Friday made sweeter with a giveaway!

sweetseamsbaglg Friday made sweeter with a giveaway!TGIF Everyone! And Happy Mother’s Day!

In celebration of  moms everywhere who enjoy the weekend whether it’s Mother’s Day or not, today’s giveaway is a Sweet Seams Weekend Bag pattern!  Big enough to carry all the essentials whether you are going to the beach for a sunny get away or to the mountains for some mountainous type things.  Make it in a sunny bold print perfect for summer and then make another one (because a girl cannot have too many bags) in an autumn hue for fall and winter.

To enter our giveaway just answer the question in the comments section below.

What would be your dream weekend get-away? Trip to the mountains, or maybe the beach.  Fly to New York or maybe just uninterrupted sewing!? The sky’s the limit! Let me know below!

One lucky winner will be picked on Monday!


 Friday made sweeter with a giveaway!

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112 Responses to Friday made sweeter with a giveaway!

  1. Renée O. says:

    My dream weekend would involve a massage outside on a beach in some wonderfully exotic and beautiful place. *sigh*

  2. Wendy Downey says:

    Take Me Way Out To The Country…Relax With A Cool Drink Good Company And A Little Hand Sewing.

  3. Rebecca says:

    My dream weekend get-away would be to an all-inclusive spa & resort in the Texas Hill Country.

  4. Robin Wentzell says:

    Definitely a weekend at the ocean, Monterey California!

  5. Penny says:

    I would love to do an Alaska cruise ship tour.

  6. Shelley Rogers says:

    Going to Maine during lobster season

  7. Kim Tait says:

    Anywhere with my husband

  8. lara M says:

    There is beach i like to go..It is Wiggins pass beach..

  9. Audrey says:

    A week-end at my cabin with my sewing machine, fabric, yarn and crochet hook, and my favorite videos. Windows open, with the waft of spring flowers.

  10. Ada Mangoes says:

    I would love to go the the beach and swim in the ocean for an entire weekend.

  11. Mariana Flint says:

    A vacation back to OBX sounds really good :) OR Alaska :D

  12. Lisa Blevins says:

    Dream would be vacation at the beach or lake with my family and sewing machine for at least 2 weeks….possibly 3. Then I would have time to relax and sew as much as I really wanted (and not have work getting in the way…HA!!!).

  13. Linda FitzP says:

    I’d like to be sitting on the beach feeling the ocean breeze on my face, drinking a fresh lemondaide and reading my favorite magazine Sew News.

  14. Sharon Webb says:

    A summer vacation to Maine

  15. Rosemarie w says:

    The beach….I was raised in Key West and still can’t get the sand out of my sandals.

  16. Mary Mac says:

    Would love to visit Sanibel Island in Fla. for the weekend, just to pick up shells and walk on the beach.

  17. Marge Lind says:

    Mackinac Island, Michigan at The Cottage Inn

  18. Dee Bratcher says:

    A nice relaxing trip to somewhere not far away with my daughter (and we might take hubby along to drive)!!! Somewhere to do something new – see new sites, just build memories and get away from the day to day stress

  19. Patricia says:

    I would love to go to Louisiana and visit my sister, whom I usually only get to see once a year.

  20. Diane Cook says:

    A nice relaxing weekend anywhere with my husband would be great!

  21. s.bearden says:


  22. Lela abate says:

    Anyway TROPICAL!!

  23. Debbi Biedler says:

    I would fly to Arizona to visit our friends for the weekend. Miss them alot.

  24. Carolyn Lane says:

    Would love to do a quilt retreat near the Grand Canyou!

  25. Arleen says:

    Never really took a “real” vacation so….
    with such a pretty bag maybe my luck would change
    and I would be “off and running.”

  26. Shirley Gaston says:

    A weekend camping with the grandkids and great grands. Such a thrill to see their faces when they catch a perch and are sure it is the fish that swallowed Jonah.

  27. Vicki F. says:

    A trip to visit my kids and grandkids.

  28. Sandy Gourley says:

    A weeklong road trip to Reno, Virginia City, Lake Tahoe. Been too long.

  29. Nona T. says:

    I get to leave bush Alaska next weekend to spend the summer with my daughter & mom. I would love a bag like this for weekend trips. Oh, my dream weekend would be a weekend wandering around, visiting quilt shops and spending time with family at the beach.

  30. Donna Baker says:

    Cute bag! I would love to visit New York and see a musical!

  31. Savannagal says:

    I’d love to lie on a sandy beach on a deserted island. Just me, the sand, the sun and a good book … and my knitting … and a pitcher of margaritas. :-)

  32. Laurie says:

    I would love to get-away to Japan to buy anything with Matcha Green Tea in it! This bag would be perfect to carry it all home to Hawaii!

  33. Amanda Barnes says:

    My dream weekend is camping in the mountains. Cool air and very few pesky insects.

  34. My dream getaway would be somewhere to get uninterrupted crafting & sewing time so I could finish all my projects!

  35. Bonnie H. says:

    Perfect weekend would be at any of the beaches on the Oregon Coast! Beautiful, rugged, not very crowded. And with my truly BFF, my husband!

  36. Connie Monville says:

    Just a weekend at home where someone else is cooking and cleaning, I just want to relax

  37. Kathryn Garner says:

    My dream weekend getaway would be to a cabin in the mountains (preferably in Yosemite).

  38. Michelle Lynch says:

    Quilting retreat.

  39. reba says:

    a trip to Tybee island s.c.

  40. Sherry says:

    My getaway would be anywhere with my family. I do love the mountains and if it was close enough for a weekend trip I would head to The Rocky Mountains.

  41. Semra Keller says:

    Costa Rica would be wonderful or some place I can go scuba diving!

  42. Dee Darrell-Fick says:

    Would love to go to Chicago to see my new Grandson, Jet Cale!

  43. Kath says:

    There’s something refreshing to visit the California Lost Coast for a getaway weekend. It is a secluded peaceful area.

  44. Helen Wilson says:

    I would just love a weekend where I could do sewing, reading or even just relaxing which I do enjoy sewing more so just sewing what ever I feel like and not to be interrupted at it, just some me time

  45. Michelle Wallace says:


  46. Diana Dunham says:

    pick me!!!!

  47. Rina Mason says:

    I would fly to Maine and go shop hopping with a trip to Mardens. Never been to Mardens but hear they have fantastic prices on discontinued designer fabric. While there I would make sure to go to the beach and eat lobster!

  48. Marie K. says:

    Make a surprise trip to Tampa, Florida to visit my daughter-would be a great time for just the two of us.

  49. Cheryl Maynard says:

    I would love to get away to the mountains for a weekend! My skin can’t take the sun, but I LOVE the mountains!

  50. Suzanne Ripple says:

    Getaway to Las Vegas would be great!