Free Stuff Friday!

sewing straight cover lo Free Stuff Friday!

Another Friday is here and so is Free Stuff!  Today we’re giving away the book Sewing in A straight Line by Brett Bara.  This is a lovely book with fresh, modern garment projects as well as lovely home decor sewing. All of Bara’s projects are sophisticated yet simple. Perfect no matter what your skill level is.   All you need to do to enter is answer the following question in the comments section below:

What part of sewing do you love best ( I think I know!) or what is the one (or two) things you could do without?  For me I love the final finished product, especially when everything turns out right and I can’t wait to wear it! What I don’t like is hemming and I’ve been known to just not do it and wear it right out the door anyway (or worse I pay someone to do it for me!).

So how about you?  What do you love most about sewing and/or what drives you nuts.

See you next week and have an awesome weekend!


 Free Stuff Friday!

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81 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Patricia Hersl says:

    It’s the initial rush of the pattern meeting the fabric. Nothing has become a chore yet!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Favorite part of sewing has to be the finished product. Wrapping that gift & presenting it to a very special person in your life with much love & peace….

  3. Kim Sitmer says:

    I love the process of seeing an item come together. I really dislike it when it is finished and it doesn’t fit and you have to teat it apart

  4. Roberta Schultz says:

    My favorite part is finding the fabric and then creating something out of it. It was my favorite form of artistic expression!

  5. DorothyJo says:

    I love reading books and magazines and getting ideas! The fabric store always stops me cold though, as I can never tell what fabric would work for what I want!

  6. Kathleen Read says:

    My least favorite part about sewing, is, when I get in a hurry and make mistakes, I have to sit and painstakingly rip out all that was sewn incorrectly!! My favorite part is picking out the perfect fabric and embellishments and seeing it all go together perfectly, just as I imagined!

  7. Sheilah says:

    My favorite part of sewing is seeing the results as you sew each piece together. I also enjoy the handsewing.

  8. Niki says:

    I may be strange in that I love to add zippers! I reeeeeeeeally don’t like cutting fabric though. I don’t know what my problem is, but I just can’t get anything perfectly straight or square. I would make a horrible surgeon!

  9. Tee says:

    My favorite part of sewing is buying fabric and creating one of a kind clothing!

  10. Tee says:

    Hope I win!

  11. Judy Masters says:

    I love looking at and choosing the fabric. I could spend hours (and do sometimes) just looking at fabric!

  12. Sherrie says:

    My most favorite part of sewing…being please with a job well done when my project is complete.

  13. Rita Blankenship says:

    My favorite part of sewing is the endless possibilities! When I start a new project, if its a dress for a granddaughter or something for a client, there are endless numbers of combinations of designs and fabrics that I can create adding whatever changes uniquely mine to standard patterns to create something that no one else on earth has. The creative possibilities never end and that is my favorite part.

  14. Lori N says:

    Picking out fabric or repurposing something old into something new are my favorites. Ripping out seams is my least favorite.

  15. Ester says:

    My favorite part of sewing is getting new fabrics, and the moment you see the fabric you really like and it gives you so much inspiration that you want to start right away.

  16. Stephanie says:

    The most thing that i love is when i have my garment finished. I feel so proud of myself. The most thing i don’t like is when i have to rip my seams.

  17. Diane Davidson says:

    My favorite part of sewing is having a truly unique garment. My least favorite is trying to cut out the pieces with all the ‘help’ my cats give me.

  18. madelene says:

    My favorite part of sewing is when it fits perfectly, just like you wanted it to. Thanks for the chance to win, looks like a great book.

  19. Kathy Crose says:

    I think my least favorite part of sewing is the cutting. I want it to be perfect and it is far from it. I am a 60 year old disabled grandma and it is difficult for me to cut patterns, but I keep trying to make my granddaughter clothes and make quilts.

  20. Shirley says:

    I do not like that people think because I sew I like to mend, as in can you fix this zipper or hem etc in my coat, pants, etc. when I would rather go purchase or make a new one most of the time. I will mend the very loved item for people I truly love. My favorite is seeing the little ones twirl when you get the skirt just right and it twirls like only a little girls skirt can twirl. Or the gratitude from a time when I lined a back dress in red satin for my daughter to perform and it just barley peeped out the perfect time. yep it is good.

  21. Margo says:

    My favorite part is the picking out the pattern and the fabric! My least favorite part is making the markings while cutting everything out, what a pain!

  22. Hope Crawford says:

    My favorite part of sewing is turning a fully lined garment . When you pull a whole garment from a tiny three inch opening it feels like magic. The thing I hate most about sewing is when I make a mistake and have to rip something out. I have even been known to throw the whole mess away and start over!!! Wasteful as that is, it is somehow satisfying. Practice makes perfect!

  23. Renée O. says:

    My favourite part is making something that fits perfectly for the intended use and user!!! (My least favourite part is when it doesn’t fit… like the iPad cozy I made for my pa!!! D’Oh!)

  24. Chelsy says:

    The best part of sewing for me is planning out the next project, getting to choose the patterns or making my own, and finding the perfect fabric for the project. I spend hours in my local fabric store feeling and looking at every piece of fabric.

  25. Adaire says:

    I love to cut out…making sure all the pieces are correct and then putting them in a neat pile next to my machine all ready to start a new project. I hate pinning on ruffles and arranging the gathers so everything fits properly but since I sew for kids a lot, I keep at it.

  26. Letha says:

    My favorite part is sewing it and watching it come all together. My least favorite is cutting out the project.

  27. Margaret Jordan says:

    Always fun to add the label….made by grandmama or made by Margaret and then see the look on someone’s face that I had made it for them.

  28. nicole slack says:

    Cutting out the fabric :)

  29. Daisy says:

    Love the crisp look after I iron something! Hate cutting out pieces! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Jennifer says:

    My least favorite part is cutting it out. I love the sewing.

  31. Karen York says:

    My favorite part of sewing is when someone admires the garment I made. It gives me that happy glow to know I can make something beautiful.

  32. Ruby says:

    I love that the creation is mine! I could do without ever trying to get a sleeve in just right. Still have to master that.

  33. Jill G says:

    I love getting into my “sewing zone” when the hours just fly by as I’m working on a project. Could do without all the cutting though!

  34. Estelle says:

    My favorite part of sewing is witnessing my project take shape when I sew! My least favorite part is realizing I need to re-thread my bobbin!

  35. Barbara McDowell says:

    What I like most is that final press so that I can put the garment on with it looking it’s best.

  36. Amy says:

    Hmm! What I like best about sewing. That is a hard one to answer, because I love the whole process, but I suppose I especially love seeing it go from a flat piece of fabric into something useful and beautiful.

  37. Laura Malter says:

    My favorite part of sewing is the memories of my mother that each task brings with it, from pattern planning, to cutting to stitching to fitting … I have such special memories of my mother teaching me the correct method (and me trying to cut corners!!).

  38. Kathleen Dow says:

    I love the finished product. I hate cutting out the patterns.

  39. Rhonda says:

    Realizing that everything lines up correctly after inserting a zipper.

  40. Tracy Enos says:

    The feeling of accomplishment when my project is all done and I can say “I made that!”

  41. LisaVH says:

    My favorite part is the moment when someone says, “wow, you made that yourself!” I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with doing something with your hands, mind and heart.

  42. Joan Merrill says:

    My favorite part is looking at/ touching/ and buying wonderful fabrics!! The finished project, when it turns out like I had hoped, is great too!

  43. Diana Dunham says:

    love free stuff Friday!!

  44. Shirley Lynn says:

    My favorite thing is making something that I like – not what everyone else is wearing!

  45. TanjaH says:

    I love watching an outfit or quilt come together but I finding one tiny mistake that make me have to rip apart a whole project!

  46. Natasha says:

    I hate making straps for handbags. Measuring, cutting and sewing those really long straight strips gets so boring. I also love when you are finished and get to see the completed project for the first time.

  47. Linda Oldham Burns says:

    My favorite part is also wearing the new garment!!

  48. houseofpinheiro says:

    The best part it’s the design concept. Chose fabrics, patterns, notions, techniques…

  49. Kathleen says:

    I can’t possibly pick one thing about sewing I love most. That would be like telling you who is my favorite child, niece, nephew or grandchild. OK, OK, OK, I could tell you the favorite grandchild, but that’s because right now, I only have one. So, no, I can’t tell you my favorite thing about sewing because I <3, <3, <3 sewing, all of it!

  50. Joan says:

    My favorite part of sewing is picking out the fabric!
    Thanks for the giveaway!