Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

We’re getting crafty!  For today’s giveaway we are giving away 2 books Button! Button!: 50 Cute & Crafty Projects and Fast Fat Quarter Quilts from Make It Martingale for one lucky winner!

Button! Button! has numerous projects  you can do with all those miscellaneous buttons lying around.  Great projects for kids too, this book will give you ideas well beyond simply using a button as a button.

 Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

Fast Fat Quarter Quilts is a 32 page booklet that has instructions for making 9 different fat quarter quilts.  These quilts are great for a beginner or for someone who wants to make up a quilt fast and easy.

 Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

All you have to do to enter in this  giveaway is post your answer to our question in the comment section below.

Question:  What is your biggest, most troublesome fitting issue?  Perhaps the bust, maybe the hips, or a narrow chest adjustment has got you all frustrated?  Do tell!

Post your answer to our question in the comment section below.

We’ll randomly select a winner on Monday.  Until then, enjoy the weekend!

 Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

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73 Responses to Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

  1. Susan says:

    Round shoulders. I’ve begun putting in a little dart on the shoulder, but sleeveless designs leave gaping holes. I do not want people peering into my bra through a gaping armhole.

  2. Jean Brugger says:

    My biggest fitting problem with with being sway back and high hipped. I have learned to alter ready wear for it. Hard to fit yourself on patterns. Right now I am working to make a princess jacket for a friend who is larger than the largest pattern size the main companies make. I have done the cuts and have measurements for the needed slash and spread. So I need to get the pattern transferred to non woven and cut it for checking and fine tuning. Easier to do on anyone but your self.

  3. Angela Etheridge says:

    My Mom blessed me with hips and thighs! Small waist! I am losing weight but no matter what my size is, my hips are usually the biggest challenge for me !

  4. Linda SK says:

    I love getting hand sewn garment sot fit properly. My latest challenge has been to get a bra to fit correctly – I am trying a new pattern and fabric and the are so different from what I have used before! A challenge but I’m up for it!

  5. Kay Kavanagh says:

    Definately Leg Length! (My daughter and I both have very long legs – lovely I know, but ALL patterns come up short!

  6. Susan says:

    My full bust. I have a hard with fitting adjustments. I’m a larger form as well with a slightly short waist, so petite cut is too short, regular is too long.

  7. Pam says:

    Small waist, big hips – always a fitting challenge! :)

  8. Fran says:

    My biggest problem area to fit is between my neck and knees.

  9. Lori Spears says:

    I have issues with arm holes. I either get them too big or too small. After watching the show last week using a t-shirt that fits as a pattern, I think this will help me from now on. I am in the process of making a frilly cami top using scraps of fabric and a thrift store tank top. I saw the show with Louis and his vest pattern design. I can’t wait to try it.

  10. Cathy Bewley says:

    My biggest fitting issue is my body in general. Between the sloped shoulders, being low busted, and I don’t even want to go to the waist and hips. With medical issues that haven’t helped things it’s just a feeling of no hope some days.

  11. bet says:

    Hi, I recently turned 52 and my clothes do not fit quite like until now. But I discovered that clever accessories make a good look too…

  12. Karen Poole says:

    My biggest fitting problem is my sloped shoulders. I have numerous spine and back issues and disabilities, and part of it causes my shoulders to be bent over forward. Many think it is due to weak bones but just the oppisite is true. Ny bones are very strong, this has to do with the spinal cord, spinal canal, muscles, ligaments and degenerated discs! I cannot go and buy any button down blouses fron the department store, they just don’t fit right!

  13. Maureen V says:

    I am short waisted so I always have to shorten that area when I am sewing my clothes. In ready made clothes, petites fit me perfectly above the waist, but regular sizes fit me below the waist.

  14. Evelyn says:

    I gave up on making clothes for myself years ago, so I don’t know what problems I would have today — certainly there would be at least a few.

  15. Candy says:

    My biggest challenge is altering a pattern for a DD cup size. I have narrow sloped shoulders and its very difficult to fit the bust line without having gaps in the armhole. I love fitted garments as they are more flattering but it’s much easier to sew garments in knit fabric that are more forgiving.

  16. Carole says:

    Hips – definitely. Big curvy behind and relatively small waist.

  17. Kathy Taylor says:

    Trying to adjust the crotch in slack patterns by myself. I am short waisted and it just need to have more in the back and less in the front. I have to roll up at the waist, even on ready ware petite pants.

  18. Chrystina Power says:

    Definitely the waist, smaller than patterns. Have to adjust the patterns, then gradually take up the hip area of skirts and pants all the time.

  19. Connie Rabun says:

    Well I guess you could say I am both blessed and cursed. My fitting problem in both sewing and ready-made is the bust area. Large bust/small frame….enough said.

  20. Dana says:

    My biggest fitting problem is definitely my waist. It’s the largest part of me, the rest of me is skinny! Thank you, menopause! (Not really!) My waist is several sizes larger than the rest of me and it’s hard to get things to fit right. I love a good tunic but sometimes I want to switch it up a bit.

  21. sue jacintho says:

    My only fitting issue is my shoulders, I always have to alter my shoulder width on my patterns. It’s especially a hassle when I buy ready to wear, the garment always looks too big/sloppy for me because my shoulder seams are drooping so bad.

  22. Rosemary Griffis says:

    I have narrow, sloping shoulders, one large breast, and no waist to speak of. Add to that, I’m in my late ’60s, overweight, plus I love to sew and like very stylish clothes. The very large waist is my greatest fitting problem. :-b

  23. LauraM says:

    Pants! No matter what I do, there always seems to be too much fabric in the front crotch area.