Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

We’re getting crafty!  For today’s giveaway we are giving away 2 books Button! Button!: 50 Cute & Crafty Projects and Fast Fat Quarter Quilts from Make It Martingale for one lucky winner!

Button! Button! has numerous projects  you can do with all those miscellaneous buttons lying around.  Great projects for kids too, this book will give you ideas well beyond simply using a button as a button.

 Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

Fast Fat Quarter Quilts is a 32 page booklet that has instructions for making 9 different fat quarter quilts.  These quilts are great for a beginner or for someone who wants to make up a quilt fast and easy.

 Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

All you have to do to enter in this  giveaway is post your answer to our question in the comment section below.

Question:  What is your biggest, most troublesome fitting issue?  Perhaps the bust, maybe the hips, or a narrow chest adjustment has got you all frustrated?  Do tell!

Post your answer to our question in the comment section below.

We’ll randomly select a winner on Monday.  Until then, enjoy the weekend!

 Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

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73 Responses to Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

  1. Roxann says:

    I am looking for some good books on altering patterns and fitting classes. I am also in the short margin of height and have issues with pants with a gap in the back.

  2. Sharon Uthoff says:

    I am short wasted not any room between my ribs and hip bone so most store bought dress don’t fit .

  3. Carol K E says:

    The bust is most difficult for me. I have an OLD Sew News fitting column that I refer to regularly for the alterations. Princess cuts are also helpful.

  4. Mary Angerer says:

    I have a short torso and long limbs–very little room between my ribcage and hips, so I have trouble with waist and hip adjustments.

  5. Kelli says:

    Hips are difficult for me.

  6. Jean Bradford says:

    Tough question.. it all depends on what I’m making. I’ve had problems with scoop necks buckling, tank tops “winging” it so my straps show, things coming out too big or too small, and I’m lousy at alterations once something is sewn. I’ve nearly given up on trying to sew things for myself. My dress form isn’t built like me at all, so that doesn’t help. I’m pettite, small busted, but tummy pooks out more than it used to. Aack.

  7. Bridget Winterhoff says:

    Fitting the neckline and shoulders so there is no gaping.

  8. nel fraker says:

    Pants. I am a petite size and can never get the crotch and waist right.

  9. Diane Juenemann says:

    I seem to have trouble with the shoulders and upper arms and sleeve lengths.

  10. Pam Dixon says:

    Getting pants to properly fit in the hip area.

  11. Nicole says:

    Any and all bottoms. There’s a 1-2 size difference between my waist, hips and thighs that even the best darts can’t help with.

  12. Mary Mac says:

    My hips are the most difficult to fit. I have a small waist and have a hard time with pants.

  13. Kathleen says:

    Sewing for myself is so hard- narrow shoulders, large bust, too much tummy. I have to use more than one size to get a good fit. I much rather sew for my daughters who have great figures!

  14. Colette Wilson says:

    My biggest challenge, fitting a large bust/small waist.

  15. Penny says:

    I really only sew dresses for my daughter, but I do have a really hard time with the chest/waist area…. it is so hard to get it to fit just right

  16. Kath says:

    Oh the hips, the hips! I just hate to cut the fabric then find that it’s a snug fit.

  17. Mary Mag says:

    Thighs. I’ve just about given up getting pants to fit. I’m liking skirts now. :)

  18. Norine says:

    no matter what, its always the bust

  19. Beth B says:

    Sleeves and back.

  20. Lawana Whaley says:

    Armholes/sleeve set in: I am a size2-4 but have broad shoulders and do a lot of outdoor physical things so have upper arms and shoulders that make regular sizing fit too tight in these areas

  21. Amy says:

    I LOVE buttons, they make everything fun and exciting, I have put them on as accessories!!! Fitting, yuck!!!

  22. Catherine Rohr says:

    Bust area. Smaller size – larger bust

  23. Christine Dulaney says:

    Across the back, and under the arms. That’s the most frustrating for me.

  24. Savannagal says:

    My thighs . Pants never fit properly. Either they are too tight in my thighs and fit my waist, or they fit my thighs and the waist is swimming. Don’t get me started on skinny jeans!

  25. Audrey says:

    Biggest problem….large bust, narrow back,…can’t find dresses that fit.

  26. Roberta Schultz says:

    My hips and bodice. I’m a perfect pear shape. Always have to angle shirts to fit the bottom.

  27. Paula says:

    Sleeves for my super thin Mother’s arms!

  28. Jan Kleyla says:

    My bust is the most problematic area. I am a large woman and the bust area just doesn’t fit with most patterns. I can’t think of the last time I made something that didn’t have to be adjusted in that area.

  29. Lesly Schoo says:

    This looks like a great project book. I have loads of old buttons that I need new ideas for.

  30. Cheryl Landers says:

    My bust, a little small for a large woman!

  31. Leanna Chideste says:

    length on pants.

  32. Janice says:

    Fitting the waist-I have a short waist and have to alter dress patterns for petite fit

  33. Michelle H says:

    tummy and butt area are problems for me as I am rather swaybacked.

  34. Sue says:

    My body makes fitting ANYTHING a problem! :-)
    Now, if we could turn back the clock about 20 years, it would be a different story! Seriously, hips and waist pose problems ………

  35. Peggy says:

    Fitting the belly area

  36. barbara says:

    Fitting over the belly that has developed as I have gotten older.

  37. Rhoda Chesnut says:

    Narrow shoulders, large bust line and high waisted , discouraging to sew for self

  38. D Schlagenhauf says:

    I have one hip that is higher than the other plus a sway back. Very hard to fit pants/skirts.

  39. MaryMartha Rose says:

    My upper arms. I have narrow shoulders, avg. bust but large upper arms. I get it to fit everywhere and the sleeves are too tight. UGH. Fit the sleeves and its too big in the shoulders.

  40. Kat Alton says:

    I’m a petite (4’11″). With tiny waist, but with a tummy and hips. I’m altering sleeves alot not just in length but in width to accommodate my bat wings from weight loss.

  41. Kim Pierce says:

    I would have to say that getting the waist to hip ratio is a problem for me. I end up with the gap in the back or too tight in the hip. It is very frustrating.

  42. Rosa Adams says:

    broad shoulders so always need to go bigger in size then everything else is way to big in how it fits.

  43. Rita Sussman says:

    It is hard to have a good fitting on my pants that feels like a million when I wear them. Adjusting patterns sometimes lose the original shape/line of the pants.

  44. Barbara Gallentine says:

    My waist is smaller and hips bigger than all patterns. So have a problem with pants!

  45. Cheryl Renteria says:

    I sewed clothes for my ex-husband for years. Being that he was so tall and broad shouldered I always had trouble with the width and the length of the sleeves if it was something longsleeve.

  46. terry eoff says:

    Oops, that didnt come out right, i have an Apple body LOL

  47. terry eoff says:

    My legs thigh area. I have a Pole body, big tummy and somewhat small legs and thighs.

  48. Jeanne says:

    Being well endowed and also having football player broad shoulders means that most patterns need some adjustment to the bust and shoulders.

  49. Lodie Black says:

    fitting sleeves into the bodice is a pain. I never seem to come out with the ease totally matching from one side to the other

  50. Mary Hobbs says:

    The bust and I am a apple type figure .