Is it fashion or costume?

I saw this new emerging fashion designer on the website  Tilda Bay Kristofferson’s latest collection was reviewed as “…impressively dramatic and atmospheric [finding] inspiration in poetry, darkness and a strong, feminine woman.” Unfortunately, I’m unable to view the collection first hand to even look at what the construction looks like. But, judging simply from the photos this collection looks completely unwearable unless you’re Lady Gaga. In fashion design you design for a client or a customer base. It would be interesting to see how her designs would translate for a high fashion, couture wearing consumer.

Below are a few photos from the website. What do you think about fashion vs. costume. Do you feel that fashion designer should design for a client or a customer base if not should it be deemed ‘costume’. Who would you image the client base for a Kristofferson design? How would these clothes translate to RTW? What would be your vision?

TildeBayKristoffersenmuseblog1 Is it fashion or costume?

Image from

Tilde Bay Kristoffersen MUUSE 1 620x413 Is it fashion or costume?

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TildeBayKristoffersen Blog2 Is it fashion or costume?

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