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handmade hostess Free Stuff Friday   Summer is always a great time to throw a little party or fancy soiree.  One way to make it even more special is by making special handmade touches beyond the handmade invite.

The book Handmade Hostess has over 35 beautiful and imaginative projects to make your wedding, summer gathering or holiday get-together unforgettable.  Included in the book Handmade Hostess are dozens of sewing, low-sew and even no-sew projects for all skill levels.  From chic to cute there is something for every season and every taste.

Written by Kelly Lee-Creel of and Rebecca Soder the projects offered here are well written with clear instructions and beautiful photos.  And, as a bonus there are even recipes too!  The projects are unique and give a fresh take on handmade entertaining. One lucky winner is going to love it.  And, if you get a chance visit Kelly’s blog for more inspiration!

To enter answer the question in the comments section below. One winner will be picked on Monday!

Do you have any plans to attend or host a party this summer?  Not a party planner? What was your most memorable party that you attended?

Have a great weekend and party on!


 Free Stuff Friday

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14 Responses to Free Stuff Friday –

  1. Savannagal says:

    I am actually hosting a party tomorrow. There’ll be about 18-20 people. I hope the weather holds out!

  2. Letha Price says:

    My husband and I love to entertain. One of our annual parties, which is coming up soon is our International Food Party. It is a potluck but everyone brings a dish from a foreign country. Everyone votes and we give prizes for top three savory and sweet dishes. We also award best presentation with an apron that I make.

    I also like to give tea parties. One of my favorites is called Fans and Friends. I invite about 5 of my good friends and each of us invite someone that we are a fan of or someone that we would like yo get to know better. Everyone prepares three statements about themselves, one of which is not true and we try to guess the incorrect statement. Also, I use paper fans for decor and talk about the history of fans. I have a collection of vintage ladies hat that I set out for everyone to try on. Fun, fun, fun.

  3. Dottie Kelly says:

    We have been updating a big boat over the past year and are finally at a point that we can enjoy entertaining friends. I am always looking for ideas to make boat trips special and love to run with a theme for food and decorating.

  4. Maureen V says:

    Next year, it will be my turn to host my family’s annual reunion. I have a few ideas already but thought it would be fun to have a July 4th themed gathering even though it will be held the end of July. I did find out that your book does have ideas for July 4th & also for other major holidays & themed parties. Any help I can get would be great!!! Of course, my oldest son would love the theme since his birthday is July 4th!!!!!

  5. ksgentry says:

    My oldest daughter hosting weekend pool parties and cookouts all summer long. Her friends call her the “Rachael Ray” of their group. I would love to sew up a few things for her next party!

  6. Mary Wilkerson Lee says:

    Looking forward to having our first pool party of the year. I would love some creative ideas to spruce up the pool area.

  7. Carol K E says:

    I am attending a 50th anniversary party for dear friends. We have worked at disaster relief projects with them for the last 2 years. I am making a table runner from fabric we purchased together on an afternoon outing.

  8. Wanda White says:

    I look forward to hosting our yearly family gathering and also I plan the church picnics. It is alot of fun!

  9. Lyn Fedden says:

    I am totally lost when it comes to party planning… My neighbor has hosted wonderful get togethers. I’d like to host something in the fall for my neighbors and friends and this book looked like it would have a lot of good information….

  10. Maddie says:

    We’re planning an end-of-summer party later this season. Love the table setting (and parasols) on this book cover!

  11. Mary Mac says:

    My nephew will be getting married in August and I will be helping with it. It will be a beach theme wedding. Can’t tell you how many books, magazines and pinterest boards I have looked at.

  12. Joday says:

    We love to host parties here in southern Indiana. We host friends, missionaries and LOTS of teens. I try not to stress too much over planning and start with a general idea of a theme and work from there on the menu, etc…Many years ago, I worked for a Senator in D.C. and as his employees were sometimes asked to attend cocktail parties from lobby organizations. We could attend if we wanted but didn’t have to. The absolute WORST party ever was hosted by PETA. I still remember walking in to this dreary tiny hotel room where we were all shoulder to shoulder even though there were not many people there. The hor’dourves were absolutely disgusting and not fit to eat. To this day, I can see these little blobs of ???? presented on paper plates. I firmly believe the goal was to get people NOT to eat. It worked.

  13. Arleen Schindler says:

    One event I am looking forward to hosting
    is my father-in-laws 95th birthday. He was a
    farmer almost all of his life so I am hoping to
    create a wonderful tribute to what he did,
    the great man he is today and of course, the
    bright future we hope is in store for the years
    to come.
    Tall order but he is a “tall” man having raised
    six children, many, many grandchildren and
    now has many more great grands. He is warm,
    and a great man to know and have in my family.
    Wish me luck

  14. Pamela Dickinson says:

    We love a 4th of July parties because that is our son’s birthday and because he’s a teenager and we do our best to keep connected with him and his friends we will be hosting a back to school/entering high school party.