Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 6! Online classes from Crafty Gemini!

Thank you for coming back for the 13 Days of Giveaway! We’re now at Day 6! The winners from Wednesday’s giveaway are Jane H and Tran! Please check your inbox for instructions on how to get your prize.

Sew it All Season 7 will air in March, be sure to check your local for listings and schedule.

Season 7 was so much fun to work on, with so many great guests and projects, we can’t wait for you to view. As you may know every day you enter in the 13 Days of Giveaways you’ll be automatically entered to with the Grand Prize, a copy of Sew it All TV Season 6 on DVD!

In our new season we bring you the amazing and talented Vanessa Wilson! Vanessa will show you how fun it is to teach children to sew. She’ll show the basics of getting started and a fun pillow project just for little beginners.

DSC 0979 300x200  Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 6! Online classes from Crafty Gemini!

Watch Carol Ingram and Ellen March in episode 605 Pillowcase Dress stitch up an adorable dress made from a pillowcase. Learn about embellishments and shadow-work embroidery! Find full instructions for Carol’s episode, and all past episodes, at

DSC 0276 300x200  Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 6! Online classes from Crafty Gemini!

For today’s giveaway two lucky readers will win one current or future online class from Vanessa Wilson at Crafty Gemini!

To view her classes please click HERE!

To win today’s prize, answer the question below in the comments section.

Do you remember your first sewing project? What was it? How did it turn out? Give us the details!

Go to on March 1st for a sneak peek at all 13 episodes of Sew it All 7, including full instructions and free patterns! And come back tomorrow to find out the winner of today’s prize, and what’s in store for the next amazing giveaway! 

Don’t forget to check to find when your local station airs Sew it All. If your local PBS doesn’t carry Sew it All TV, email or call them to request it!  Sew it All TV brings you host Ellen March and a guest from the sewing world to demonstrate a fun project. ANd, you can always check out anytime of the week to watch past shows or purchase DVD’s from

Good Luck!

  Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 6! Online classes from Crafty Gemini!

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144 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 6! Online classes from Crafty Gemini!

  1. Stephanie says:

    My first project was curtains for my 1 year old daughters room. She is now three and they are still uneven. I need help. lol :-) Love the show, love Vanessa- thank you!

  2. Diane says:

    I made Barbie dolls clothes by hand sewing with my Grandma (I was 4 years old when we started). The first sewing machine project was a dotted Swiss dress with an empire waist that I made in Home Economics my Freshman year. It turned out great! I wore it several times.

  3. Sue Haver says:

    Although I learned to sew making Barbie doll clothes, my real “first project” was made in a home Ec. class in 7th grade. “Shift” dresses were the latest fashion at the time, so I made my own. Not much to them, but they did incorporated a lot of basic sewing skills. Straight stitching, curved stitching, darts, facings, blind hemming, and a zipper. Perfect learning skills that I continue to use 50 years later!

  4. Debbie Cooley says:

    A peasant blouse! I was 10 or 11 years old. My Aunt Virginia was an excellent seamstress. She made Barbie clothes for me, I had the best dressed Barbies in my circle of friends! I made 2 peasant blouses, one print, one white. I loved those blouses! Wish I still had them. My aunt passed down the love of seeing to me!

  5. Jackie Cox says:

    My first sewing project was in home economics my sophmore year in high school. I made a western shirt for my boyfriend complete with snaps. He wore it for his school picture that year. We later got married and had 3 wonderful children and now 2 grandchildren I still sew for. :)

  6. Vickie M. says:

    If I remember correctly it was a sheath type dress made in home ec. It turned out great – I had a hard teacher, so she really made us do things right. We were overseas so the variety of material was not as readily available as I believe it might have been here in the states, but I was pleased, so who cares. This ended up leading to me sewing a lot of my clothes in high school.

  7. Faith K says:

    My first project was a dress for a summer Singer Sewing Center when I was in middle school Hated the project, hated the dress, didn’t sew for 10 years after that. Learned through Stretch and Sew after college and loved it.

  8. Debrah says:

    My first sewing project was a small embroidered bird. My Grandma got me all set up at the kitchen table and it was going really well until I went to show her how I was doing. That was when I discovered I had stitched my fabric to the lace table cloth on the table. It made me very sad to have to rip out all my stitches to free the table cloth.

  9. Monica says:

    A standard pillow case. I made it in my surface design class in high school. I couldn’t believe I was able to do it. It made me realize that sewing isn’t scary and I’ve been doing it ever since :)

  10. Annette Blaschuk says:

    My first sewing project was to thread the needles of my Grandmother’s quilting bee sisters and sister-in-laws. They made quilts for their grandchildren. I still have my well love quilt they made. I was given small scraps to play with, however, they used almost every scrap of fabric they had. No waste with these ladies. Great memories of being apart of these sewing sisters. The first project I remember making was doll clothes before any formal sewing training in 4-H or home economics in school.

  11. Denise Melbie says:

    I remember sewing with my Gramma and also with my Mom. Sewing dolly clothes, and small pillows…… I taught both my Son’s to sew! Now I am planning on teaching my GrandDaughter, Lily,she is 1 1/2, and this summer I have a little sewing machine for her to use along side me!

  12. My first project was making the curtains for one of the women in the guidance office at my high school. I did every curtain in her entire house! The must have come out great as she gave me a gift certificate to G FOX (who remembers that store?!) with which I bought myself a ring watch! (Showing my age there!) :)

  13. Terrie Morrison says:

    I didn’t take Home Ec in school, so my first project was as a young adult. My grandmother helped me make a simple cotton dress (no sleeves). I pulled out more stitches than the dress ended up with when finished, but it was finally made. Don’t remember wearing it, but that was the start. I’ve sewn off and on since then for many years and love it!

  14. Laura Clark says:

    My first project was pink shirt that I made with a pattern in Home Ec. I critiqued it much, but it was really pretty good. Many years later, my husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I finally started sewing again when I stayed home to raise our son.

  15. Phoebe says:

    I believe my first project was when I decided to make doll clothes for my AG doll, Felicity. I didn’t have a pattern and just used an existing dress as a model. Can’t say it turned out well but it was fun!

  16. Debbie says:

    My first sewing project was doll clothes 50+ years ago. I don’t actually remember what I made first and can’t remember how it turned out. I still have that doll and all her clothes packed away. The clothes were all hand sewn and an aunt took me under her wing to teach me hand sewing for my doll.

  17. Deb says:

    My first sewing project was a pair of baby doll pajamas. I had to model it in our 4-H fashion show at the fair and was sooooo embarrassed!

  18. Laurie Tsonetokoy says:

    My first sewing project was in home ec in Jr high school. and skirt with an elastic waist band and a t-shirt top. I thought it came out pretty good…my friends didn’t think so.

  19. Marge Bowman says:

    My first project was in home ec class, 7th grade. We made smock tops! If that doesn’t age me….lol

  20. Patricia Lenhart says:

    My first project was in Home Ec in 8th grade. I made a bib skirt. It had a zipper and buttonholes. Bu I loved the sewing process and I wore the skirt often. That started my love of sewing and many Home Ec classes.

  21. Madge says:

    My first sewing project was a bra. I was nine years old and decided that I needed to start wearing bras (LOL) so I constructed one for myself out of some white fabric that my Grandmother gave me! I sewed it by hand and it looked more like the pointed cup costume that Madonna wore!

  22. Kim says:

    My first sewing project was a doll, I was 7 yrs old and the ‘sewing machine’ was a Sew Easy. It was a toy sewing maching that sewed with glue. Came with patterns, material, sissors, and a glue cartridge that inserted into the machine. First actual sewing was when I was 12yrs old, 7th grade, Future Homemakers of America project, made a dress, even wore it to school for an extra grade!

  23. Joni G says:

    My first project was a skirt in a home ec class. Blue with pink roses – I still kind of like that fabric.

  24. Helen Creamore says:

    My first project was an ankle length skirt with an elastic waistband. The fabric was purple tie tied and I thought it was the most fantastic thing!

  25. Donna Deskin says:

    My first project in home ec and it was an apron which was way too easy i finished really fast so the teacher said i could choose my next project. I went to town with my Mom who didn’t sew. I picked out a strait shift dress with smocking on the bodice I the bought a beautiful blue satin material. The dress was beautiful except i had marked my smocking dots on the wrong side of my fabric with an ink pin. Yep, it showed thru on the right side. I got an F for the class. Never took Home Ec again.

  26. Cindy says:

    My first sewing machine project was in 6th grade home ec class. I made a sizzler outfit (kinda dating myself–do any of you remember the sizzlers?). I remember the elastic around the arms being a wee bit tight haha. However that class inspired my love of sewing!!

  27. Terri Halfman says:

    I made an apron for 4H! Turned out really good and I’ve been sewing ever since.

  28. Susan Lozano says:

    My first sewing project was after I had my oldest daughter and realized I needed clothes for the poor baby! I bought a cheap diaper shirt pattern, remnant fabric, cute pink trim, and Velcro (because buttonholes were too intimidating). Using my grandmother’s 1946 Singer Featherweight sewing machine, I managed to sew up a diaper shirt! It fit reasonably well, and I was inspired to continue sewing. I made most of both of my daughters’ clothes until they were about 10 years old! Now I am a quilter and have been quilting for about 14 years.


    My 1st project was quilted binder cover, when I was in high school. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Needless to say, my lines were far from straight and my edges looked horrible. :(

  30. judy geasland says:

    my first sewing project was doll clothes for my doll

  31. Debra says:

    I remember sewing a skirt in junior high home ec class. The teacher did not like my side seam, I remember her breaking all the stitches with her long red fingernails. I quickly learned to sew a straight seam. And still enjoy sewing.

  32. Scotty Goldman says:

    My first sewing project was at shirt dress for my wife. She wore it for a few years, so I guess it turned out well!

  33. Linda says:

    My first project was an apron in deep turquoise with giant rickrack on the bib and skirt. We had to gather the skirt, attach the bib abd skirt to the waistband, attach ties to the bib and the waistband. I was 10 and my mother was panicked! :-)

  34. My first sewing was Barbie clothes about 50+ years ago with only hand sewing. My first real project was an apron in 7th grade Home Ec in 1963 — it was so plain, so uneven hem, so crooked stitching and I thought it was run-way ready!

  35. Marilee Hawkins says:

    My first sewing project was jeans for my new doll. I was quite a tomboy, and when I received a doll for Christmas (I was 6), my sister had made her a nice wardrobe, but it was all dresses. I thought she should have jeans. Mom taught me how to make a pattern, and I made her jeans and shirts so she could go outside riding horses with me.

  36. Jo Ann R. says:

    My first project was in my first home ec class in high school. I made a striped mint green knit top and a solid mint green skirt. We had to model our outfits at a fashion show and I won first place. Received a red rose and bragging rights. Wish I could do it all over again. thanks,
    Jo Ann R.

  37. Tiffany willis says:

    My first project was a pillow, it wasn’t perfect but I loved it! I made it in my home ce class in 7th grade, wow I sound old but I’m just in my early thirties!

  38. Linda Sanford says:

    My very first project was an apron. I had to make it for my 4H project to enter into the fair. That was over 50 years ago.
    It was like taking a rectangle of fabric, putting another smaller rectangle across it, stitching the sides, them a couple more stitches to make the pockets and a hem. Stitch a seam for the tie to go thru and I had my apron. It had three pockets across the front and was blue print fabric. I remember this after all these years because I seldom wear aprons and it is still in the drawer after all these years. Because it had a drawstring tie on it, I can even still wear it.

  39. Gloria Schrepfer says:

    I took home economics in high school, and my first project was a lined wool skirt. It turned out great and I wore it for several years.

  40. Mahasin Hazziez says:

    I learned to use a thimble because those needles cat poke up your fingers. It turned out well and I’m still sewing!

  41. Ali M says:

    My first project was a dress from vogue. One sleeve went in all twisted so I never wore it, I’m not sure why I didn’t remove it and resew it in ;)

  42. Mahasin Hazziez says:

    A 4- H project. Hemming flour sack towels.

  43. Jeanne says:

    My first project was to hem flour sack dish towels. I loved it so much that I cut the hems off and hemmed them again….several times……..I think they ended up handkerchief size! My Mom quickly got me involved in other projects, including 4H Sewing, where I made slippers and a gathered skirt winning blue ribbons at the fair with both.

  44. Cindy says:

    My first sewing project that I remember was a pink, floral apron and it turned out well.

  45. Michelle says:

    My 1st sewing project was a simple pillow made out of Batman fabric for my 5 year old. He loves it. I think it turned out pretty good for it being my 1st project and all. I just got my sewing machine this past Christmas and have been watching videos, trying to teach myself how to sew!

  46. Ed m says:

    My first project was a bath robe and pillow case. The rope for closing the robe was way to high, and the robe was a bit too long. The sleeves where set wrong, and the pillow case did not fit the pillows. I wanted the robe and pillow case to match. Was a disaster.

  47. Colleen P. says:

    My first project was not exactly sewing, but quilting. My grandmother had made a “rag” quilt, out of sample cards of wool that a friend had given her, backed it with a cowboy print red flannel, and put it on the frame. She then showed me with heavy thread how to thread a needle, punch it down through all the quilt layers, back up, and tie knots. I think I might have been all of 3 years old, but I remember so much about this moment!

    I still have a chunk of the quilt-most of it had been eaten by moths, but I salvaged about a foot square of it and it is always in my sewing spot, wherever I live.

  48. Alice LaCoste says:

    My first sewing project was a golden colored polyester skirt with and elastic waist. I was in the 5th grade and it was for 4-H. I made the same skirt in cotton that year and won my division of the “Sew with Cotton” contest.

  49. Ginger says:

    Back in the day of home ec class. Project was to learn how to sew a simple A-line skirt. The list of materials was given to each of us to purchase, not knowing about fabric what I came to class with was very thin cotton – my first project had to be fully lined. I wore it all thru 2 years of school before it wore out.

  50. Alisha S. says:

    My first project was two small pillows to have as accents on chairs. My Mom taught me the basics and we had a great time making them.