Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!

Over the weekend I got the chance to attend Baby Lock Tech, Baby Lock’s super-fun annual convention in St. Louis where they unveil all of the latest and greatest sewing machines and goodies. Pretty much a sewist’s paradise. icon smile Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!

I arrived on Saturday, just in time to go to the Opening Ceremony, which is incredibly high energy with the enthusiasm building from Baby Lock’s dealers from all around the country united in one place. It’s wonderful to be among so many people all so excited about sewing! They really embody the Baby Lock motto: “For the Love of Sewing.”

IMAG0458 1 1024x579 Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!

Balloons, glow necklaces and lots of excitement at the Opening Ceremony

Throughout the presentation, we were introduced of all of the year’s new machines, including the awesome top-of-the-line Ovation Serger, which features 8 threads for basically endless possibilities and creative options. Check out the unveiling of the new Ovation:

IMAG0484 1024x579 Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!

Wait for it…IMAG0485 1024x579 Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!

Here it comes…
IMAG0490 1024x579 Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!

Ta-daaa! The crowd goes wild!!

The Ovation has a lot of cool and very smart features, including air-powered threading that eliminates the need for tension knobs (as well as threading headaches), speed control and a front presser foot lift. Find out more here and find your local Baby Lock dealer to try it for yourself. Naturally, as a serger devotee, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these babies, so here I am taking it for a spin:

IMAG0550 BURST002 COVER 1024x579 Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!

Power serging!

Here’s a purse that was made entirely on the Ovation, gathers, quilting, ribbons and all. (I apologize for the blurry photo, hard to keep my camera still in all the serger-induced excitement!)

IMAG0521 1024x579 Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!

If you thought serging was just for finishing seams, this cute bag begs to differ.

Here’s some beautiful surface embellishment created on the Ovation:

IMAG0519 579x1024 Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!

Decorative inspiration

The Ovation is getting lots of buzz, but I was also super excited about the Ellisimo Gold II, the new sewing and embroidery machine. One feature that I can’t wait to try is the SketchPad digital tablet where you can directly draw and trace your own designs.

IMAG0548 1024x579 Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!


The Ellisimo Gold II also has an extra-large and really cute striped script font. I loved the idea of this monogrammed pillow, such a great idea for a personalized wedding or anniversary gift.

IMAG0547 1 1024x1006 Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!

Whew! What a whirlwind! It was truly inspiring seeing all of the new sewing goodies and being in the presence of 600 fellow sewing nuts. Baby Lock had lots more new machines and fun products coming out this year, so be sure to check out the website and visit your dealer to find out more!

IMAG0546 1024x579 Baby Lock Tech Recap: Sew Fun!


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  1. Esther hopland says:

    Beautiful machine

  2. Carol Kitzman says:

    Are these on the market yet?

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