Sewing It All at Sewing Summit

logo 300x97 Sewing It All at Sewing SummitI spent last weekend in Salt Lake City at the Sewing Summit. What a fabulous time! These ladies really know how to throw a sewing party.

My flight was two hours delayed (not sure why because it was coming to Denver from Las Vegas), so I missed the entire opening reception. Bummer! But I was greeted by some lovely ladies at the door when I checked in, and I knew I was in the right place.

This year was a little different from last year because I accepted as a teacher/speaker for the event. I love working with people at the machine–and seeing their faces when they’ve completed something that they love. So I taught a pajama pant class.

Here’s the look of the classroom as people filed in with their pattern and fabric.

SSA 300x225 Sewing It All at Sewing Summit

Getting ready for class

Bernina was the machine sponsor, so we had lovely machines for everyone to test in the classroom. There were about 40 machines in each room, orange irons from Reliable, Olfa rotary cutters and mats, thread from Coats & Clark and tons of notions and accessories.

Cutting out the pattern was a bit challenging because the pieces were so large. But as you can tell, we got it done (even if some people were on the floor).

SSD 300x225 Sewing It All at Sewing Summit

Cutting out the pattern on the floor

After a few alterations and cutting mishaps (thankfully I was just in time to stop one person from cutting out four fronts instead of two backs and two fronts), we got to the sewing.

SSC 300x225 Sewing It All at Sewing Summit

at the machine!

Isn’t she wearing the cutest wrist pincushion you’ve ever seen?

The room was abuzz with excitement, chatter and laughter. Once everyone got started, they really didn’t need me at all! I mingled around the room, helping a few here and there. But all in all they did a great job following directions and sewing happily.

SSB 300x225 Sewing It All at Sewing Summit

Cutting two pairs at once

These gals were a riot! They decided to switch fabric so they’d each have a leg made from a different print. This was how they would remember the occasion. How cute are they?

SSK 225x300 Sewing It All at Sewing SummitHere are some more great finished pants.

SSG 225x300 Sewing It All at Sewing SummitSSH 225x300 Sewing It All at Sewing SummitSSF 225x300 Sewing It All at Sewing SummitThere was even a man in the class. He was fast at the machine and did a great job!

SSJ 225x300 Sewing It All at Sewing SummitI heard from a lot of people that this was the first thing they actually FINISHED at Sewing Summit. Granted, it was day 1, but that made me feel pretty good!

SSL 225x300 Sewing It All at Sewing Summit

First garment she’s ever sewn!

Make your own pair of pajama pants using this pattern and instructions! And post pictures on our Facebook page. We want to see what you create!

The weekend ended with Heather Bailey as the Keynote Speaker. She’s such a doll and we loved having her here for Sew it All, taping an episode for season 5. I got a chance to chat with her briefly at lunch. (Speaking of lunch, on day 1 I sat at a great table with wonderful ladies. We were asked to count the number of years we’d been sewing and add them up. The table with the highest number won a prize. We thought we had it in the bag with 238 years sewing! But another table beat us with 249. Wowzers!)

SSM 300x225 Sewing It All at Sewing SummitEveryone was excited to hear Heather speak. She talked about getting her start in the fabric world and is such an inspiration. Love her!

I wonder what next year’s Sewing Summit will bring. I’m looking forward to it and will be sure to let you know when tickets go on sale–they sell out quickly!

If this post has given you the itch to go to a sewing show right now, check out the lineup of Original Sewing & Quilt Expos happening this fall. October is full of fun and excitement!


 Sewing It All at Sewing Summit
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