Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways — Day 1

Hello everyone! We’re celebrating Sew it All TV season 6 airing on PBS in September. So, today kicks off another round of Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways! That’s right, every day from now until August 31, we’re going to be giving away a fabulous prize.

In addition to 13 cool prizes, we’re giving away a Grand Prize: a copy of Sew it All TV season 5 on DVD! Each day you comment on a blog post, you’re entered to win that day’s prize, PLUS the Grand Prize! Enter every day to increase your chances of winning!

We had a blast filming season 6 and hope you enjoy all the great projects our fabulous guests have to offer. Check your local PBS schedule for airdates and times. And if they don’t carry Sew it All, email, call or write them a letter to request it! 

We were lucky enough to have Mark Montano in our studio as a guest for Season 6, and he created a super cute oilcloth wallet and a card holder made out of…paint cards! I love using surprising materials to create something totally different.

montanoproject 300x237 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways    Day 1

Anyway, onto what you really want to know: Today’s prize is a copy of Signature Styles: 20 Stitchers Craft Their Look.

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways    Day 1

Go behind the scenes with 20 amazing women — best-selling authors, popular bloggers, savvy entrepreneurs and more — and find out what influences and inspires them. Learn about Heather Bailey (who created an adorable oilcloth bib on “The Bib Easy”, episode 504), Rashida Coleman-Hale (who created an awesome bag on “Rock the Tote”, episode 501), and Kathy Cano-Murillo (who created a hand-dyed scarf on “To Dye For”, episode 502).

To win this book, answer the following question in the comments section below: What inspires you to sew?

Full instructions for all Season 6 episodes will be posted on August 31st, and full instructions for all past episodes are available NOW at

Good luck! The winner will be announced tomorrow, along with another prize!

Thank you to our sponsors for making Sew it All possible: ElnaHavel’sOriginal Sewing & Quilt ExpoPfaff, Oliso and Sulky!

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways    Day 1
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139 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways — Day 1

  1. Diane Palmisano says:

    I am inspired to sew by wanting to see my Granddaughters wear pretty clothes!

  2. Peggy Mlynek says:

    I am inspired to sew by fabric and by my quilt shop owner and mentor, Lois Rawlings of Quilt Heaven in Temperance MI. Her love of quilting and helping others inspires me to go “out of the box” and dare to be different

  3. Jill Turner says:

    I’m inspired by all things around me. Things I see make me want to run to my machines and see what I can do.

  4. Ammie Cain says:

    I LOVE taking a nice visual tour of vintage pattern sites! It really gets my creative juices going!

  5. LethaGD says:

    My inspiration is that I can’t find clothes that fit properly on me. I’m stuck between petite and average lengths and between plus sizes and missy sizes.

  6. Cheryle Fisher says:

    I am inspired by ideas in magazines and emails that I purchase or subscribe to. There are so many creative people doing such creative things that really inspire me. I normally sew crafty or quick kind of things as I work full time and my sewing time is limited.

  7. Georgette Tischer says:

    My Grandkids these Days! I want them to know how to MAKE whatever they need in life and show them the difference on Store bought and handmade! Grand daughter is 8 already made her own pillowcase and now working on Christmas Gifts for ALOT of family members. I have 13 grandkids. 2 Which are girls. But the boys get into it too! So these days GRANDKIDS!!! we are always looking for new ideas ! Thanks. G.Tischer

  8. Caralee Bromme says:

    I sew because it is how I escape from my stressful job as a cardiovascular ICU nurse. I am able to get lost in the creation of a new item for the grandkids or purse for myself. It is one way I am able to find the simplicity of God’s gifts to me.

  9. Marlene Bailey says:

    Material that friends give to me inspires me to make special gifts for the person who gave it to me. When ever my friends clean up their material I usually get the best pieces. They know they will probably see it as something special for them or a family member.

  10. Carol L says:

    The crisp air of fall brings out my creativity and excites me to sew. Craft shows are in abundance in autumn and winter and there is nothing that motivates me more than seeing something I know I can create myself and coming home and putting on my slippers and firing up my sewing machine!

  11. Lolita Cox says:

    I’m inspired to sew by fabric, patterns and special requests from friends and family.

  12. Marilyn Ming says:

    Ever since I won a Singer Sewing Machine sewing contest in the 4th grade (many, many years ago), I have been sewing for myself, my children and now my grandchildren. I love the way sewing makes me feel relaxed and content. And most of all, the way the finished product turns out!

  13. sue t says:

    Inspiration comes from lots of things. Seeing someone’s work online or a show, what others are doing in a class, magazines and tv sewing shows. Sometimes a project comes about just because it’s needed or would make someone happy to receive.

  14. nelda says:

    My two girls because the love to be my models for my new sewing projects. I am also inspired to watch all the talented sewers that I saw in TV like in Sew-it-all! Love you guys!

  15. Theresa says:

    I am inspired to sew when I see things that make me think of different ways to use the designs or object. My grandchildren do inspire me also due to their request for things that they want.

  16. sandee wentland drajer says:

    My inspiration is knowing I made something creative by myself . Usuaaly a gift for a family member or friend. But none the less sewing brings out creativity.

  17. Nancy Kwisnek says:

    Love inspires me. The love to create. The Love of giving my talents to those I LOVE.

  18. Joyce says:

    New grandbaby due in December – we are going through books and patterns to find the right one and then off to the quilt shop for fabrics!

  19. pat says:

    Picture in magazines and sewing with friends

  20. BJMarley says:

    My daughters are usually my inspiration. They design things and ask me to bring them to reality. But sometimes a beautiful fabric just speaks to me.

  21. Kathi Turner says:

    Individuality. Who wants to be a carbon copy of everyone else?? Whether I’m sewing fashion or home decor, I can personalize my project for the recipient. Even our twin granddaughters want to be different.

  22. Andrea Dupree says:

    My inspiration to sew comes from various avenues, my daughters need to be different, my niece who from time to time just wants me to make her anything, blogs, patterns as well as home and fashion magazines.

  23. Cath says:

    I love to craft so am always looking for new fun things to sew

  24. Alberta politi says:

    I enjoy sewing and sharing my work with friends and family!

  25. Barb S. says:

    My Mother inspired my need to sew and craft, I find it so rewarding and I honor her memory by continuing create.

  26. Janice Roybal says:

    I am inspired by my whole family, my 6 daughters, their husbands and my 11 grandkids. They have me altering clothing, making purses; beanbags; curtains, you name it, they keep me going all the time. I love it!

  27. Nancy says:

    I find inspiration in the fabric, pattern and/or occasion or purpose of the item to speak to me and then I start sewing and rarely does it not come together well. I can see the finished product in my head as I work on it.

  28. Laura B. says:

    I am inspired by projects I see on Pinterest. :)

  29. tina jachetta says:

    My sewing inspiration comes from the ability to create something unique. i used to enjoy sewing for my kids and then, home dec but now a pattern, fabric, or style serve as inspiration. I also strive to learn new techniques and try to find things that will challenge me. Now that my daughter is older i am hopeful she continues to share this interest, it builds confidence and provides endless rewards.

  30. Barb S says:

    Many things and people inspire me to sew. Seeing a new creation at a quilt club meeting, visiting a Quilt shop and seeing the demo pieces, watching TV shows like SewItAll are all inspirational. Also checking in on several website sewists as they come up on my e-mail. Sew much fun.

  31. My ever changing weight is really what inspires me to sew! I can make things that properly fit me, and make nice clothes cheaper than I can buy them, so I can afford to have a smart wardrobe of clothes over several sizes and never have to worry that I don’t have anything that fits if I am having a ‘fat’ day!
    I love that sewing my own clothes gives me the fit that I want at a price I can afford.

  32. Savannagal says:

    Seeing all the cute things others have made inspires me.

  33. laura perea says:

    my heart

  34. Cindy Cockburn says:

    My grand son and great neices.

  35. Enis says:

    I love looking at projects other people have made. The style, the fabric, the item all give me inspiration for projects of my own.

  36. Pinterest always inspires me to sew!

  37. Niki says:

    I’m inspired to sew when I see the reaction my handmade gift gets when I give it! Is there any better inspiration than gratitude?

  38. Sheryl says:

    I love Sew It All Show …I have learned a lot and they have the best guest that share awesome sewing projects and patterns … I get inspired to pull out the sewing machine ,fabric ,patterns after I watch each Sew It All show.. A big thank you Sew It All for great shows..

  39. Gina H. says:

    Fabric and having my own look inspire me.

  40. Kathryn Patch says:

    My family and friends inspire me! Two years ago I had to give up a job I had held for 22 years due to illness. Being home has given me so much time to devote to my sewing (something I had not been able to do before) and creating for the most important people in my life. It brings me much enjoyment in doing for them.

  41. Joanne Brice says:

    I’m inspired to sew by my granddaughter’s requests to make things for her two adorable baby girls, 6 months and 2 years old. Seeing them wearing my creations is so rewarding!

  42. What inspires me to sew? Colors. I have to say, colors and color combinations. But I must say, I am also a ‘copy cat’ :) When I see a cute picture of a project in a magazine, in a book, on a website, on Facebook, in a clothes catalog, etc. I have to try it – to make it my own.

  43. Suzie says:

    Blogs inspire me to sew (and sewing inspires me to blog)!

  44. Lynn Leusch says:

    My inspiration comes from so many sources. Blog searching, Pinterest, Facebook groups that I follow, yahoogroups. Just when I think I have seen the ultimate in “ahhhhhh”, I am awed again, by another inspiration. I am thankful for the many, many talented creatistas in the world that share their passion for the same things that give me great joy.

  45. Judy Dugan says:

    My inspiration to sew comes from a great group of sewing friends who get together every 2 months to share their work and inspire the rest of the group.

  46. Carol Breault says:

    Beautiful pictures, flowers, RTW, but mostly it’s the fabric…’s all about the fabric!!

  47. Staci says:

    My daughters are my main inspiration. I also find myself sewing when I spot material that I fall in love with.

  48. Walking through a fabric store makes me “see” so many things sewn up already!

  49. Carol K E says:

    I am inspired to sew for our 6 grand daughters. I also sew with a group at church making banners, wall hangings and paraments to enhance our worship experience.

  50. Mama Lusco says:

    I’m inspired by fabrics, new patterns and fashion. I enjoy sewing for my 3 kids and myself. Thanks, Sew It All!