Sew It All TV 13 Days of Giveaways, Day 4: Win a Copy of Sew it All, Vol. 7!

Today is Day 4 in the 13 Days of Giveaways to celebrate Season 7 of Sew it All TV! For Day 3 on Friday, the lucky winner of the Coats & Clark zippers is Brenda S.! Congratulations, Brenda–please check your email to find out how to claim your prize.

We have a lot of fun taping Sew it All each season. Getting to meet and learn from all of the talented and creative people that appear on the show is really inspiring. It’s even more fun to appear on the show as a guest myself! I first appeared in Season 4 on “Baking Beauty,” demonstrating how to make a fun retro apron. (In case you missed it, catch a preview of it on, where you can watch all the episodes of Seasons 1-5 of Sew it All online.) In Episode 711, “In the Loop,” I show how to make an infinity scarf from a variety of fabrics. It’s such a versatile project and great way to showcase a fabric you love, even if you don’t have enough to make an entire garment. Here’s Ellen and me on the set with the same scarf made from sheer, lightweight and sweater knit fabric:

SIA7set Sew It All TV 13 Days of Giveaways, Day 4: Win a Copy of Sew it All, Vol. 7!

We show you how to make the scarf start-to-finish, and we also give lots of tips and techniques for handling each fabric type on a sewing machine or serger. Be sure to tune in when Season 7 airs on your PBS station! Check to find when your local station airs Sew it All. If your local PBS doesn’t carry Sew it All, email or call them to request it.

I’ve also created some fun new projects for Volume 7 of Sew it All magazine, including a quick and easy charm-pack quilt and some pretty Sashiko-embroidered coasters, so today we’re giving away a copy of Sew it All, Volume 7 to THREE lucky winners! For your chance to win, answer the following question in comments section below:What types of projects would you love for us to feature in the next season of Sew it All

sia7cover Sew It All TV 13 Days of Giveaways, Day 4: Win a Copy of Sew it All, Vol. 7!

Check back tomorrow to hear the winner of today’s prize, plus another great prize and a sneak peek into another new episode! Good luck! Mark your calendar to check on March 1st for a sneak peek at all 13 episodes, including full instructions and free patterns!




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127 Responses to Sew It All TV 13 Days of Giveaways, Day 4: Win a Copy of Sew it All, Vol. 7!

  1. Patty says:

    I’d love to learn how to see a wrap around skirt!

  2. Andrea says:

    Sewing items to give as gifts! :)

  3. Roberta Leonard says:

    I would love to have some more serger instruction and ideas. Just began serger sewing and really love it!

  4. Amanda says:

    I would love to see more upcycling too!

  5. Lisa C. says:

    I’d love to see some easy, gift giving gifts. Totes, wallets, totes…

  6. Kelley Talley says:

    Plus size clothing would be great. How about a few lessons on constructing exercise clothing for “plus size” women. We love wearing colorful clothing while we are working at becoming healthier. Everything out there in ready to wear is black or gray.

  7. Amanda W says:

    I’d love to learn to sew some tops using knit fabric.

  8. Sandi St. Pierre says:

    I would love seeing how to make a light weight reversible jacket, preferably quilted…….(:

  9. Gertrude Ezell says:

    It may have already been covered, I’m not sure since it doesn’t air in my area, but how to use a clothing garment pattern. I can quilt pretty well, but making clothing is so hard for me to understand.
    Thank you!

  10. Nancy Kane says:

    I would love to learn project that are useful around the house. Ways to make everyday life better…

  11. Jessica B. says:

    I am a teacher and would love to see your ideas for an over-the-chair book bag/organizer for the students. Thanks!!!

  12. Andrea Skaggs says:

    Maxi dresses! . I’m just starting out sewing Clothes and can’t seem to find the right pattern. Hope I win:)

  13. Alisha S. says:

    Different ways of applique, upcycling: alterations, converting clothes, etc. into other useful items for the home or as gifts.

  14. Kellie Bridgeman says:

    I would love to see how to combine pieces from 2 or 3 different patterns to make one outfit. For instances I may like the sleeves from one pattern and the bodice from another pattern and the collar from another pattern. I would like to put these 3 together to make a custom made blouse.

  15. Jolene Cappano says:

    Easy to sew tops!!!! It’s so hard to find ready made garments because so many of them look cheap and poorly made….

  16. M. Jane C. says:

    Serger projects. Specifically integrating the sewing machine and the serger. Perhaps a cheat sheet. For example, facings. Should you finish them with a serger or sew down the hems.

  17. Cindi Thompson says:

    Easy and quick handmade gifts or Using a serger.

  18. Roberta Manna says:

    I love this show. Have watched them for ages..and like that the things they talk about are you can check it out

  19. Leslee Fowler says:

    I would love to see upcycling from adult clothes to kids clothes.

  20. sarah seid says:

    beach bag!!

  21. Clare says:

    So many great comments. I really like up cycling projects and home sewing projects, such as new ideas for curtains even recovering furniture.

  22. Kristen Griffiths says:

    Baby stuff!

  23. I would love to see the use of presser feet, functions, what kinds of presser feet are best used for certain projects/fabrics, etc … your show not only offers great tutorials, but also has developed my sewing skills as well as given me confidence.

  24. Karen G says:

    I would like to see lots of upcycle projects.

  25. martha says:

    Sexy body suit please :)

  26. Diane says:

    Quick sew items you can sell at craft shows.

  27. Daria Piro says:

    Serger projects… easy sew knit tops. Facing, sleeves and finishing well makes rhe difference between homemade looking and not.

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