Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 5!

We’re moving along on our 13 Days of Giveaway and thanks for coming back for Day 5! The winners from Tuesday’s post are: 

  1. Tracy who would like to see upcycling projects
  2. Marthie who wants trapunto patterns and projects
  3. Calla F with a great idea of zipper repair, mending and the like!

All great suggestions!

Please be sure to check your inbox for instructions on how to get your prize.

It’s been so much fun giving sneak peeks into Sew it All Season 7 and we love celebrating the upcoming season with 13 Days of Giveaways. Sew it All Season 7 will air in March, be sure to check your local for listings and schedule. This season will have so many great techniques and projects we can’t wait for March! And, every day you enter in the 13 Days of Giveaways you’ll be automatically entered to with the Grand Prize, a copy of Sew it All TV Season 6 on DVD!

In our new season we bring you Beth Chandler who will show you how to make a custom-fit table cloth great for picnics and outdoor outings. With a colorful binding around the edges this table cloth is so festive for outdoor parties.

DSC 0186 300x200  Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 5! Isn’t it frustrating to be working on a project and find you don’t have enough binding. For today’s giveaway we’ll be giving two lucky readers a four pack of extra wide double fold bias binding in assorted colors from Wrights. 

Wrights Binding Pack 163x300  Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 5!

To win today’s prize, answer the question below in the comments section. Do you like to make your own binding or do you like the convenience of ready made binding?

Use the binding in a ton of projects, such as this potholder project from season 5! Stitch up cute potholders to match the table cloth and you’ll own the next potluck! Watch Ellen and Mary Fons in episode 505 “Triangle Tango” and learn how to piece triangle pieces into a fun potholder. Find full instructions for Mary’s episode, and all past episodes, at

maryfons450 300x206  Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 5! Go to on March 1st for a sneak peek at all 13 episodes of Sew it All 7, including full instructions and free patterns! And come back tomorrow to find out the winner of today’s prize, and what’s in store for the next awesome giveaway! 

Don’t forget to check to find when your local station airs Sew it All. If your local PBS doesn’t carry Sew it All TV, email or call them to request it!  Sew it All TV brings you host Ellen March and a guest from the sewing world to demonstrate a fun project. And, you can always check out anytime of the week to watch past shows or purchase DVD’s from

  Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 5!

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110 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 5!

  1. M. Jane C. says:

    Nothing satisfies me more than using the Greist binder with homemade binding. Unfortunately success comes only with small items like pockets. Sewing layers is hair raising!

  2. Carol K E says:

    I make my binding,so that I can have the color and width I want. I am more likely to use ready made for ties.

  3. Donna N. says:

    I’ve used both. It depends on the application. I usually make my own.

  4. Rhonda Atkinson says:

    I use both. If I need bias binding for a delicate fabric, I make my own. If I’m making placemats or some other home dec project that requires a large amount of bias binding, I buy it.

  5. Jeannine Holmes says:

    I started off using store bought, now I only use it when I want a solid color. More and more I am making my own. I like to be able to match or use a print. It may seem weird but it just looks better made to me when I make my own.

  6. Helen Creamore says:

    For quilting or projects where it will be seen I like to make my own. If tucked discretely inside store bought is so convenient!

  7. Louise Gadbois says:

    It really depends on the project. However I do use ready made most of the time. Great timesaver.

  8. Judi Duncan says:

    It depends upon the project…the ready made stuff is oh so easy but sometimes I like to match my prints!

  9. Jo Ann R. says:

    I like the prepackage binding. That way your projects are done in lickety split time. Thanks, Jo Ann R.

  10. It depends on the project. Pre-made is great, but if I want to coordinate a print, then I might make my own binding.

  11. Wanda Altman says:

    I like to make my own out of coordinating fabric that goes with the project I’m working on.

  12. Nancy Stornes says:

    I like ready to use bindind because I am just
    learning to sew.

  13. Lea J. says:

    I honestly never knew there was such a thing as pre-pkg binding, until now. I’d love to try it out to see how it compares to my own binding. I’m fairly new to quilting and sewing in general, which should explain things. Hahah

  14. Joni Grandt says:

    I almost always make my own.

  15. Shannon says:

    I usually make my own binding but it would be nice to use the pre-made binding on the days where I want to finish a quilt quicker…I only started making quilts a few years ago and now I can’t seem to stop…lol…so much fun…have a wonderful and blessed day!!

  16. Nicola says:

    I make my own with either constrasting or coordinating fabric. Haven’t used ready made.

  17. Nan McDaniel says:

    Readymade – I’m a newbie and did not even know you could make your own.

  18. Mahasin Hazziez says:

    Wether I make orurchase binding depends on the project. If it’s a special outfit I will most likely make it myself to match the fabric because it will probably be used as accent!

  19. Patricia Lenhart says:

    If I can get the right color I will use readymade. Otherwise I make my own.

  20. I have a binding making thing a majig but usually buy it.

  21. roxane watts says:

    I use both! I have a large stash of binding in various sizes that I have obtained from yardsales and thrift stores and I also make my own when I don’t have what I want.

  22. Vickie Caudill says:

    Whether I choose ready made binding or make my own depends on what my project is. Usually it is ready made, but sometimes I do make my own.

  23. Pat Beesley says:

    Depending on the project I use pre-made or make my own. I do like the convenience of pre-made but at times a project calls for a print binding that matches the fabric in the project.

  24. Jolene Cappano says:

    I’m not always loving cutting the strips for binding…I’ve used Wrights Binding for years and loved it!!!

  25. Dorothy Murray says:

    Even though I love the convenience of prepackaged and use it most, I love the look of a coordinating bias!

  26. Debbie Echaves says:

    I like the convenience sizes and color choices of pre-made and like to make my own for binding that co-ordinates or matches some projects.

  27. Sheila H says:

    not a quilter so I usually opt for the ready-made, store bought binding for small craft type project. about the only time I consider making my own is if I can’t find a coordinating color that I like.

  28. Eileen Seiter says:

    it really depends on the project…if pre-made will give me the desired effect i will use it but when doing something like a weekender bag or something large i usually make my own so that i can match the lining….coordinating the fabrics….but i use pre-made a lot!

  29. Barbara McRae says:

    It really depends on the project. Quickie projects, pre-made.

  30. Sarah Williams says:

    I use both! Cheaper to make my own, but there is something so nice about just opening a package and having it ready to go!!

  31. michelle mcclellan says:

    Depending on my material pattern, it’s just easier to make my own

  32. Tran says:

    Readymade frees up time to try new projects.

  33. Susan C says:

    I use both, depending on what it is. Pre-made is very convenient.

  34. Jenniffer Howling says:

    Can go both ways but when I want it to match exact I make my own

  35. Marymartha Rose says:

    I use both. When I need a special color or pattern I make my own.

  36. Renae says:

    I don’t yet trust myself to make my own – pre-made PLEASE!! :)

  37. Roxie says:

    I use ready made — just don’t feel quite accomplished enough as a seamstress to make my own.

  38. Elizabeth T says:

    I use both, depending on the project. For quilts I always make my own, but if I’m just running up some simple bibs or placemats, for example, I’ll turn to the convenience of the pre-made.

  39. Linda Willis says:

    I have been buying bias binding. I have bias making tools that I really should use. I love Batik fabric for bias tape.

  40. Lisa Cecil says:

    I like to make my own binding! It is fun!

  41. Alice LaCoste says:

    I haven’t made my own and have a large stash that I’ve collected over the years from sales and closeouts.

  42. Annie Rimler says:

    I use ready made binding. Some day I’ll get brave enough to make my own.

  43. Amanda Milliren says:

    I really want to say make it myself because you can do so much more with color and pattern that way BUT I am terrified to make my own and haven’t tried it yet. So, I use store bought.

  44. Esther Hopland says:

    I like to make my own binding

  45. Tiffany willis says:

    I prefer ready made, by the time I am done with my project last thing I want to do is make my own body.

  46. Hannah Troupe says:

    I prefer to use store bought binding, for convenience. But there are many times I end up making my own to match whatever I’m making. Sometimes you can’t get the color just right on store bought, and for large project’s it’s much more cost effective to make it.

  47. Faith says:

    Definitely like the convenience of ready made, but my goal this year is to perfect making my own instead of settling for a solid color.

  48. mary mac says:

    I have to admit I am bit lazy and prefer to buy ready made then make my own.

  49. Angela says:

    Though it depends on the project, I tend to use store bought primarily. I have found some wonderful prints-polka dots, zodiac symbols, batik, tie dyed-while thrifting. Granted, sometimes it is easier to make 15 yards of lime green or neon yellow binding when you absolutely must have that perfect match but for the convenience, store bought can’t be beat.

  50. Sarah C. says:

    depending on the project – for quilts I usually make my own – for a quick crafty project I love the convenience of pre-made/store bought!