2 Home Decorating Books for Free Stuff Friday!

Spring is here and it’s time to brighten up your home with handmade soft furnishings.  Both books are from Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection and offer projects for every room in the house.  The projects are stylish and cost-conscious and a perfect way to jazz up your home or office.

 2 Home Decorating Books for Free Stuff Friday!fenster 2 Home Decorating Books for Free Stuff Friday!

All you have to do to enter in this  giveaway is post your answer to our question in the comment section below.

Question:  What was your first ‘home’ ?  Was it a cute apartment, a house in the suburbs?  What did you do to make it home?

Post your answer to our question in the comment section below.

We’ll randomly select a winner on Monday.  Until then, enjoy the weekend!


 2 Home Decorating Books for Free Stuff Friday!

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52 Responses to 2 Home Decorating Books for Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Evelyn says:

    My first apartment was decorated with hand-me-downs from my parents and grandparents that made it feel like home because they were familiar pieces. It wasn’t until I was married and in our 2nd house that I bought my first piece of new furniture. I prefer the charm and quality of my older pieces of furniture.

  2. Linda N says:

    A two story apartment on the second and attic floors of a two hundred year old house in New York! One tiny closet. I made drapes from hideous brown poplin I found on sale for twenty five cents a yard. How times have changed!

  3. Karen Poole says:

    My first home was a cute older apartment, with hand me down sofa, thrift store end tables, and a cool console stereo that I bought from my brothers neigher. It was a 2 bedroom aprtment, not huge, I sharted it with my little dog, it had a cute little kitchen with a little little counter that I put a little bar stool at and that is where I would eat! It didn’t have much, but I was so proud to call it home!

  4. G Budzeika-Rogers says:

    We painted and covered floors.

  5. Maureen V says:

    My first home was an efficiency apartment for 1 month after I was married. It had 3 rooms – living room, bathroom & kitchen. The bed was the sofa sleeper in the living room. I don’t remember how I decorated it because we were not planning to live there long. But I remember the oven always over baked my recipes so I had to set the temperature down. From then on, I didn’t trust any oven & always set the temperature 5 degrees lower.

  6. Beatrice says:

    Our first home was an apt=and the only things we had was our clothes and my bedroom set——So thats whereI learned to be creative :) We picked up wood spools they used to hold electric wire—Lg one was a dining table and small ones made seats(I made cushions -looked like mushrooms!!) Put 4 large together and made cushions for sofa–small onesend tables—-old milk creates -wrapped in fabric made book shelves. I could go on and on!!

  7. Kath says:

    My first home was sewn with curtains all around and baby quilts on the ground.

  8. Jana Davison says:

    My first home was an apartment in a married student apartment building at the University of Tennessee. It was a pretty boring place. My mother-in-law and father-in-law gave us several furniture items, and my new husband and I bought a few unfinished furniture pieces; and we turned it into fairy tale land by adding our own simple, personalized touches.

  9. Laura says:

    My first home was a 550-square foot apartment. We furnished it with lots of second-hand furniture and made things to make it personal.

  10. Mary Mag says:

    My first home was a small studio house. I lived there with my 4 parakeets for about 2 years. To make it my own, I sewed bright flower curtains for the two small windows and all furniture covering was bright and cheerful. I bought a chair at the thrift store that was described as “the world’s ugliest chair” and recovered it. That was 30 years ago and I still have the chair – it’s not ugly now. :)

  11. Cheryl says:

    Our first home was a three room apartment in a very old building. There were bathrooms added on when plumbing came in. Therefore there was a window from the dining room that looked into the bathroom. It was the 60s and I bought some Peter Max type fabric in purples pinks and blues to make simple curtains for the bathroom window to the outside. The window from the dining room to the bathroom I painted lavender with all sorts of crazy colored polka dotted mushroom and flowers. The outside of the bathtub was also painted in lavender. It looked groovey; I smile when I remember this.

  12. Pamela Schofield says:

    Our first home was a small basement apartment on the comuter rail in Massachussetts. The apartment was very non descript with all white walls and gold carpet. I remember thinking how might I make this more attractive? I went to a fabric outlet and purchased some colorful tapestry fabric and made my first (of many) pinch pleated drapes and sofa toss pillows. That colorful tapestry allowed me to purchase many items of different colors to put around the room. Thank goodness for my ability to sew as it livened up that dreary apartment and made it a homey environment! I am so thankful for my first sewing teacher in school and for my first sewing machine!

  13. judy revell says:

    My first home was a tiny apartment i shared with my friend and her baby, i basically slep in a large closet.. anther friend moved in ,, we rented a larger house.. It was the best though.. i was young right out of high school and on my own.

  14. Our first home was a small single wide trailer. I sewed most of the clothes for my two little boys. I made many matching outfits and took lots of pictures.

  15. Deb Hoffman says:

    I had moved a bit and had many roomates. MY first home was a basement apartment that I rented on my own. I furnished it with hand me downs primarily from my childhood home. I had bits of home all around me. Other than the closet sized bathroom, it was a fairly good start. Mostly I was proud to have done it on my own.

  16. Niki says:

    Or first home was an upstairs apartment across the street from a freeway in Los Angeles. It was a ridiculous location but a fabulous apartment. I loves the curtains I sewed for the bathroom — my first ever!

  17. Virginia Darwin says:

    My first home was a rental with 3 other girls. I have sewn all my curtains and pillows in all the homes to follow!

  18. Barbara Norton says:

    Our first home was a duplex. I sewed cute towels to make our curtains for the kitchen and bathroom windows! Thanks for the flashback! It makes me happy to think of something so simple that made me so happy at the time! It was important to me then as well as now to make my home homemade!

  19. Barb Jackson says:

    Our first home was an appartment in a rural village. It was a four unit building and a combination of furniture donated by relatives and friends and shower gifts we made it our own. Made my own kitchen curtains for the first time!

  20. Rose Stachow says:

    Our first home was a cute little cottage just outside of town. We didn’t have much money so we set about decorating with wedding and shower gifts we had received. We saved money every week to buy other things we needed till we had it warm and homey.

  21. Edna says:

    What I consider my first home is where I live now, although it is the 3rd house we have owned. The reason for this is that it’s the first place we have ever lived for more than a year. Our first house: a year, the second: 10 months, this one: 11 years! I’ve painted every room at least once, some 4 or 5 times. And made shades and curtains before we even moved in. Time for new ones!

  22. Kathy McCarty says:

    My husband and I started out in married student housing. First I made a curtain for the kitchen then pillows for the sofa and then more curtains for the bedrooms. Also, placemats for the kitchen table.

  23. Katherine Scoggins says:

    Our first home was a small garden apartment in the suburbs. I recovered the studio couch and made tablecloths to make it more homey.

  24. Shelley Rogers says:

    It was a small rental house. I bought a vintage gas stove, bought area rugs, and fashioned new curtains out of a cute blue calico print.

  25. Carol K E says:

    We had a small one bedroom apartment in an apartment complex. I sewed curtains and pillow covers followed by maternity clothes and baby things. Good thing my parents gave us a new “top of the line” Kenmore sewing machine, complete with embroidery cams. Oh, My!

  26. Mary Mac says:

    I lived in a one room apt above a garage. At least it had lots of windows to make up for how small it was.

  27. Savannagal says:

    When I was single it was an apartment. As a married person it was a small fixer upper home in the ‘burbs.

  28. Thelma Marshall says:

    My first home was in base housing, lots of hardwood floors and whiteness. Since we weren’t able to paint or wall paper, I used material and starch to cover the walls, it provided a warm and homey ambiance. My sewing machine back then was a singer peddle machine that I picked up at a yard sale.

  29. Lynne says:

    Our first home was an apartment. We had no money so to furnish our home we had to get creative. We made/altered ourselves as much of our furniture and decos as we could.

  30. Susie M says:

    Our first home was a small 2 bedroom house in the country. I hung wallpaper, made curtains for every room and a quilt to match the curtains in our bedroom.

  31. 5th floor walk-up in the Bronx after growing up in private house in small town Iowa. Didn’t sew much then, just did the best I could with wedding gifts and personal items of mine.

  32. Carol Lowry says:

    My first place was a small apartment decorated in “early attic and late basement.” We were living on a shoestring, so I didn’t do much decorating then and only tackled simple sewing projects. Now, we live in a 200 year old home. I make all the curtains and love to hear others comment about how beautiful our home is.

  33. Beth B says:

    Our first home was an apartment. We made it our home with our furniture, pictures and plants. And, oh, yes, a real Christmas tree that cost $2.00 and dropped needles that we found for months. That was the one and only real tree we ever had.

  34. Debby says:

    Tiny 3 room apartment….my mom helped me make curtains to cover the opening under the sink and the open “bookcases” that were supposed to be the cabinets. My dad made a movable cabinet/counter since there was no counter space. It was my first efforts at ‘home making’, and thanks to their help it was very cute. Later I moved to a larger space and mastered the art of wallpapering and painting…and 50 years later, I’m still working at it!

  35. Kathy U says:

    My first home after college was a furnished efficiency apartment in an old house. I cleaned and cleaned until I felt comfortable and used the kitchen table for sewing.

  36. Jeanne Marie says:

    My first home was one cottage in a fourplex. I had a couch and sweet pillows and a pretty comforter and plants. But it really became a home when I adopted a kitty. By the time she passed away 14 years later, I had a husband and two children and a nice house. But she and I were a little family first, in that small one-bedroom cottage.

  37. Our first home was really the one we built together – all the others felt like temporary landing spots. Making my own curtains for our little bathroom made this feel like our real home!

  38. Donna Allen says:

    I scrubbed the kitchen floor of a small apartment. I think I scrubbed the finish right off of the old tile but it looked so much better!

  39. Jeanne says:

    I rented a tiny cottage that was in the backyard of the owner’s home the first two years that I taught Home Economics. I did a lot of sewing curtains and pillows, etc to make it my place to go with a lot of family hand me downs. I remember that I got two new pieces of furniture. I got a new mattress set and a very cheap and ugly greenish gold sofa that folded flat to make an extra bed.

  40. Our first “home” was very small off-campus housing. We got a dog, that made it feel like a home. Then we adopted a cat. I cooked a lot, necessity made for good meals and good friends. ; )

  41. Trudy L says:

    A 10′ x 40′ 1965 trailer! It was 17 years old but we thought it was ancient! I made curtains for every window and we took out a tiny bedroom and expanded it into the bathroom next to it.

  42. Marlene Helvey says:

    My first home was a mobile home near the airbase. There were lots of young military family’s there. We were definitely diy’ers and eager to show off our creations. I sewed, crafted and painted everything that didn’t move. Oh for the good ole’ days.

  43. Lisa Doiron says:

    My first home was a tiny 2 bedroom military housing single dwelling in Shearwater Nova Scotia Canada.to make it homey, I sewed curtains and bedding for the nursery and also the kitchen curtains

  44. Victoria Ryals says:

    Our first home was an old farmhouse with lots of gray fuzzy critters! Being a city girl I bought every mouse trap I could find in town. Three days later I was back buying mouse traps. When asked by the grocery store owner what I was doing with all the traps I told him I was catching mice. I proudly stated I had caught 6 of the little critters. What happen to those traps he had inquired. Well I threw them away with the mouse. He laughed so hard that he could barely talk. It was then I discovered they were reusable!!

  45. Debby says:

    A two bedroom apartment that we furnished with hand me downs from family. We had a bed, a chest of drawers, a bookcase, a table, an office chair, a lawn chair, and our tv/stereo. WE lived like kings. (in our minds anyway) :) The two chairs doubled as both living room and dining room furniture.

  46. Cindy Cockburn says:

    It was a small apartment while I was in school. I surrounded myself with pictures and hand me down furnishings from home.

  47. Anne Walker says:

    My 1st home was a lovely little 2 bed cottage in a wonderful place called Grantown-on-Spey in Scotland, that I rented. One night it was freezing cold so my son, who was only 6 at the time, asked if he could sleep in my bed with me. Thankfully I said yes, because when we got up in the morning, the plaster had fallen off the ceiling above his bed and would of landed on his head. I was shocked and never so thankful for allowing him to share my bed I can tell you!

  48. Norine says:

    We moved into a one bedroom furnished apartment. It was simple but with a few plants we made it our home.

  49. Debbie F says:

    My first home was an apt. I was very young, but I did my best to keep in nice. I didn’t sew back then, but I had a knack for tasteful decor. My friends would comment about how unexpectedly nice it was on the inside considering it was just a small building with zero charm on the outside LOL

  50. Natalya H says:

    Our first home was/is a small cute townhouse. First thing we did was put our picture frames, artwork up. Nothing like being surrounded by familiar things to make it feel like home :)