Join Flickr For The Sew News Belle Handbag Sew-Along!

PrizePack 600 Join Flickr For The Sew News Belle Handbag Sew Along!

Join the Sew News Flickr group the Belle Handbag Sew-Along and you will be entered to win this amazing craft and sewing gift pack. Featured in this prize pack is:

How to get started on Flickr? If you are unfamiliar with Flickr please read this tutorial on how to sign up.

If you are ready to get going on Flickr you can access the Sew-Along group HERE.

If you need the pattern go to to purchase.

The latest Sew News issue comes out January 28th for details and more on the sew-along. Stay tuned to the Sew News Blog for schedules, announcements and more!

If you have already signed up for Flickr and have joined the sew-along you will still be entered to win this gift pack!

One winner will be notified via email and/or Flickr Mail.

One winner will be announced on January 31!


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I write for the Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery blogs. I love sewing, vintage and would love to get a comment from you!
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