How to find inspiration and keep sewing through the year

covere3970c How to find inspiration and keep sewing through the yearAfter the new year turns back to an old routine we all could use a gentle poke to get back to creating charming pieces in our sewing rooms. The book Sew Charming by Cath Derksema and Kirsten Junor is just the right amount of inspiration to get you back into your sewing room sewing up wonderful little items.

This book comes in at under 200 pages but it is jam-packed with all sorts of goodies any sewist will love. There are projects for the nursery, big kid’s rooms, projects for the living room and kitchen. There are instructions for making toys, pillows, clothing, book covers, laundry bags, adult garments and much more. The projects are fresh, simple but contemporary. The book also includes instructions for screen printing and basic sewing and quilting tips. Whether a seasoned seamstress or someone who has made a New Year’s resolution to learn how to sew this book has everyone covered with fun and easy modern sewing projects.

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What do you do to  get inspired when you are in a slump. How do you stay inspired in your creative life?

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 How to find inspiration and keep sewing through the year

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64 Responses to How to find inspiration and keep sewing through the year

  1. susan meyer says:

    I get as close to nature as I can and then watch the interplay of colors, movement and textures.

  2. Janlynn says:

    I find that if I go shopping at high end stores I suddenly am overwhelmed with inspiration. I look at the price tags and the quality of the goods and run out screaming “I can make that better and for a lot less!”

  3. Jeny says:

    That’s a good question! I’ve had a “master list” of projects that I try to update monthly.

  4. Rachel Roush says:

    A talk with my sister always sparks my creativity. Pinterest helps keep my inspired everyday.

  5. Kelli says:

    Look through quilt books or magazines. If I’m traveling then I get inspiration from nature or architecture.

  6. Judy says:

    My inspiration comes to me when I’m shopping. I’ll see something I love, then say to myself ” I can make this”. Another way to get quick inspiration when I’m itching to do some stiching is to organize my fabrics and notions, that will ALWAYS get me excited (I’ll find some beautiful fabric I forgot I had).

  7. Jan says:

    Pinterest, sewing blogs, and quilt magazines are an inspiration to me.

  8. Pamela Hoffman says:

    For inspiration I get together with my sewing/quilting friends. Going on a quilt retreat does it too!

  9. Martha says:

    For inspiration I look at Pinterest, my sewing books, magazines and browse my local craft and sewing shops….that is my favorite thing to do. I love fabric and sometimes just checking out what’s new on the bolts, or going through and reorganizing my stash will inspire me to make a certain project. Events within our community, like the upcoming auction at our high school , will often get my creative wheels churning.

  10. Judy Hansen says:

    I get inspired by going to the local quilt shop, seeing completed projects, getting ideas from the library and online, and hearing and seeing what my quilting friends are working on!

  11. Kathy says:

    Look at others (I call them) works of art. Pictures of things people have made. I look and look and look and am so amazed at how much talent is out there, how do these people come up with so many great ideas. Then I start thinking and doodleling. That’s where the problem is. I come up with some ideas and the ideas that others have, I want to do them all, right now :)

  12. Evelyn says:

    For inspiration I usually look through the books and magazines I already own. Sometimes I find something that I missed before or something catches my attention that didn’t interest me before.

  13. Beth K says:

    How to get inspired? Call in a friend and get her to teach you something or help get a project finished. Both of you will end up itching to get those sewing machines going!
    To stay inspired? Sew News, blogs like, websites like Ravelry, podcasts, taking classes, and hanging out with friends who are also very creative.

  14. Robin Pinder says:

    I read all the sewing blogs, check pinterest and different websites to get inspired. Then I run to my sewing room and start pulling my nice, newly organized stash apart looking for fabric to sew all my new ideas, realize I don’t have exactly what I want and head to the fabric store to get more, along with all the notions I need as well. When I get home, I have to restraighten my sewing room so that I can actually begin to sew – tomorrow.

  15. Kathy Rosen says:

    I just go look at Pattern Review or what I have pinned on Pinterest. Then go clean up my sewing room. Actually I try to leave it as clean as I can so when I get inspired I can go to work! Find a pattern and fabric in my stash. I am inspired!

  16. MaryC says:

    I get great project ideas from magazines and sewing books at the used book store. It’s always fun and inspiring to make gifts for other people – I enjoy the special pleasure of giving (and receiving!) something handmade.

  17. Angie says:

    I vacuum my sewing room! Somehow when it’s all clean & the carpet isn’t covered in bits of thread, I get inspired to mess it up again!

  18. Katrina (Tina) Shook says:

    I have a large picture frame in my sewing room. The type that you can put several assorted sized photos in. I cut out pictures of sewn projects or special color combinations that make me say “oh, love that”! When I get bored with a project or in a slump, I look at my colliage of color and get busy being creative.

  19. Sandra balisky says:

    Pinterest!! :)

  20. Jessica P says:

    To get new inspiration, I look through all the crafting and home magazines at the book store. I also look at the kinds of totes and accessories people are carrying around the mall or at different events. I also draw inspiration from nature and try to takeaway concepts from it. Inspiration is really everywhere! I stay inspired because I love to see people’s (family, friends, strangers) faces light up when they see something fun and funky I’ve made. It helps me evolve and push the creativity envelope :)

  21. Cherie says:

    I don’t have too many slumps. But if I do, looking through my Sew News or now my new Sew It All magazine will help. Plus, going through my pattern stash and looking at certain blogs of ones who sew stuff that are along the lines of projects that I make, help too. Thank you!

  22. Christine S says:

    I get inspired by searching online usually find far more than I can get sewn but have to choose one thing I want to do more than another. Also I see clothes that I really like and think “I can make that”. That really inspires me.

  23. Barb Jeffries says:

    I start to go thru my projects to do file.

  24. Margo says:

    I go back through my books and magazines to refind projects I always wanted to make. Or I just start resorting fabric in my bins!

  25. Terrie Cummings says:

    I look at my patterns, facebook and other internet sites.

  26. skye says:

    i take a walk through my city (cape town south Africa) & look at the sites and people the mountain and the ocean. the life the colors and the vibes always inspire me and send my creativity soaring. the way the leaves dapple on the walk ways the many creeds and styles of people make my blood burn and my fingers itch to create art from sewing.

  27. mary mac says:

    Pinterest has become my favorite place to find new inspiration.

  28. Carrie Cunningham says:

    I “shop” through my stash and patterns and I look at magazines or online to see what others are creating! It’s amazing how you can see an item and be inspired to make something completely different! I love creating!

  29. Deb D says:

    I look at craft books, magazines and Pinterest to get new ideas. I also get inspired by fabric, so checking out new fabric collections online is a lot of fun

  30. Sharon fisher says:

    I look through my fabric stash. Coming across a piece of fabric I brought simply because I liked it is usually enough to get the wheels turning!

  31. Sarah M. says:

    I look on the web and go to a group that meets once a week for a demo and see what others in the group have made. There are a bunch of very creative women. Thanks to Above and Beyond for holding this.

  32. Teresa says:

    When I’m in a slump or feeling uninspired I pick a project that us already in progress and complete it, if that doesn’t work I keep clearing out my in progress projects and that gets me thinking of new projects. I set aside at least twenty minutes a day to create. I love sewing so everyday I use at least twenty minutes to work on a project or read sewing books or blogs to find my next project. Knowing I have that time everyday keeps me sewing.

  33. Barbara White says:

    I think of my 10 wonderful grandkids & what they would all like handmade from their nana this year for their birthdays

  34. Lynn Hedlund says:

    I love Pinterest and the Library for ideas. I’ve been stymied lately by agreeing to repair co-workers clothing. Hemmed 3 pairs of maternity pants. Took in 4 uniform work shirts (5 inches on each shirt and the shirts are EXTRA SMALL to begin with). Replaced 2 zippers and have requests for several more. And a Kelvar vest! <–just the cover! HAHA

  35. Linda50 says:

    I check facebook and Pinterest.

  36. Erna Klaver-van Diemen says:

    When I do not have inspiration I clean up the mess in my sewing room, browse through my magazines and books and read inspiring blogs from people all around the world. Usually a visit to the fabrics market together with a colleague from sewing class also brings back inspiration and fun.

  37. Sheila Whitney says:

    To get ideas, I look at websites, take classes to learn something new and ask family and friends about items that they would like and use. I am always on the look out for a new challenge. This book may have the next creative challenge for me! ;)

  38. Melinda says:

    I find most of my inspiration from magazines like “Sew it All” and other magazines that I borrow from the library. I also find many ideas on Pinterest, Singer Sewing, and a bunch more places T.V. OPB.

  39. Linda Rock says:

    I head to the bookstore and look through all the new magazines. Then I hit the search engines on Google and Yahoo to see what else I can find. I like the bookstore first because not only is it visual with the pictures in the magazines but it forces you to get out and get moving!

  40. Deb says:

    Love getting information and patterns from your website and show! Always inspires me to try something new and different.

  41. Gayle says:

    I like to get inspired by reading craft websites and seeing what others have made. Holiday themes and seasonal themes really spark my creative side when I get in a slump.

  42. Sarah C says:

    While sometimes I find inspiration via Pinterest, often it is just a time vortex that leaves me with lots of lovely pins that I promptly forget about. Browsing the library shelf of sewinh books is strangely inspiring. Books I can leave open on my bed or desk to be reminded of a project until I do it. Most often I make something my kids want or need and that gets me in sewing mode, from which other projects emerge!

  43. Therese says:

    Facebook. Creative energy comes to me everyday.

  44. Pamela says:

    For Christmas my son ordered a subscription for me to Sew News. I am so excited to find my inspiration in it. Unfortunately I have to wait until April for delivery. Will be looking for inspiration still….

  45. Judi Duncan says:

    I am online, constantly looking at everything….I have not run out of inspiration, yet! I look at websites, blog posts and facebook and then I click on all the links that seem interesting….I am never at loss for what to do next! As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ll live long enough to do everything I would like to do…lol. I have my favorite projects and I re-do them with new and updated fabrics as well.

  46. Deseray R. says:

    I’ll usually go through my list(s) again and see if there is anything I misses or would want to do again. Usually color or activities will inspire me! Really into cycling wear and casual kids clothes that don’t look like a pattern And are functional!

  47. Glenda King says:

    I usually go for a walk. I almost always see something that I could turn in to a quilt top or wall hanging.

  48. Leanne Lindsay says:

    When I am in a slump I need to create. Whether it is to knit, crochet, paint the bathroom or sew. I need to immerse myself in colour and use my hands to create.

  49. Jo-Anne Cooper says:

    I visit my public libraries online catalogue and place holds on the newest quilting books and magazines.

  50. Natalie Maynard says:

    I check places like pininterest and find things to make for my kids.