Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways — Day 1

Hello everyone! We’re celebrating Sew it All TV season 6 airing on PBS in September. So, today kicks off another round of Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways! That’s right, every day from now until August 31, we’re going to be giving away a fabulous prize.

In addition to 13 cool prizes, we’re giving away a Grand Prize: a copy of Sew it All TV season 5 on DVD! Each day you comment on a blog post, you’re entered to win that day’s prize, PLUS the Grand Prize! Enter every day to increase your chances of winning!

We had a blast filming season 6 and hope you enjoy all the great projects our fabulous guests have to offer. Check your local PBS schedule for airdates and times. And if they don’t carry Sew it All, email, call or write them a letter to request it! 

We were lucky enough to have Mark Montano in our studio as a guest for Season 6, and he created a super cute oilcloth wallet and a card holder made out of…paint cards! I love using surprising materials to create something totally different.

montanoproject 300x237 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways    Day 1

Anyway, onto what you really want to know: Today’s prize is a copy of Signature Styles: 20 Stitchers Craft Their Look.

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways    Day 1

Go behind the scenes with 20 amazing women — best-selling authors, popular bloggers, savvy entrepreneurs and more — and find out what influences and inspires them. Learn about Heather Bailey (who created an adorable oilcloth bib on “The Bib Easy”, episode 504), Rashida Coleman-Hale (who created an awesome bag on “Rock the Tote”, episode 501), and Kathy Cano-Murillo (who created a hand-dyed scarf on “To Dye For”, episode 502).

To win this book, answer the following question in the comments section below: What inspires you to sew?

Full instructions for all Season 6 episodes will be posted on August 31st, and full instructions for all past episodes are available NOW at

Good luck! The winner will be announced tomorrow, along with another prize!

Thank you to our sponsors for making Sew it All possible: ElnaHavel’sOriginal Sewing & Quilt ExpoPfaff, Oliso and Sulky!

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways    Day 1
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139 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways — Day 1

  1. mc says:

    ready to wear is usually my inspiration. i know i can make it with better fit and sometimes cheaper.

    who won the FSF giveaway?

  2. Cathy Melton says:

    Sewing blogs and vintage fabric finds are what inspire me to sew. I like to go on the hunt at resale and thrift stores for fabric and patterns. It’s the hunt and the found treasures which also inspire me.

  3. Judy Morris says:

    Love making new projects with new new materials. A few years back I made a magazine and a tablet cover from oil cloth for at the beach. I also love making bags and would love to make one out of oil cloth. Hoping that my pbs station has sew it all.

  4. Donna says:

    I DVR Sew It All every week. When I need inspiration I just pull up an episode and watch. Almost always I get a spark of an idea and I’m off and sewing.

  5. Anne Smith says:

    TV sewing shows and Quilt guild friends , My grandchildren wishing to use the sewing machine , and the love of fabric !

  6. Wanda says:

    Fabric, patterns, pictures! I love making things for family members. Since most of my family members don’t sew, I always give gifts that are unique!

  7. Dorothy Urberg says:

    My mother taught me to sew as a child. What inspires me now is I can create clothes that don’t look like anyone else. I also taught my only daughter to sew and she made her own wedding dress, that also gives me great pride in passing on what I learned from my mother.

  8. Pat Bollman says:

    I love the chance to be creative and to make useful items.

  9. Brenda says:

    So many things inspire me to sew! From looking at sewing books and magazine projects to the fabrics at the store or in my sewing room. Seeing other ideas give me new ideas and new designs to try and create.

  10. says:

    Love the creative process of sewing. Am inspired by fashions I see shopping or online, or browsing the fabric in stores. So exciting the think about what could be made.

  11. Perri says:

    Waking up!! Everything is inspiring!! Nature, flowers, leaves, grass, fabrics, textures, colors, patterns – be it store bought or self made, yarn, felt, thread, fur, feathers, and lately it’s been babies! They are just so soft and special and need things to be so delicate for their skin. And the way they look at things as they become aware just give you a new way to look at things as well. Things are always better made or sew them yourself, much better quality and much better cost.

  12. Kelli says:

    I am inspired by nature when thinking abour colors for my quilt. One fall I drove through upstate New York & decided to make a fall quilt. Sewing for people in my life also in my life.

  13. Layne Perkins says:

    I’ve been sewing for 47 years, and I am so inspired by modern fabrics! Also, Pinterest and the “new” interest in sewing and handmade keep me motivated.

  14. Kina Hoffman says:

    I am inspired when my husband comes home with remants/leftovers from work. (He does upholstery :) . I love working with vinyl and leather!!

  15. Rebecca says:

    I’m inspired by the idea of just creating and completing projects. I love the sense of accomplishment when I have finished even the smallest & simplest project. Also, my daughter became interested in sewing this year at the age of 11. She inspires me to sew as well because she loves spending one-on-one time with her mom creating something special together. I love it!!

  16. That’s easy. i have always heard that people write novels because they have to – something inside them has to get out – well, that is why i sew, I just have to – makes me happy and just fulfills me. something about who i am -

  17. Mary Anne Stigen says:

    A need to be creative and the feel of beautiful fabric inspire me to sew.

  18. Jane Graber says:

    Having grandchildren to sew for.

  19. What inspires me to sew? The satisfaction of working with my hands to create something that brings a smile to someone, and that they can use for warmth, comfort or to feel good. I have a very mental job, so being able to step away from the computer and create something tangible, the feel and texture of fabrics, with a real-world finished product is very satisfying and gives me balance.

  20. Loretta T says:

    I sew because I find it creative, relaxing and enjoyable. It is time for me to be me. I can take a flat piece of fabric and cut, fold and sew the most amazing creations.

  21. JanL says:

    The children in my life are my greatest inspiration. Whether it be hair bows for my niece, hats for my nephews, or princess dresses for my granddaughters, my sewing machine happily hums along.

  22. Cynthia T. says:

    I love fabric! I also love going into the local quilt shops/fabric store and checking out the finished quilts and outfits.

  23. Deb Rayman says:

    All the ideas I can find on line.

  24. LINDA DAVIS says:

    Fabric inspires me the most. My little granddaughter that loves dresses comes over and says “lets go to the sewing room, I need a new dress”. That is the BEST! Patterns and my own needs and ideas also inspire me to create a ‘one of a kind’ item. I love the instant gratification when the project is finished and knowing that I created it.

  25. Celestial says:

    Traveling, movies, fashion, fabric…it all inspires me to sew.
    I recently went on a trip to India and had the good fortune to be able to go into a place where they were hand printing on fabric. I saw the process and had to have some of my own to make my own personalized souvenirs.

  26. Shelba says:

    What inspires me most about sewing is that I can have a well constructed, properly fitting garment that will last me many years. My family is more comfortable and my home is better functioning using items we construct, and we generally save money while using better quality materials than ready made.

  27. What inspires me to sew? Just about anything and everything. But, mostly my kids. My next project will be a Minecraft blanket for my sons 9th birthday.

  28. Debora Kerr says:

    I’m inspired to sew by the look of things in the world I like – nature, holidays, even books and television shows. I enjoy applying those design ideas to a fabric project.

  29. Leslie Miller says:

    My children inspire me to sew and other sweet women from our church. I love to make things, always have:)

  30. Patti C. says:

    When visiting fabric stores and such, I see cute and useful ideas for projects which make me think of family members that would find the project useful. Sometimes I find too many ideas at one time and have to choose one or two. Recently, I found some quilted bowl-shaped bowl holders for use in the microwave. Been sewing those for Christmas gifts. Great idea and easy to make.

    Saaturday mornings is when I’m parked in front of the TV with pen and paper for taking notes when I watch your show. It’s invaluable with all the tips and ideas. Thank you.

  31. Gloria Allen says:

    I am a 61 year old adoptive mother of four girls ages,10,12,13and 15. They inspire me to sew. I made them all book bags for school this year, their friends want to know where they can buy them, they are awesome. It makes me proud that they actually show off the things I make for them. I actually made 11 bags so my nieces could enjoy them also.

  32. Katie Bingham says:

    My daughters inspire me to sew. It is so much fun to create one of a kind outfits for them!

  33. Cecilia says:

    Beautiful clothing and home decor really make me drool. The high price and poor quality inspire me to sew them myself.
    I have a son who has very difficult pants measurement. He prompts me to sew him custom made pants which fit him perfectly.
    And let’s not forget that I love making and creating something. It calms me down.

  34. Regina Doyle says:

    coming up with something different for my friends and ever growing family, here & overseas.

  35. Deann says:

    Fabric!! I love to see it and touch it. And sewing for the people I love!

  36. Teresa Collins says:

    My husband inspires me. He comes up with ideas of what he wants me to make for his airplane, gives me a general idea of what he wants and then I make a pattern and tell him what it will look like. He adds details like he wants his N number embroidered in an area, a pocket here, etc. It’s fun to see how the finished project turns out.

  37. Amy Bohner says:

    I follow several blogs on machine embroidery and sewing which gives me inspiration everyday. Also, I love the patterns on Craftsy! There are many talented ladies/men out there! I love supporting individuals in their talents!

  38. Linda Middlemist says:

    all the beautiful fabric inspires me. thanks for the chance to win

  39. wendy says:

    Pinterest is what inspires me to start new projects. I have been sewing for years and recently started dabbling in quilting. My first quilt was from a pinterest link to quilting in the rain’s blog. Love it!

  40. alice anjo says:

    inspiration comes from everywhere but mine usually starts with the itch to stitch something/anything and great things come from it.

  41. Janet O. says:

    My Granddaughters inspire me to sew! :D

  42. Rebecca says:

    My children inspire me. They think it is really cool that I make things when I sew. They thought that you could only mend clothes, not make them by hand. They like to help pick out fabrics to use. So it is nice to be able to teach them something useful.

  43. ELAINE LACZNY says:

    Seeing you grandsons wearing and playing with the sewed object in my mind’s eye!

  44. Patricia says:

    Normally just the thought that I will be creating something new and the calm sewing brings me is my inspiration. However, I just bought a Juki Excite and that there is my inspiration. I want to see all that baby can do.

  45. Terri says:

    Sewing takes me away! It allows me to unleash my creativity and concentrate on things other than the hum drum of day-to-day worries. And best of all, you have something to show at the end of it. Much better than getting lost in video games or other mindless activities

  46. Jane C. says:

    Easy answer …www

  47. When I am browsing through clothing catalogs or magazines, I see a style I like then look through my patterns and fabric to see how I could copy that. Sometimes I have to take pieces (like a sleeve) from one pattern to put with the main pattern. I can come up with very unique garments that way.

  48. Bonnie Jenkins says:

    putting my own personal touch on everything in our home!!! Also I’m 5 ft 2in and EVERYTHING has to be shortened let out etc,,,,I can go into a thrift store,,walmart anywhere and KNOW they will have the look I’m looking for,,,after I get done with it ;)

  49. Meg says:

    Fabrics inspire me to sew- I love feeling them, seeing them, buying them, folding them in pretty piles on my storage shelf! And then I break down and have to use them so that I can buy more!

  50. Carrie Pelchat says:

    I find myself inspired from daily living, I recently created a messenger bag for a new tablet, and a e-reader bag for my nook simple. I also get inspired walking through a fabric store, I see material I “Have” to have, then decide after what I’m going to do with it. Or see fabric and say “That would make a great …” I love sewing and creating and adding my own little twist to items I make.