Aprons Galore For Free Stuff Friday!

best apron Aprons Galore For Free Stuff Friday!Whenever I think of aprons I always think of good things.  Like my grandmother baking, or making a mess in the craft room.  For this Free Stuff Friday the book The Best Apron Book Ever edited by Julie Johnson is up for giveaway! There are a baker’s dozen apron designs, from retro to modern.  From crafty to stylish!  All the how tos are included, but this is a pattern-free book, there are no actual paper patterns included. So this is a great chance to learn how to draft easy patterns.

If you would like to enter please post a answer to the following question: Do you wear aprons? What do you think of when you see an apron?

One winner will be randomly picked on Monday.

And,  until Monday check out this free apron template from Sew it All magazine.


Happy sewing!


 Aprons Galore For Free Stuff Friday!

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58 Responses to Aprons Galore For Free Stuff Friday!

  1. ksgentry says:

    I collect aprons but I do not wear them. I threw on an old ratty bathrobe to protect my clothes. Aprons evoke memories of my grandmother, standing at the old stove, frying country ham and checking the homemade biscuits that bake in the oven. Ever time I find a vintage apron at a flea market or a yard sale it brings back the smells of Granny’s kitchen and all the wonderful talks and laughter. I really yearn for those days, the simpler times. And I am saddened by the thought of children growing up and perhaps not having those wonderful memories stored in their hearts.

  2. Cherie says:

    Yes, I do wear aprons. I love sewing them. I’ve even made some for my dd, and she wears them, too. Aprons remind me of having fun baking in the kitchen.

  3. Beth Dishong says:

    Yes I do wear aprons, I love aprons and I wish I had more than I do. I love the vintage patterns and the vintage fabric but, I guess I just love aprons. I am a messy cook. I am only 5′ tall so I get everything on me all the time. When I see aprons I think that people are responsible people because they are trying to keep their clothes neat and stain free.

  4. Diane Offerman says:

    Yes, I wear aprons. I’m a messy cook!
    I always think of my paternal grandmother when I wear an apron. She was never without her apron.

  5. Marilyn Bowman says:

    Whenever I wear an apron I think of the Christmas apron my Mom made for me. It was beautiful, functional and made with love! I remember yummy holiday treats we made while was wearing that apron and the many wonderful Christmas’s spent with our family.

  6. judy eiland says:

    I don’t wear aprons alot, but if I am doing a lot of baking then I do, mostly I sew and sell aprons. l am always looking for new designs. I love aprons because they remind me of when I was young and watched my mother and grandmother cook.

  7. I don’t wear an apron currently, but I’ve been meaning to make an apron (or two, or ten) to wear. I love aprons, they remind me of my grandma, she always had on an apron.

  8. Janet Hogue says:

    Yes, I wear aprons, and I have a favorite one I wear all the time. What I really love is creating aprons. I like to find out what a person’s hobby is and then create an apron especially for them. When my sister passed away, I was left with her stash of fabric, and so I set about mixing and matching fabrics, and creating lots of aprons which I donated to my church for a fund raiser. Yeah–aprons R me!

  9. Iryna B. says:

    I don’t wear them as often as I should. When I see a cute apron I always think – Oh, I would wear this one! Thank you

  10. Daryl Reese says:

    I wish I had an apron to wear… I remember my grandma wearing an apron nearly every day, though my mom only wore one when she had dressy clothes on. Mom had many patterns to sew aprons; I still have the Cinderella apron pattern. hmmm… guess I’ll need to get busy and make a couple of aprons. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

  11. Lori Mehrer says:

    I wear aprons all the time. I have worn some of my aprons until they literally fall apart. When my children were young I wore an apron from the time I left the bedroom in the morning until I went to bed at night. It was the only way to keep my clothes some what stain free. Now I wear one when I cook or have my work clothes on before I leave for work. I can’t say I have any real memories of aprons besides wearing them myself. My mom has a lot of them but doesn’t use them.

  12. Niki says:

    I definitely wear and apron, and when I see one I think FOOOOOOOOD!

  13. Kate says:

    Wow! I was just looking for an apron to buy today! Love to win!

  14. I love aprons! I love cooking, but I’m a mess in the kitchen. My clothes would all be wrecked without my apron stash.

  15. I have one apron with my name on it that is left over from a block party, when I made matching aprons for my neighbors. I like to wear it, so being dressed in nice cloths will not be an excuse to refrain from cleaning. Usually, I forget.

    Many people wear sloppy old aprons over polyester clothes, which makes me think, “What is the point?”. Other times, I see frilly aprons over dress clothes, and I think, “Is anyone fooled by this?” The best aprons are like modified tool belts, with a pocket for everything.

  16. Kathy L says:

    I love to make aprons. I make all different styles. One of the first things I every sewed was an apron. I still have it.

  17. Barbara Jenkins says:

    I like to add larger than life pockets to my aprons – us crafters need to have so much stuff to hand – plus a large pocket means more rubbish in the pocket, less trips to the bin to empty it.

  18. Eileen K says:

    I wear aprons occasionally but I absolutely LOVE to make aprons as gifts for anyone and everyone – even the guys! Just one of my sewing passions!
    What do I think of when I see an apron? My Mom, Grandmothers, Aunts, etc. They all wore aprons over their house dresses, not just when in the kitchen, but all day, for all household chores. One of my favorite images is remembering how my Mom would have a special “patch” on her aprons for putting pins as she went around cleaning up around the house. She was an avid seamstress, and pins ended up everywhere! This apron book would be a wonderful addition to my sewing library.

  19. jill says:

    I sew and wear aprons. I am too messy not to…I have learned from too many past experiences. I must have one that covers my chest to my knees. Aprons remind me of the strong women in my family that have taught and now teach me so much; my mother, grandmothers, mother-in-law, aunts, and now my own daughters. They are amazing and all pioneers in their own time and space.

  20. Angie says:

    Do I wear aprons? Not as much as I should! I love to make aprons, tho…..they are a big hit at my craft shows, especially the sports team ones & those made from home dec fabric! When I think of aprons, I remember the ones my mom lovingly sewed & gave to me at my bridal shower. I still have them!

  21. Susan says:

    I always wear an apron when baking or cooking…must protect the clothing that we spend our good money…………..I love aprons and because I wear them I would like them to be pretty as well as protect my clothing…………….when I see aprons I usually think of days gone by…when my Mother was still with us and generations of us all with some type of apron on cooking all those wonderful meals together as a family….something you see very little of any more……….would love to win this wonderful book and definitely would love to make the wonderful aprons featured in the new book……..thank you for the opportunity

  22. Nataki says:

    I love aprons… do I wear them…when I do my hubby just wants me to wear just the apron…. Hee Hee Hee. Well you know what he thinks of when I wear it. But when I think of aprons, I think of traditions of hospitality, and keeping our home a place to invite family and friends together to bond and build life long memories.

  23. Janet Machacek says:

    I wear aprons because it makes me feel like a happy homemaker that loves her family and brings out my “feminine” side.

  24. Kelli says:

    I don’t wear an apron because I rarely cook. When I think of aprons I think of my grandma’s cooking & canning.

  25. Ashley Torres says:

    I wear aprons, I love them! I think an apron can add personality to the activity your doing and just put you in a better mood based on the apron. When I see an apron I instantly think about what is used for, and I jump in my “let’s get to making mode”. Aprons breathe the power to be extra creative, because the apron is your body guard against a mess. :-)

  26. Rosemary Griffis says:

    No, I don’t usually wear aprons. When I see an apron, I wish I wore them because most of them are so cute, I just want to make one, but then I think, “would you wear it?” Sigh. But the book would be great to have, because I’m really messy when I bake and kind of messy when I cook.

  27. Mary Featherston says:

    Yes I wear aprons, I like wearing one at church functions it protects my sunday clothes. My Grandmother always wore one and my Mother also.
    I remember my Grandmother with her apron on making molasses cookies for me.

  28. Jan says:

    I love making & wearing aprons…..it keeps my clothes clean when I cook….
    plus I have a gardening apron that holds tools & produce picked….

  29. Carrie C. says:

    I started wearing aprons late last year…
    A. Because I started teaching beginner sewing classes.
    B. Because I started teaching beginner sewing classes…great palce to hold on to those small supplies that my students often forget!
    C. Because the possibilities are endless when making your own apron!

  30. Daisy says:

    I wear aprons especially if I start cooking as soon as I come home from work. Other times I wear them to keep my clothes clean and dry. Aprons remind me of my mom and grandmothers, and lunch ladies!

  31. lara says:

    There is one it is simple sold red with little lace..We wear it at Christmas time.the apron been in every Christmas picture in 20 years..Now i have it..And i wear it only at Christmas time..thks you

  32. Jane Coombs says:

    For more than just kitchen stuff, I wear an apron. I find that when I put one on I get busy with the project at hand. Just the same as wearing lace up shoes! I am constantly dazzled by aprons – so many variations on a theme. Last year I made ten aprons giving them all away. My fave for myself is one constructed out of two men’s dress shirts.
    Recently I cheered up a friend by constructing an apron from shirts in her late husband’s closet. Faster than a quilt. We named Ralph (Lauren) and Tommy(Hilfiger) in the Kitchen. There was enough fabric to alsomake a couple of napkins. A great practical remembrance.

  33. Mary Birenbaum says:

    I wear an apron when I’m dressed for company and I don’t want to get dirty while I cook!

  34. Marlene Bailey says:

    I love wearing aprons when I cook. them. My aprons not only protect my clothes they remind me of my mother and aunt who also wore aprons and loved sewing them and many other clothes. I hang my aprons from my cupboard so I can always have them on hand.

  35. Stephanie Warhurst says:

    Honestly, I don’t wear aprons…..I LOVE the retro look aprons though, my niece is 16 and she loves them, that is why I like them =)

  36. Maggie Potter says:

    Yes, I wear an apron sometimes. I have some that my mother and grandmother made a long time ago. And yes they bring back so many momories of both of them. I have made a few for my 3 daughters.

  37. Nancy says:

    I wear aprons and there is something about wearing them that helps keep me on track with both keeping the house tidy and putting in a little extra effort for making a nutritious meal.

  38. Rosa says:

    yes I wear aprons. I have 2 that my mother wore so always wear one of them and think of her and hope I can be as good of a cook as she was..

  39. Debra Mitan says:

    Yes I do wear aprons sometimes I am an accident waiting to happen:) I always think of my little grandma with her half aprons they were like a top skirt for her,

  40. Robin Keller says:

    I wear aprons all the time, not because I’m sloppy of course! I have quite a few vintage aprons that I packed away to keep them in good shape. Now I can’t remember where I put them. I guess after I’m gone my girls will find them along with all the other sewing items I misplaced! Life’s short so I’ll just buy new fabric and make new aprons.

  41. Sharon Ducote says:

    Yes, I wear aprons! I love them. They remind me of an simpler time when women took pride in doing things around their home. They remind me of my mama cooking wonderful meals for us. When I see aprons, it has a calming effect on me. I just love them!

  42. Kathy says:

    I love aprons! I only wear them occassionally, but they remind me of my sweet grandmother who passed away many years ago. She always wore dresses, covered with an apron while cooking, and used china tea cups and saucers for serving coffee. Wonderful memories!!

  43. Jan H. says:

    Do you wear aprons? Yes! I am messy!
    What do you think of when you see an apron? Ohhhh pretty! have to make one of those! then I think of my grandma Rose ♥

  44. Sandy Morgan says:

    Do you wear aprons? Yes, I wear aprons all the time when I’m cooking, cleaning or crafting. They keep me from making a mess of my clothes when I’m cooking. The pockets come in so handy when I’m cleaning to put something in that doesn’t belong where I found it so I can finish cleaning before going to put it away. And they come in handy when I’m crafting for tools or supplies. What do you think of when you see an apron? I think of how my mom always had a couple aprons handy to put on whenever she was busy doing things.

  45. Suzette Davies says:

    Yes, I do wear aprons. I finally made two a couple months ago and LOVE them. They remind me of a loving home and farm life. I think I provide the loving home and would love the farm life :)

  46. Janice Robertson says:

    Yes, I wear aprons – when I bake, cook or do dishes! When I see an apron, I think of my grandmother. She put her apron on before breakfast in the morning, and she didn’t take it off till after supper in the evening! She’s the one who taught me to wear one!

  47. Gwen Churchwell says:

    I wear aprons all the time, it’s so much easier to change my apron than to change my clothing. I wear a sturdy apron for cleaning prepping and cooking then change into a pretty one before my guests arrive. When I see an apron I always think of my mother and grandmother who always wore aprons. For my grandmother it was part of her daily outfit; she put it on in the morning and took it off at night. My mother was of the era where half aprons were more stylish than a full bib apron. :)

  48. Mary Ann says:

    I love wearing aprons for the obvious reason that they keep your clothes clean but also because I think they are cute. They remind me of my childhood when my mom and grandma would cook for the holidays. Good memories.

  49. Mary Mac says:

    I have a few older aprons I wear for cooking because I am a messy cook. I do love to collect vintage aprons that hang in my kitchen just for looks because they are to pretty to wear.

  50. Cecile says:

    Do you wear aprons? I wear aprons for cooking all the time.
    What do you think of when you see an apron? When I see my apron I think about making wonderful food and making a mess as needed without worrying about ruining my clothes.
    I even like theme aprons, like the one I made out of “matzah” fabric to wear on Passover.