Getting Ready For The Holidays

fat quarter Getting Ready For The HolidaysOnce Halloween is over the holidays round the corner fast.  For people who love to sew it doesn’t matter if time is in short supply. We make handmade gifts long into the night and not because we feel we have to, but usually because we love to.

For Free Stuff Friday the book Sew Special Fat Quarter Gifts is up for one lucky reader. This book is packed with easy gifts that come straight from the heart. Projects like table runners, tote bags, pin cushions, quilts and more can be made quick and easy and all with fat quarters.  All the projects are for fat quarters or quilting fabric that is 18×22 rectangles.  You will learn how to fashion these fat quarters into fun and thoughtful gifts.

For the question today, tell us what was or is your favorite hand made gift to make. Or what was a gift that you received that has still left a great memory for you.

 Getting Ready For The Holidays

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83 Responses to Getting Ready For The Holidays

  1. LOO COURTLAND says:

    ..when my grandmother had her 90th birthday, I made a laprobe for her, a little patchwork quilt, 9 different fabrics, 10 of each. I stairstepped them by half of a square, so it looked like a rainbow, made from squares….and I embroidered my name in one square, my mom’s in the next, gramma’s in the next, her mother’s in the next, six generations of us females. And we all sew/sewed. And I used my great-grandmother’s quilting frame to put it all together. Cool idea, eh, brainstorm.

  2. Thank you for the blog post.

  3. Barbara says:

    I’ve been sewing since I was four years old – more than 50 years of sewing experience. Many people feel that since I’ve sewn for such along time that a hand made gift wouldn’t be appreciated. So one of my very favorite gifts was from my husband’s cousin. She made me a cute pincushion along with a pillowcase that featured sewing related items. :)

  4. Kate Joekel says:

    I have made and received many homemade gifts, but the one that stands out is a nightgown my grandma made me many, many years ago. It had “I love you” in several different languages all over it, and I treasured it as Grandma didn’t make or give gifts often. My dear mother made many clothes, for me and for my dolls including Barbie! One of my fav gifts from her was a “Tic tac toe” pillow that was even used in my college dorm room by many guests to play that old game. Boy, this brings back memories of sewing and being sewn for!!!

  5. Karen Poole says:

    It’s hard to say what my favorite gift to make is! I love making anything that I know will be loved! When my “kids” who are all adults now, were small, I made each of them a rag doll, even the boys, and the dolls features would match the child’s, by that I mean skin tone, eye color, hair color, etc. one of my boys wore eye glasses and I was even able to find a matching pair! Along with the dolls I would make outfits for the dolls and matching outfits for the kids, when the boys were young I would do matching shirt and overalls and the girls got matching dress with an over dress, and as they got older I made matching pajamas (since it’s not cool for the boys to have clothes that match their doll) but they loved the matching pajamas and some of them even took the dolls to bed with them! I started making them for the next generation as well, I just haven’t continued the tradition of making the clothes each year (as disabilities have slowed me down a bit)!

  6. Karen Longo says:

    I loved making quilts for my children!

  7. Maureen V says:

    I don’t have the time to sew much for Christmas gifts yet until I retire, but I do try to squeeze in some easy sewing projects for Christmas. Lately, I have sewn a Halloween pillowcase for my grandson & will be sewing 2 pillowcases for my newly married daughter to match her new bed quilt. My childhood memory is of my grandmother sewing my sisters & I pajamas every year for Christmas when I was in grade school. We always knew what we were getting for Christmas! Sometimes, we did not appreciate it!!

  8. Roberta Perpich says:

    A circular braided rug for my bedroom, made from old nylon stockings ( before pantyhose) with an Irish crocheted motif in the center!

  9. kelli says:

    I like making wall hangings for gifts. One of my favorite gift to receive was knitted slippers.

  10. Jane Meier says:

    When I was about two, my Mom who was not fond of sewing, made a complete wardrobe for a Betsey Wetsey doll Santa brought. There were crocheted, knit and sewn items, all beautiful. She must have spent hours on the clothing including nighties, dresses, diapers, coat and hat. I still have this special wardrobe from a very wonderful Mom whom I deeply miss.

  11. Cindy Allen says:

    My favorite handmade gift is a little bunny that was given to me as an infant. It was an adorable hand pieced quilted toy. I still have it today.. that was 50 years ago!

  12. Daphne Korner says:

    Do presents not yet received count? Today, my best friend showed me an apron she made for me for Christmas. She put a lot of effort and detail in the apron. I am looking forward to the day when she gives it to me. I will wear with pride when I cook. It means so much to me that she would put so much effort in making me such a lovely gift. I will treasure it forever.

  13. Ginny LaMere says:

    my favorite gift that I have ever made was the year I made 3 of my nieces 36″ Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls 2 of them were so little the dolls were bigger then they were but those dolls have been well loved and the girls are now teens and still proudly display their babies

  14. Linda Armenti says:

    My fave handmade gift to make is a Holiday Patchwork Lap Quilt. I like to think about people having my quilt to take out every year.

  15. Cheri Johnson says:

    I can use any help I can get. I always think I can do more than I can. Such is life!!

  16. Elena Kaneta says:

    Made a family pictorial quilt for my father in law, who was terminally. When he got it, he smiled and said that he will love being hugged by his children and grand kids. It’s the best gift that I’ve EVER made!

  17. Patricia Mortrud says:

    When I was a child one year I got slippers made by my mother out of washcloths. I remember them still. Really special!

  18. sandra conner says:

    I just love to make charm pack runners and mug rugs to match the owner’s personality. Especially snowmen at this time of year.

  19. Carol Tyrka says:

    Four (4) grandchildren were born in the same year, so for Christmas in thier third year I made, with the help of my husband, Quiet Books for all of them. Now I am going to make them for my great grandchildren. By the way, they still have them – keeping them for their children.

  20. Audrey says:

    I think our family favorite of all time was when my mother (who just turned 99!) made night gowns and night hats for all the daughters/ DIL, and grand daughters of the same flannel….all with our names embroidered on the gowns. That was a lot of nightgowns!

  21. Linda Rock says:

    Many years ago I had received my very first sewing machine. With limited resources and funds, I made every single Christmas gift that year and no one was left out. Since then, I always make a new Christmas ornament or other small token for each of my children. Two of them are married and this tradition continues so they will always have something to remember all of the family moments by. One day when I am no longer here, I am hoping that they look back on each of those items with fond memories. I know I have many items of my mom’s that mean the world to me and I will never part with them.

  22. Annette says:

    I made quillows for all 4 grandkids & put a cloth picture of my husband & me in the pocket with a personal saying so they would think of us.

  23. Linda Gerig says:

    Love to make Christmas ornaments. Linda Gerig

  24. Cheryl says:

    My favorite gift I received was from my mom. She loved sewing & had sewn for me skirts, vests & pants. I loved & treasured every piece she made…Thanks Mom:)

  25. Patricia Hersl says:

    When I first started quilting I took a class on how to make a quilted tote. during the year, I found out that my aunt was carrying her lunch to work everyday so I decided that she needed a tote. Since we didn’t exchange presents, I made all the gals in the family a tote so no one would be the wiser. They all still have them, many years later.

  26. Kate Oliver says:

    Before cabbage patch dolls, there were soft sculpture dolls called adoption dolls. My mom & grandmother went to a class and each made one, then gave them to my sister & I. We both cherish these handmade dolls. My mom doesn’t remember which doll she made, but that’s ok. They customized the hair and eye colors to look like us. I plan to do something similar for my daughters.

  27. mary k says:

    my favorite gift I made is a christening gown for my niece’s children made from her and her mother’s wedding dresses. all three of her children have worn the gown. My favorite hand made gift received is an embroidered bell pull from my girlfriend.

  28. Mary Mac says:

    I still have Barbie doll clothes my mother sewed/knitted for me. These were made back in the late 60′s and are my most treasured items.

  29. Teri VanSteel says:

    I made doll dresses for my girls to match homemade dresses a friend made them for Christmas. I also made my girls flannel-lined satin nightgowns one year. My friend also made me a dress that coordinated with the girls dresses. I’m working on making many types handmade gifts to give this year using supplies I have around the house because my husband got laid off. I like to make things myself – I was a big fan of the Little House books growing up and have read them to all my kids.

  30. If there is a baby, I make a blanket. I love to freemotion the baby’s name into the quilting!

  31. Kim Cady says:

    I love making handmade holiday decorations. One year I made snowman Christmas cards holders. They were a lot of work but SO worth it!

  32. Carol K E says:

    Lately,, I have been making table runners with matching mug rugs. Planning on totes with crayons, coloring books, and pockets for the learning tablets. How could grandma know that Santa is bringing tablets and they would need storage pockets for the tablets and for the cartridges?

  33. Pam Davis says:

    I made my granddaughters keepsake dolls for Christmas one year and I used my wedding dress to make the dresses.