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sewing straight cover lo Free Stuff Friday!

Another Friday is here and so is Free Stuff!  Today we’re giving away the book Sewing in A straight Line by Brett Bara.  This is a lovely book with fresh, modern garment projects as well as lovely home decor sewing. All of Bara’s projects are sophisticated yet simple. Perfect no matter what your skill level is.   All you need to do to enter is answer the following question in the comments section below:

What part of sewing do you love best ( I think I know!) or what is the one (or two) things you could do without?  For me I love the final finished product, especially when everything turns out right and I can’t wait to wear it! What I don’t like is hemming and I’ve been known to just not do it and wear it right out the door anyway (or worse I pay someone to do it for me!).

So how about you?  What do you love most about sewing and/or what drives you nuts.

See you next week and have an awesome weekend!


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I write for the Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery blogs. I love sewing, vintage and would love to get a comment from you!
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81 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Carol M Krencik says:

    It fascinates me to turn a flat piece of fabric into a beatiful wearable garment.

  2. Carol K E says:

    I love it when someone asks “Did you make that? I love it!” I miss my mom who was my hand sewer; however I have learned to love that part too as I am now hemming for our daughters.

  3. What I love most about sewing is self gratification. It feels so good to make something. I love to sew and teach anything. But my passion is Dolls. I love the matching of the fabric. I have tons of fabric to sort/search through lol. And it has to be the perfect match for the doll I make. I take the same consideration when I am making a little girls outfit. I also teach fabric when I am teaching students how to sew. I love that I can share a great gift.

    Like everyone I don’t like when I make a mistake and have to seam rip. But, it happens to the best of us. Thanks

  4. I love wearing my creation, or seeing other’s happy to wear what I have made. I hate cleaning the sewing room floor after the project is complete. What is the maximum size of a scrap of fabric that we are allowed to toss?

  5. Susan M says:

    I enjoy looking at the fabric and thinking of it the way a sculptor may look at a block of stone to see what is hidden inside waiting to come out. I enjoy the complements and sense of accomplishment once finished. The one thing I do not like about sewing is cutting out any patterns, I feel antsy just wanting to get it over with so I can start sewing.

  6. Nicole says:

    I love the endless possibilities and learning new tricks! I wish I had a childhood story about my mom or grandma teaching me how to sew…but being self taught is very fulfilling and ill definitely teach my kids and grandkids!

  7. Cherie says:

    My favorite part is definitely the finished product and if it is something I made for my dd seeing her wear it. I feel proud of the work I put into it. My least favorite is ripping seams.

  8. Deborah Ramos says:

    My favorite part is when I wear something I have created, and I get asked “Where did you buy it?”
    What I don’t care for is when I have to stop in the middle of a project, knowing I won’t be able to finish it in the next few hours.

  9. Audrey says:

    Yup! Putting those last stitches on any project has to be the most joyous thing in sewing…and time to start something else.

  10. kelli says:

    My favorite thing is also when it is done & I can wear it or give as gift. I dont like finding & cutting pattern pieces from a new pattern.

  11. Ginger says:

    I like finishing the best

  12. amy mayer says:

    I love the self satisfaction of knowing and seeing a creation I made that is the only one like it and has function and I can wear with pride.

  13. Patricia Purkey says:

    I love sewing anything, I don`t care what it is. But I hate to sew for someone and they start calling the very next day to see how far I am. Crazyyyyy.

  14. tammy t says:

    I love feeling creative. I do not have a creative bone in my body, but pulling out a pattern and making something makes me feel very artistic! Then showing it off comes next!

  15. Evelyn says:

    There is something satisfying about every step of the process for me — from decisions about color and design to the thrill of seeing and wearing/using/giving away the finished item. What I don’t care for is interruptions — I could sure do without those.

  16. Barb S. says:

    I like to work on a project that stretches my comfort level so I am continuing to learn and grow, I don’t like ripping out seams!

  17. Lynette says:

    I love picking out the fabric first of all. When you find that perfect piece and you can imagine what you will make with it is such wonderful anticipation. I too, truly dislike hemming and any other hand work! Luckily the unfinished hemline is still in style, especially on those flowing maxi skirts.

  18. Patti says:

    What I love about sewing is picking out the material and pattern then watching a new item come together. I also love wearing or carrying (purses) the finished item. What drives me nuts is having to rip seams out!

  19. Ang says:

    I love the feeling of accomplishment! And admiring the finished project! I can live without ripping out seams or making errors!

  20. Rhonda says:

    I love picking out the fabric the best. What I could do without is having to wait until I have washed the fabric to start the project.

  21. Chantel Rowley says:

    I love the finished product. As a new sewer it gives me such a feeling of achievement and satisfaction when it’s completed. It’s great to see either of my kids wearing something I have made them. I haven’t had as much success making myself anything the two things I have tried to make myself have been disasters. What I dislike the most is not getting it right – I’m a perfectionist. :)

  22. BJMarley says:

    I love looking at fabric and planning projects. I love the end when people compliment the results. The middle parts are less exciting.

  23. mc says:

    I love the planning. The options are limitless and that inspires me.

  24. Carol Womack says:

    I love choosing fabric, especially when I find something PERFECT in my stash. ( I shop there first.) I don’t usually like seewing on buttons, but I’ve found it’s a really relaxing activity in front of the TV.

  25. roxane says:

    I love sewing with my youngest (now 8) and how excited she gets when a project is done. What I could do without is all the times I have to pick out the wayward seams!

  26. Jennifer Thornton says:

    I love when someone asks me where I got something and I can gladly reply,”We’ll…I made it!” However, I absolutely hate doing curved seams and seam ripping…*shudder*…they are just a pain in the buns if you know what I mean! Sewing in straight lines (without mistakes so no seam reaping) is so much easier and faster!

  27. dmknapp says:

    I favorite part is the actual sewing process. I dislike the layout, cutout process especially moving the pieces around to make sure everything fits on the pattern and everything is on grain.

  28. Debbie says:

    I enjoy sewing straight seams, I find it relaxing. I don’t like pinning and cutting the pattern out.

  29. Valerie says:

    I love acquiring new sewing skills while trying out techniques from sewing magazines and websites. I love all the creative ideas I get from them and the “now why didn’t I think of that” moments!

  30. Denise Stahl says:

    I LOVE it when someone asks, “Where did you buy your outfit, it looks like it was made for you. I want to shop there”. My reply is,” yes it was made by ME”. What I am not a big fan of doing but absolutely must do is altering the pattern. It is worth it when I wear what I have made and I feel fabulous!—Denise

  31. Laurie says:

    I love when people say, “really you made that?”, on the other hand when I can’t stand the way something comes out or I am having a bad sewing day I get really discouraged, and have to walk out of the shop completely, go garden or something for a day or two.

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