Getting Ready For The Holidays

fat quarter Getting Ready For The HolidaysOnce Halloween is over the holidays round the corner fast.  For people who love to sew it doesn’t matter if time is in short supply. We make handmade gifts long into the night and not because we feel we have to, but usually because we love to.

For Free Stuff Friday the book Sew Special Fat Quarter Gifts is up for one lucky reader. This book is packed with easy gifts that come straight from the heart. Projects like table runners, tote bags, pin cushions, quilts and more can be made quick and easy and all with fat quarters.  All the projects are for fat quarters or quilting fabric that is 18×22 rectangles.  You will learn how to fashion these fat quarters into fun and thoughtful gifts.

For the question today, tell us what was or is your favorite hand made gift to make. Or what was a gift that you received that has still left a great memory for you.

 Getting Ready For The Holidays

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83 Responses to Getting Ready For The Holidays

  1. Terri C. says:

    I received a doll with clothes that a dear friend made. She had passed away and the doll was given to another friend, but she gave it to me so I had something to remember our friend by.

  2. LisaRose says:

    I love to make Christmas ornaments for my brothers and their children and grandchildren, using the fabric from our mother’s wedding dress, our grandmother’s jewelry, and other heirlooms that are hard to find a place for, but with a little re-fashioning, make the perfect things to hang on the tree.

  3. Deb Davidson says:

    I just learned to make scarves by arm knitting and I am excited to make some for Christmas gifts.

  4. Evelyn says:

    My favorite gift to make is flannel receiving blankets for new babies. I use the best quality and prettiest flannel I can find and use decorative stitches for sewing the hem.

  5. Jenny Frede says:

    When all our kids we little I made bath/beach towel ponchos, the kids loved them. Now I like making gifts for the baby’s of some of those kids!

  6. Linda Machado says:

    My favorite handmade gifts to make are baby items. I make everything from crib bumper pads, to crib sheets, receiving blankets, burp cloths and diaper bags. I use the Professional Tote Bag pattern for my diaper bags and make those only for very special people like my 4 grandchildren and a few close friends. I just finished up a diaper bag, 6 crib sheets, 6 receiving blankets, and a dozen burp cloths for a gift for my very close friend’s daughter in Texas ( I live in Alaska) and mailed it off to her. She was thrilled and loved it all! Those are my favorite things to make out of everything.

  7. Veronica Vaughan says:

    My favorite gift that I made was a quilt for my neighbor. It was for his 90th birthday. I got pictures from when he was born to current photos. It was my first quilt, I had ever made and I know it was not perfect, but in his eyes it was the best thing he could have ever got. He has it hanging in his house and anytime someone comes to visit he has to show it off. He is an amazing man and I love him so much.

  8. Peg says:

    I love making mug rugs or matts for people,they are quick and people really seem to enjoy getting them

  9. LaDonna says:

    My favorite gift to make for friends for the holidays are hot pads and quilted trivets. You can make so many pretty designs, they are small and quick, and people love them. I’d love to be entered into your book drawing. It looks wonderful!!!

  10. Barb Hilton says:

    I love making baby towels – it’s very simple really – a wash cloth cut down a bit and sewn down one side – gathering the towel in the center of the long edge and attaching the wash cloth. lately I’ve started using some of the fancy stitches on my machine to ‘embroider’ along the outer edges. A friend expecting an ‘oops’ was delighted with the ones I made her. she said she hoped I would. My daughters ask me to make them whenever any of their friends are expecting. Gives me a ‘warm fuzzy’.

  11. Billye says:

    I like to make the folded star quilt block as a potholder.

  12. Jeanne says:

    I have rceived a number of special hand made gifts over the years. Two stand out. First are all of the clothes, including a bridal gown and veil that my mother made me for Christmas one year because Santa couldn’t find a walking bride doll to buy for me. My great nieces are now playing with this dolland her clothes. The second is a little stuffed cat from one ofthose stamped panels that a niece made me when she was 8 or 9. It arrived holding the fabric for the ribbon because that was beyond her. We never did make the ribbon, just put a koosh ball in its paws!

  13. Teri Riordan says:

    I like to make make small “cosmetic ” bags for friends, etc. I usually embellish them with beads, ric rac ane other trims.

  14. Jill Gore says:

    I like making drink coasters. They’re quick and simple. We’re traveling for the holidays this year and I’ve made sets of 8 coasters to give as housewarming gifts and to give to friends and family we meet up with.

  15. Judy says:

    I received an embroidered tree skirt with an old- fashioned Christmas theme. Very special and I still use it every year.

  16. Danni says:

    Every Easter my mother made my sister and I dresses from the same pattern but in different colors. She also made us matching hats for our dresses. And finally she would dye shoes to go with our dresses. She taught me to sew and I wish she were still with me.

  17. Karen says:

    I make my 11 year old granddaughter a Christmas dress every year, & they still have each one. I asked her this year if she still wanted me to make one for her and she said “yes gramma, your dresses are awesome”. That’s why I still sew.

  18. DARLA DISHMAN says:

    My Grandmother left a handmade tulip quilt and a wedding ring quilt to my Mother. My Mother has alzimers and before she got to0 bad to remember, she gave them to me. I had them cleaned and will be hanging them. To me they will not be used but shown off. I will treasure them forever.

  19. Ilene Miller says:

    Years ago I made the most beautiful miniature raggedy Annie doll ornament holding a little teddy bear for my daughter. She’d never like me to say this, but she loves her bear so much, and that little ornament just reminded me of her. Each year since, I just love seeing that little Annie on our tree, prominently displaying such childlike innocence.

  20. Mary Wilkerson Lee says:

    The most memorable gift was from the owners, Cliff and Phyllis, of Rivergate Sewing. I had cancer and lost my hair. Phyllis made me a fleece pillowcase that wouldn’t rub the skin on my head. It was very thoughtful and special.

  21. sandie halaska says:

    I make something for all 9 if my grandchildren every year. 2 years ago I made flannel quilts for all of them in 20 days.
    Favorite gift from my Mom who is no longer here. A felt tree skirt that we made when I was 18. 66 now. This is used every year. Kids are fighting about who is going to inherit it.

  22. Marlene Bailey says:

    My favorite gift to make is a toss up of a Quillow (a quilt with a pocket to fold the quilt into that makes a pillow) or a duffle bag for my girlfriends to take to the gym and the pool. My friends and family are always waiting in anticipation as to what they will receive from me . This Christmas I think infinite scarves and quilted bird ornaments will be the surprise. I have them almost completed. Merry Christmas!

  23. Conni Newby says:

    When learning to sew while in high school, I started making my prom dresses. My father asked if I had learned to make men’s clothes. I took Suit from his closet without him knowing. I replicated the three piece suit and presented it to him for Christmas.We both cried. It was then I knew that all handmade gifts were truly gifts from the heart!

  24. Cheryl Kirk says:

    I love to make embroidered bags for family and friends.

  25. Sherry says:

    I love making felt quiet books for little kids. It takes a long time, but it so much fun to do and they seem to really enjoy playing with them.

  26. jan bothwell says:

    My only grandaughter spent lots of time with me in our goat barn..she never played with dolls..but dearly loved her “goat ” doll that I made for her..Marissa is in vet school now..leaving her goat doll with me for safe keeping.

  27. Lori Mehrer says:

    I love to make gifts for new born babies. Burp clothes, soft toys made with Minky fabric, embroidered onesie and sometimes a fleece blanket. The most memorable gift I received as a new mom was a simple receiving blanket but it had a crochets border around the edge. I’ve always wanted to make some but I’ve never been able to master the craft of crochet.

  28. Linda Sanford says:

    There are actually two gifts I treasure equally. One is a quilt my Grandmother made which has tears in it but which I will never get rid of and the other is a bedspread that my mother started to embroidery before she passed away. The bedspread has never been completed and I am torn about whether to finish it or not because the threads today would be a shade or more off what she used. It is the American Eagle.

  29. Kristy says:

    I love making dolls and stuffed toys! Thanks for the chance!

  30. Happy M says:

    Polar fleece “quillows.” One year I made these for all the children, nieces and nephews in my family, and a few family friends. I embroidered each person’s initials on the pocket and used my serger to finish the edges of the blanket part. Everyone loved them.! I think I made 15 to 20 of them. They were all different; the colors and patterns reflecting the style of each recipient.

  31. Jane C. says:

    My grandma was a talented seamstress and crocheted the most beautiful doilies and antimacassars. She is the one who taught me, though I have never had to or been able to draft sewing patterns as she did. For their Golden Wedding Anniversary (1962), Grandma made a dress for me. No store-bought pattern for her! She measured me, drew up a pattern on newspaper, and made the sweetest dress. She made on just like it for my favorite doll, too! I have a picture of us that day, me and my grandma, and I still have the two dresses and the doll, 51 years later. She sewed everything on a beautiful Singer treadle machine (not a coffin-top). There is so much to be said for the simpler times, and when kids were allowed to be kids and wear age-appropriate clothing. And when grandmas sewed and made things to make life sweeter.

  32. Barbara says:

    The best handmade gift was a tree skirt and three stockings for my sons,from my mom a few years ago. She hadn’t sewen much but decided to do this for us. They turned out perfectly and we still use them every Christmas.

  33. Pauline Gudas says:

    My mom used to make us new pjs to open Christmas Eve. I miss that the most. I make potholders and placemats for a lot of gift as they are fast and easy

  34. Cathy says:

    I made a Christmas tree skirt for my mother and dad one year. I traced the handprints of all the grandchildren and appliqued them on the skirt. Mom is no longer living, but Dad still cherishes that tree skirt.

  35. MC says:

    I love to make tote bags as gifts and fill them up. I have 5 on my to do list for this year.

  36. Patricia Lenhart says:

    One year when I was little, an aunt made me nd my sister a bedspread and curtains for our new bedroom.. When I got married a friend used some of that fabric in a quilt. Good memories.

  37. Cinda Bryant says:

    My mother (who was not a quilter) made me a quilt for Christmas when I was in my early 20′s. It was made from fabric that had panels of geese that were in style with a red background. It is very worn but well-loved.

  38. keenmommy says:

    I love to make handmade gifts they are special and remind what the holidays are about

  39. Janice says:

    One of my favorite gifts I received from my mom at Christmas were homemade doll clothes , I should say a Whole wardrobe of them for this one doll in particular. they were beautiful. they were made on a treddle machine. I knew they were sewn with love.

  40. Sandi Cunningham says:

    Hand-made quilt for graduation from HS. Having friends and relatives each make a square is a daunting task, but the result was well worth it. Even if you cannot get everyone to help, it is a beautiful keepsake and memories of special moments, icons from their life and tidbits about their personality!
    Simple blocks done in embroidery, cross-stitch, fabric markers, Puff paints, etc. make each one special and unique. It needn’t be log cabin, Ohio star or fancy quilted. Just tie it with ribbons or yarn or threads. It will be cherished!

  41. Sharon Grant says:

    When I was about 10 years old, my older sister made me a wooden Noah’s Ark with dozens of stuffed animals, in pairs. It was an elaborite, beautiful gift. Her handmade gifts started many family traditions, including an embroidered quilt for every newborn.

  42. Sarah says:

    I love making bunting. I like trying to find people’s favorite colors for their house and then making a bunting just for them. I’m currently doing a gray one for my sister.

  43. ana says:

    I love making quillos for gifts. The quilt has a pocket to put your feet and keep them warm on cold winter nights

  44. Heidi L says:

    making aprons, coasters, napkins for the hostess. making doll clothes for my granddaughter. making baby blankets and burp cloths for the newborn.
    A special handmade gift to make the recipient smile :)

  45. Amanda says:

    My favorite handmade gift to make right now are headbands. They are so easy to make.

  46. Debby says:

    anything that my kids would make me, even if it was just a card. A few years ago my daughter gave me an ornament that was the handprint of my first grandson. So special to have a copy of his tiny little hand.

  47. Mabelmade says:

    I love making little jewellery pouches as stocking stuffers. They double as card holders and Tooth Fairy caches as well!

  48. Debra Neiman says:

    We each received an embroidered little bag with baked goodies from a Secret Santa. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  49. Lucy Sahiner says:

    The gift that I loved making the most, was a bright colourful cushion personailsed with felt letters for my nephews 1st birthday. He is extra special after my brother had testicular cancer 2 years before his birth and docs were unsure if they would be able to have children.

  50. Dawna says:

    When I was about 10 I guess. My Mom worked two jobs. A day job and she played music at night and on weekends and would still make things for me and fancy stuff for her. She took the scraps from her fancy materials and hand sewed me a Barbie wardrobe on her lunch hour. I am 56 and still have those clothes