Sew News 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Starts Today!

SN 500 Square Logo 12 days xmas text Sew News 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Starts Today!Yes, it’s that time of year again and thank you for joining our fun, holiday inspired 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. We wish we could give all our readers and fans a homemade thank you and drop it under the Christmas tree, but until those elves arrive to help out, we’ll make do with some fun prizes this year.

To kick off 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways the book Perfect Party Dresses: 12 Superb Dresses To Smock And Sew  will go to two lucky readers. These party dresses are for children and include easy to follow instructions for dresses and petticoats. With over 150 full-color photographs, graphs and detailed construction diagrams plus multi-sized patterns you will have a beautiful dress made for your lucky daughter or granddaughter in time for Christmas.

party dresses  Sew News 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Starts Today!Answer the following question to be entered to win.

Did you dress up for the holidays, what do you remember wearing? Did you get clothes from grandma or an aunt during the holidays? Maybe a pack of underwear from Dear Aunt Agnus (that’s what I got). Tell me a fun or sweet memory from the holidays that is clothing inspired.

Two winners will be picked on Monday!

Winner announcements:

The winner of FSF for November 22 is Patricia H. Please send me your mailing address and we’ll get the book Sew Special right on out to you!

Meet The Designer post the winner that was randomly picked is Carolyn M! Please send me your mailing address and we’ll get the Christmas Home -made and the Stitch Witchery case out to you!


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 Sew News 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Starts Today!

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61 Responses to Sew News 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Starts Today!

  1. Niome Q. says:

    Christmas meant that I would soon have my 2 brand new outfits for the year. Usually one was a dress that I adored. By wearing new clothes on Christmas, it was like dressing up for the holidays. And if I got Under Roos, well then it was like Halloween dress up all over again. I did have a grandmother who sewed, but she never made me clothes. Instead she always made me a Hawaiian patchwork blanket for Christmas and mother got the same patchwork in pot holders. Little did I know at the time that her craft would inspire me to become a Fashion designer and dress maker.

  2. Pam Miller says:

    Oh my!! My grandma always made me a “fancy” dress to go to my other grandparents party. One year, I swear, she pick upholstery material. Beige with a gold pattern in it. Made me a long dress and took me to the beauty shop!! and had my hair done. I was 11-12 and I look ridiculous. But I was “dressed up” Everyone else was in something comfortable and I looked like a nightmare.

  3. Peggy A. says:

    I was not lucky enough to have a sewer in my family, but mom always made sure we had new pajamas for Christmas Eve. When I became a mother I continued the tradition as my daughter does now with her children. When I learned to smock I added a tradition of having a smocked party dress ready for my daughter every Christmas and Birthday. Lots of fond memories.

  4. Deborah Snyder says:

    My mother made the entire family clothes for Christmas. My sister, mother and I dresses, my brothers vests, and my dad a tie, all in matching fabric. I remember red plaid, ivory brocade, and blue snowflake. Each year different.

  5. Heather Cortes says:

    We were always really sparse with Christmas growing up because, my mother was a single parent. I remember getting a package quite a few times just before Christmas from my great-grandma though. She would send me at least six dresses and a pair of overalls ( an awful pink corduroy with fruit on the bibs) and some stuff for my brother. Christmas is still a difficult time of year for us because, my hubby and I have six kids and grandma died ten years ago. :( I still try to make each kid something they will like though. The girls pick a pattern and fabric and the boys usually show me something in a catalog that I copy for them. One year it was some embroidered jeans that cost $350! Who pays that for jeans? My version cost $20. All in all I keep the tradition of nifty new Christmas clothes as a tribute to grandma. I wish she had lived a little longer. That and I can always hear her voice in my head when my daughter asks for that cool miniskirt at the mall. ” You will NOT buy your eleven year old daughter that hooker skirt.” After that happens we drive across the street tp Joann Fabric to pick something else. Happy holidays to everyone! May you be happier with the things you have and not be grouchy for the things you dont!

  6. Reading the other Christmas comments, brings back a lot of memories. Weren’t we all so very lucky to have such talented mothers, aunts and grandmothers? My favorite Christmas gift was a sewing machine from my grandma, that I received 47 years ago, I loved that machine and my grandma more than I can ever tell you. We had lots of fun with that machine, I even learned enough that I made some clothes for her!

  7. Judy A says:

    We didn’t wear the fancy clothes, but we always had to dress nice for Christmas dinner.

    My Dad always received new underwear, t-shirts and socks for Christmas – every year.

    Miss my Mom and Dad.

  8. Kathy M says:

    My grandmother was a seamstress and always made us 4 girls our holiday dresses. They were amazing!! The most memorable, and embarrassing gift, was when my Aunt gave me a mini slip with the panties attached, and we had to open our gifts in front of everyone. Very embarrassing for a 12 year old. I wore them until they fell apart, but still, one should never embarrass a young girl like that. They were perfect when I wore my mini skirts grandma made.

  9. Mama Lusco says:

    I always received new, warm pajamas for Christmas :)

  10. Jenniffer Eberley says:

    Every christmas my grandmother made everyone in the family new pjs. Everything was done on her treadle machine and the button holes were sewen by hand. Treasure these

  11. kbo says:

    My mother sewed 3 dresses that were of a print in blue and 3 boys shirts of the same print but only in red for her family one Christmas. To create that many pieces of clothing and care for 6 young children still amaze me.

  12. Piroska says:

    My mom usually made me a new dress for Christmas. Once, even the same dress as hers, only different fabric (a maxi dress–back in the mid-70s). I just adored it!!

  13. Paula Somers says:

    I remember the Christmas when my grandmother made me a beautiful blue dress of organdy and all the stiff starched slips that my mother made me wear to make the dress poof out. I would twirl and twirl and just loved that dress. Each year I would get a dress until I became a teen. I continued this tradition with my daughter – making a beautiful dress and puffy slip to go under it. She treasures the blessings and the memories.

  14. susan says:

    Christmas memories are full of dresses, pants, skirts, tops and nightees for my sister and I. I particularly remember the year everything I received was coordinated Purple. We still laugh at the old Super 8 movies of me and my sister modeling our new clothes.

  15. Jane C. says:

    At Easter we received underwear. Always dressed up at Christmas with an outfit that my mother had remade from hand-me-downs from the relatives that lived in the city.

  16. Carol K E says:

    I remember getting a purple tweed straight skirt and a dark lavender sweater from my Aunt Phyllis. I loved it.

  17. Sharon says:

    Back in the 50′s my mother was a huge sewing enthusiest. My younger sister and I always got matching fancy Christmas dresses under the tree. They were usually the same design but different colors. One year we got our pictures taken by a professional photographer and we won the personality contest! I have those hand colored black and white portraits on my wall to remind me of our “Cinderella” days.

  18. Ethel Girdner says:

    My favorite dress-up for Christmas was a beautiful poodle skirt including Santa in his sled with all his reindeer attached. All the attachments were solid sequins, lovely sewed for me by my Grandmother. It was beautiful! And I loved it and my Grandmother so much for making it for me.

  19. Val says:

    Wooo Hooo!

  20. Kathleen says:

    I would make new dresses for my daughters and myself every year. Then on Christmas Eve we would make the “rounds ” to all the great grandparents home for dinner and gifts. I miss those days. When I had my “second” family, I again made my son’s outfit that included a vest and bowtie and a fluffy dress for my daughter. Then, on Christmas Eve, we would drive one hour to visit with my parents (their grandparents) and visit with relatives. One year my youngest dressed in her new Christmas attire to school then to the nursing home to sing with her brownie troop. Everyone love her dress because it reminded them of days gone by.

  21. Diana says:

    for Christmas my Mom always made me a new dress made of velvet with beautiful lace so pretty i was so proud!

  22. Joetta Gibbs says:

    I grew up really poor. To consider getting any type of clothing for Christmas, I felt rich. One year my aunt made us dresses. Each dress was frilly and colorful. I still have the picture with my sisters and I standing in front of Mom. The dresses are no more, but I wore my oldest sister’s when she outgrew it as did my younger sister wear mine when I grew into another size. One of my best childhood memories.

  23. Teri VanSteel says:

    I don’t remember getting new clothes for Christmas Eve but we usually had something new to wear for Christmas Day – I am going by my memories of pictures of Christmas celebrations. We’ve tried to get our kids one new thing to wear for the holidays but sometimes it isn’t possible.

  24. Dawn Guntick says:

    We always had something special to wear at Christmas. One year Mom made my sister and I red and white taffeta dresses with a black velvet vest on top. For my brother she made a black velvet vest for over his dress shirt along with a festive tie. She always made our clothes but that was the only year the three of us were coordinately dressed. I think it also was fun that the dress made a swishing noise as I wore it.

  25. not sure how i sign up for give away. i am registered to get in email. i do love to sew and now have my granddaughter have a sewing machine to sew at 10 years old.

  26. Sandy L says:

    My Mom surprised me with 5 new outfits for Christmas. All the latest styles and colors in plush wools or wool blends with skirts and vests or jackets to match. Some pleated. All my friends knew and helped her with the designs and colors. She carefully hid everything away before I got home from school. I was the best dressed teenager that year. (Oh and she made them the proper mini-skirt length.)

  27. Amy says:

    Sadly my mom never dressed me up even though she knew how to sew and all my Aunts lived overseas meaning no presents. Anyhow since taking 5 years of sewing in high school & loving it, I can make things for my 2 daughters.

  28. Linda says:

    I remember the midnight blue dress with white smocking – I must have been about 10 and it was the first really nice store bought dress. Wore it on Christmas Eve, but it was so cold that my mom made me wear corduroy pants under it (totally spoiled the effect!)

  29. Erin says:

    I remember dressing up in a blue velvet dress to go to my moms aunts house. I don’t have any cousins near my age, so I was always in the back yard climbing trees and playing with the dogs! I don’t recall ever really getting any clothes, but for Xmas when I was 10 I got my first sewing machine! And I still have it today. I have taught my husband how to use it too…!

  30. Donna Allen says:

    We dressed in our frilly dresses. For the first few years of our lives my Grandmother would send look alike dresses for all 4 girls. The funny thing by the time the largest dress was passed down thru the years to the smallest child it looked like she had worn the same dress forever. Maybe my youngest sister is glad that tradition stopped

  31. Katherine S says:

    I always had a Christmas dress. When I was very young, my mother made it, but once I could sew, I made my own dress. One of them, a purple silk velvet dress I made when I was 14 is still around and has been worn by both of my daughters and one of my granddaughters.

  32. We always got new “church clothes” for Christmas from our grandparents–usually taffeta. What I hated was that we always got them late on Christmas day, when the grandparents visited, so we never had new clothes to wear to church on Christmas Day.

  33. valerie csmith says:

    I thought Santa brought everyone underwear and socks at Christmas–you mean he didn’t

  34. Barb Laakson says:

    We always dressed up for holidays. One year my older sister and I had matching green/white stripe dresses. My best gift when I was little was my first Barbie Doll that my dads aunt in Calif. got me.

  35. Susan says:

    My daughter and my niece were born the same year, 6 months apart. I used to make them matching outfits every Christmas. One was blonde and petite, the other was brunette and always half a head taller. Every year, as they were modeling their new outfits, my father, who was a great tease, kept calling them by each other’s names, swearing that he couldn’t tell them apart any more. My daughter would roll her eyes and say “Yes, grandpa, we look exactly alike, don’t we?” My niece finally caught on the year they were both 6, exclaiming “Grandpa, you’re teasing us, aren’t you?” I still made them matching outfits until they were about 12 and decided they were too old for such things.

  36. Roberta Vann says:

    I remember a Christmas at my Grandma Cox’s, I was about 7 yrs old….she had sewn a type of long split skirt that wrapped around and tied. She made them for my mom and her sisters and all of us granddaughters. We all matched that Christmas.

  37. Mary King says:

    I remember as a child often times falling asleep to the whirring of my mom’s sewing machine. She made most of my clothes when I was smaller. One Christmas she made me a beautiful purple coat out of one of her old ones. And she made a full wardrobe of clothes to match for my doll that year, including a matching purple coat. That was when I was 4 year old, but some memories never fade.

  38. Judi Duncan says:

    When my girls were little I always made the outfits or dresses for Christmas day…frilly frilly frilly! And no, I don’t think they ever got sucky gifts like underwear or socks…if Grandparents and Aunties & Uncles didn’t know what to get them, they got cash for the day after Christmas sales!

  39. Shirley Lynn says:

    I don’t remember any special holiday clothes from my childhood but I remember making lots for my own 4 kids. Mostly made things that they could wear the rest of the winter like corduroy jumpers with white blouses for the girls. Thinking about making a blue velvet wrap for my future daughter in law this Christmas – the fabric has been in my stash too long!

  40. Peg Vesely says:

    I remember the year my Mom made my sister and I home sewn Barbie doll clothes. At the time I thought they were not good enough because they were home made…wedding dress and pants and dresses and tops. We each got a shoe box full.
    I have no ideas what ever happened to them. Now as I think back about them, I regret not cherishing them. Not only from the work that it takes to sew such small items, but more so from the love and time my Mom put into them. Mom has been gone almost ten years and each time I think of that gift, I realize it was the best way she could show us how much she loved us..a gift of herself all wrapped up in a shoe box.

  41. lori roberts says:

    Christmas Eve at grandma’s was our yearly tradition..our heritage is Polish and we would have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner…to this day we still practice that day… years after grandma is gone to heaven along with my parents, my brother and i keep the tradition alive!

  42. Charlee Turner says:

    We often got clothing for Christmas, as we always needed it, and my parents did not have much money. Dressing up for Christmas day always included the clothes that were under the tree.

  43. Patricia Kozera says:

    I had an Auntie that sewed beutiful aprons and she made me a ruffled pinafore style and I wore it over my dress at one knew it was an apron.

  44. Lori Mehrer says:

    I grew up in Wisconsin and with the cold weather my mom didn’t usually get me fancy dresses for Christmas. I always had an Easter dress and hat. Usually with gloves and a small purse. I loved Easter because of that. I remember having a pretty white fur hand muff for the winter which I adored. My favorite dressed up item I had was a beautiful lace long dress with a hoop skirt. I was a flower girl in a wedding when I was quite young and I got to wear that dress for other occasions I was asked to be in also. I have a lot of pictures taken when I was young in that dress.

  45. Patricia Hersl says:

    As children, I sure Mommy did what she could but I can’t remember anything special. We always got new underwear though! What I do remember vividly is my father going out on Christmas Eve to visit all of his brothers and sisters (there were 10 others) and coming home just a bit tipped from having a drink at every stop. Mommy would then make him decorate the tree and assemble everything. We had some fun mornings!

  46. Sheri Arrigoni says:

    My Mom always made a new nightgown for Christmas. I loved snuggling into the warm flannel. The tradition continued with my children even as adults and now with our grandchildren.

  47. Regina Henderson says:

    My parents always dressed my sister and I alike for Christmas even though we are 2 years apart. I have fond memories of dressing up in our frilly dresses and going downtown Chicago to Marshall Fields & Co. and having breakfast with Santa.
    Such great memories!

  48. Linda Campbell says:

    My Mom was a wonderful seamstress and always provided the most glorious dresses and coats for me. When I was old enough to see I helped her make dresses for my nieces My Mom made all my clothes and I had a closet full all year around so other than a special dress for the holidays clothes were not considered a “gift” at Christmas. It is still that way today! I was spoiled. Big time.

  49. Pam Dixon says:

    I remember one Christmas my Aunt Sarah made me a blue velvet jumper. My mom didn’t sew, but my aunt would make something special for me. I wore it as often as I could until the warm weather set in.

  50. gk mccarthy says:

    oh yes, I got underwear too from Santa. There were five of us and we always got some sort of clothing. The best thing I remember getting toy wise was a toaster that popped up cardboard toast .