upgraded the machine and bought me a nice cabinet to put it in, stating if he went to this effort to support my new found love I had to also support it by making him proud and learning to sew. That was 52 years ago, I stuck true to my word and learned to sew by myself, improving along the way and upgrading my machine several times but still keeping that 1960 New Home machine. I now run 3 successful sewing business’s and am glad I had the passion to learn and my dad to stand behind me to get me there. I love to sew to this day thanks to him and a contest.

  2. bernadette says:

    i learned to sew in 8th grade…home ec class. our cute lil’ elderly teacher taught us a lesson which i carry over to everything i do….. “THE INSIDE SHOULD LOOK AS NICE AS THE OUTSIDE” !!!

    thanks for the giveaway and the download. my grand-daughter is 5 and loves to sew with me. these will be fun projects to do with her!

  3. Joan says:

    I learned to sew when I was 10 years old. I made an orange
    paisley dress. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Joyce Ketner says:

    I learned to sew in grade school and the first thing I made was an apron. We also sewed in 4H.

  5. Maureen V says:

    I learned to sew when I was 16 in Home Economics class. But I did sew a dress before that at home with my mother trying to teach me whenever she had time.

  6. Ria Brown says:

    I learned to sew from my mom. We came over from Holland with nothing in the late 50′s and out of necessity mom made my sisters and mine dresses. I started making stuffed animals, then took Home Ec at school made my children’s clothes. I don’t consider myself a polished seamstress but I really enjoy it.

  7. Paula Somers says:

    I learned to sew as a young one – my grandmother would take me with her to the county home where she mended the clothing of patients and there I learned to sew buttons on shirts, pants and dresses. The shirts, pants and dresses may have fallen apart – but those buttons were on to stay.

  8. Patti A. says:

    About 7 years old my mom would help me with mending doll clothes. I also, at 7, attempted to sew a barbie doll outfit. Mom helped me cut it out and I used my little red crank sewing machine. The only problem was the outfit was to small for barbie so a smaller doll wore it. She also taught me to sew my first top and shorts and to embroidery. Today I still sew for myself and family, especially for the grandkids!

  9. Nila Siemer says:

    I love to sew for my grand daughters and I love your show…I never miss it! Keep up the good work.

  10. Dianne Nixon says:

    I started hand sewing at about 11, my mom gave me scraps and needle and thread. First sewing class was 7th grade, but really learned to sew by making my own clothes when I was 14. I’ve been sewing, and learning, ever since…46 years.

  11. Paula says:

    I learned to sew as a kid and got my first sewing machine for my 16th birthday. My mom was tired of me monopolizing hers! My aunt made her own nylon slips and gowns back when it was cheaper to do so. She even taught me how.

  12. sharon h says:

    I learned to sew as a kid. My Grandmother taught me a lot she was so creative. Also 4H and girl scouts had several sewing projects. Put my kids on my knee when I sewed . They made bean bags to play games and little pockets before they were even in school. Now my Grand daughter (4 years old) enjoys anything she can help make.

  13. PAMELA MEADOR says:

    My Mom and grandmother would sew for me and my 2 sisters as well as for themselves. I wanted to ‘help’ and learn at an early age. My Mom finally gave in and told me if I could cut, fold and get the tissue paper patterns back into the envelope, that she would help me learn. I’m thinking that she knew that I would need patience to learn to sew at age 9. I worked on the ‘pattern thing’ and mastered it. Went on to make doll cloths, later cloths for myself, including my wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses for my own wedding. I also made my Mom’s dress and my ‘going away’ dress for the wedding. That was over 45 yrs. ago and I now enjoy sewing for my grandchildren and at times for myself and friends.

  14. Abbie says:

    I remember my mom finally teaching me how to use the sewing machine the summer before 5th grade!

  15. wendy says:

    As a kid went from doll clothes to my clothes .I have never stopped.

  16. Sheila Whitney says:

    I learned to sew as a child. My Mom started my sisters & myself with sewing gingham check pillowcases. This taught us to sew straight & to topstitch. That was 48 years ago & I still have my pillowcase even though it is very thin!

  17. Diane G. says:

    Hello! I learned as a 5 year old; crank, toy sewing machine, made doll clothes for a large doll as my first project!

  18. Janice says:

    I was about 10 just sewing straight lines and moved up to making an apron. I didn’t even wear aprons but my mom did.

  19. Mary Angerer says:

    I trried to learn several times as a child. I hand sewed a little skirt with red rick rack for my doll when I was pretty young. But I really didn’t get into it until after I was married, when my husband gave me my own sewing machine. (my mother had an early electric Wilcox and Gibbs chain stitch machine.)

  20. Debbie Reynozo says:

    I learned to sew as a child. My grandmother taugh me as well as having home education classes in high school. I received my 1st sewing machine for my 13 birthday. Thinking back I believe the 1st thing I sewed was an apron.

  21. Margaret says:

    I learned as an adult when I needed curtains for my new house

  22. Darlene says:

    I learned to sew in 7th grade. I made a skirt with bib which turned out to be the exact costume I needed in our senior play. What luck!

  23. Bonnie Johnson says:

    I learned in Home Economics

  24. sue cook says:

    Jr. High School. We made an apron in 7th grade a skirt in 8th grade and a blouse in the 9th grade. I continued with dresses and shorts as a college student…maternity clothes years later and started quilting when my first grandchild was born 13 years ago! Loving it today!

  25. Kathryn Patch says:

    I remember as a little girl, having a scrap of fabric and a threaded needle and making the ‘most beautiful doll dress’ I had ever seen. But I really got into sewing in high school in home economics class. We (all the girls in my class) all made ourselves ‘duster’ – type robes. Mine was red and white stripe flannel. We then had a ‘slumber party’ and of course all wore our robes. Since then I have branched out so to speak on my projects.

  26. Virginia Wentworth says:

    I can’t remember exactly, and I wish I had saved it, but it must have been doll clothes. Then I moved on to HS Home Ec projects, Flat Pattern Design class in college, then home dec items for a new home, maternity, baby and kids clothes. Now it’s everything from home dec to bridal. And I love it all!

  27. Lynn L. Gorges says:

    I made pin cushions for my mother and granny when I was 6 years old. I picked the cotton myself on our farm and then cut out circles of muslin. Wrote on the circles….. I love you…..and then topstitched them together with red thread. I still have them because they were saved in their sewing baskets for years and years.
    Little did I know or they know that I would still be sewing away 53 years later!

  28. Faye Darnell says:

    I learn to sew at about 8 or 10, I made my clothes now I’m making great grandgirls things.

  29. Laurie Miller says:

    I learned to sew as a child, but there were many years that I didn’t pursue it. My first project was probably an apron for 4H

  30. kim cady says:

    I learned to sew as a child. My mother would let us cut up old sheets and towels to make Barbie clothes.

  31. kathy says:

    I learned to sew at the age of 13, I was fortunate enough to have parents who supported me and went out to by a sewing machine for me to use. By the time I was in high school, I was making most of my clothing and prom dresses.

  32. Nancy kwisnek says:

    Doll clothes….DAWN dolls. Gramma let me use the electric machine when I turned 8 years old.

  33. Jean Bradford says:

    I learned to sew doll clothes by hand when I was 7, but didn’t really learn on the machine till I was in Home Ec. Tthe girls called me “lead foot” on the machine! I was the only one who loved sewing and hated cooking.

  34. Maggie says:

    I am still learning to sew. I think the first thing I ever made was a pillow.

  35. Kay Kavanagh says:

    I learnt to sew in school, and made a stuffed rabbit! Didn’t touch a sewing machine for over 20 years, and have now taught myself all over again! I’ve just finished making a dress for my little girl!

  36. Phyllis McNeil says:

    I learned to sew in Home Economics class in high school. I believe it was a skirt.

  37. Heidi L says:

    I learned to sew as a child, watching my mom over her shoulder – I made my own doll clothes, first! I also took every home ec class I could in Jr Hi / High school !
    Sewing and crafting is my favorite activity !!! Now I love to sew for my grandkids, 18 inch dolls and myself!

  38. Susan Slovinsky says:

    I learned to sew as a teenager. My best friend was taking home ec and taught me as she was learning. Would you believe the first thing she had me make was a suit? Figured if I could do that, I could do anything and I just about have. :)

  39. Dale Merwin says:

    I learned to sew as.a.teenager

  40. Karen K. Madsen says:

    I learned to sew when I was 11 years old. My Girl Scout troop made doll clothes for dolls that Goodwill gave away to disadvantaged children at Christmas time. My Mom was a sewer so it was easy for me to continue sewing.

  41. Miranda says:

    Mom taught be to sew when I was a little girl. The first thing I sewed on my own was a little brown pocket. It was open on one end, and I kept some of my toys in it.

  42. Niki says:

    My mom tried to teach me to sew a crop top when I was in fifth grade, but the next time I touched a sewing machine was during law school when I bought one to pass the time. Yeah, I didn’t study much my third year. Anyway, I consider myself about 98% self-taught.

  43. Rebecca says:

    I used to sit with my great grandmother and watch her make my sisier and I dresses. I made my first dress when I was in the 7th grade.

  44. Brenda Green says:

    I learned to sew in home economics. I made a shift dress and I was so proud of it. Hate kids don’t get the chance today to learn sewing in school.

  45. Molly Martin says:

    As a kid. My mom & I would spend the day mending my baby dolls and baby doll clothes. I made a bag for my marbles and a cross stitch pillow.

  46. sharon says:

    both my parents taught me to sew as a child. dad taught me to embroidery and mom taught me on the machine. i made my own dresses and then made my childrens cloths. now i sew for my grand daughters. i taught myself to crotchet in high school.

  47. Amanda says:

    I started to sew when I was a child. My first project was a hair scrunchy in Home Ec.! I didn’t truly get into sewing until I was an adult. Now that I have a child it makes me feel so proud to have a skill to make my daughter clothes. :)

  48. Sue Larson says:

    I learned as a teen since I was tall and thin and couldn’t find pants to fit. I ended up combining 3 patterns to make the final one thin enough with enough length for my long legs! This is a precious little t-shirt dress!

  49. Diane Surber says:

    Teenager: My mother was a wonderful sewist…she could make anything and some time without a pattern. She even upholstered furniture. I would hand sew as a child, but started to machine sew when I was a teenager in high schol and haven’t stopped since. I have made a little bit of everything in my lifetime!! :)

  50. Linda says:

    I learned to sew as a little girl. Our local Singer Sewing Shop was offering classes over summer break and my mom was looking for something for me to do. I was about 9 at the time and my first item was a simple top.