Courtney’s View of SPUN at the Denver Art Museum

 Courtneys View of SPUN at the Denver Art MuseumThere were so many amazing things to see at SPUN: Adventures in Textiles, at the Denver Art Museum, but the one thing that caught my eye in the first gallery I entered was this beautiful, brightly colored quilt.

From far away it looked almost like any other quilt you might see today. Then I got a closer look. Tiny, handmade, three-dimensional creatures had been sewn into each square including a toad, scorpion, centipede, snake and spider.

 Courtneys View of SPUN at the Denver Art MuseumThis quilt was made in China in the 1990s and it was aptly titled, Child’s Quilt Depicting the Five Poisons. Wait, what? Poisons? Apparently, a custom in China is to make a blanket for a child to protect him from any harm, poisons being one of them! The concept is to “fight fire with fire”. Or in this case, poison with poison. It got me thinking of how some children have a blanket they carry with them for comfort and how this particular quilt could give a whole new meaning to the words “security blanket”!

 Courtneys View of SPUN at the Denver Art Museum

The other side of this quilt was a bit of a contrast to the poison side, with adorable cats, cute pandas chewing on bamboo and pretty little birds. I really enjoyed this quilt. It made me smile and, being a mom, I could relate with the sentiment it represented. I want to protect my child from everything!




 Courtneys View of SPUN at the Denver Art Museum

For more information please visit the Denver Art Museum website.  This exhibit is worth attending if you love textiles, fashion, sewing, hand craft and art.


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