Sew News Sneak Peek!

This week we’ve been busy researching a story for our upcoming June/July ’13 issue. We’re writing a 16 page expose on extreme sewists. Here’s an excerpt from this thrilling article:

jetski 300x200 Sew News Sneak Peek!

“You wouldn’t believe how many needles I break,” Shauna explained, “sometimes a wave catches you wrong and you just know that needle is a goner.” Extreme sewist, Shauna Flowersly, competes in national jet ski competitions. Her edge over the other jet ski enthusiasts is her passion for sewing. She has been known to sew while out on the water. Her contribution to the talent portion of the competition involves serging a sheath dress while jumping waves and circling buoys.

The article includes other extreme sewists known for stitching while mountain biking, bungee jumping and paragliding. Watch for it to hit newsstands in mid-May.

How about you? What’s the most extreme setting you’ve ever sewed in?

We can’t wait to hear your responses!

 Sew News Sneak Peek!
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4 Responses to Sew News Sneak Peek!

  1. Lynn Poole says:

    I often bring my Pfaff to the ice rink to sew for others. I repair for others. I made a skating quilt, several gifts for young skaters, made custom dresses, and of course worn my own ice skating dresses for past programs. I’m 62 and still participate in both ice skating and sewing. I own a computerized Pfaff, Kenmore, Old working treadle, Brother Innovis, Viking large serger, and pixie for RV trips. I’ve made about everything you can make and have taught in various settings including Joann’s. I can relate to jet skiing and sewing because I snow ski and sew (among other things) We’re trying to use God’s gifts as much as possible. :-)

  2. Jean Ward says:

    The most extreme place that I have sewn is in the outdoors with a generator to power my Bernina while deer hunting in Southeast Texas. I made a quilt while the guys were hunting, and I did all the cooking too.

  3. Faith Wallis says:

    Happy April Fool’s Day! :-)