Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 6! Online classes from Crafty Gemini!

Thank you for coming back for the 13 Days of Giveaway! We’re now at Day 6! The winners from Wednesday’s giveaway are Jane H and Tran! Please check your inbox for instructions on how to get your prize.

Sew it All Season 7 will air in March, be sure to check your local for listings and schedule.

Season 7 was so much fun to work on, with so many great guests and projects, we can’t wait for you to view. As you may know every day you enter in the 13 Days of Giveaways you’ll be automatically entered to with the Grand Prize, a copy of Sew it All TV Season 6 on DVD!

In our new season we bring you the amazing and talented Vanessa Wilson! Vanessa will show you how fun it is to teach children to sew. She’ll show the basics of getting started and a fun pillow project just for little beginners.

DSC 0979 300x200  Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 6! Online classes from Crafty Gemini!

Watch Carol Ingram and Ellen March in episode 605 Pillowcase Dress stitch up an adorable dress made from a pillowcase. Learn about embellishments and shadow-work embroidery! Find full instructions for Carol’s episode, and all past episodes, at

DSC 0276 300x200  Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 6! Online classes from Crafty Gemini!

For today’s giveaway two lucky readers will win one current or future online class from Vanessa Wilson at Crafty Gemini!

To view her classes please click HERE!

To win today’s prize, answer the question below in the comments section.

Do you remember your first sewing project? What was it? How did it turn out? Give us the details!

Go to on March 1st for a sneak peek at all 13 episodes of Sew it All 7, including full instructions and free patterns! And come back tomorrow to find out the winner of today’s prize, and what’s in store for the next amazing giveaway! 

Don’t forget to check to find when your local station airs Sew it All. If your local PBS doesn’t carry Sew it All TV, email or call them to request it!  Sew it All TV brings you host Ellen March and a guest from the sewing world to demonstrate a fun project. ANd, you can always check out anytime of the week to watch past shows or purchase DVD’s from

Good Luck!

  Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 6! Online classes from Crafty Gemini!

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144 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways: Day 6! Online classes from Crafty Gemini!

  1. Lynn Slabaugh Grate says:

    I used to make doll clothes from scraps of fabric that my mom had left over from sewing our clothes. I was 8 or 9.

  2. Iryna B. says:

    My first project was an apron! I was in 5th grade (in Ukraine) at that time and it was the project they started us with, then we moved one to the night gown….

  3. Debbi Biedler says:

    I made a dress when I was 11. My mom showed me how to follow the pattern and cut it out. It even had a zipper in it. This is the first “real” thing I remember making.

  4. Jean says:

    It was such a long time ago. Wow almost fifty years ago, but remember making some stuffed toys.

  5. Jane H says:

    My first sewing project was a pair of baby doll pj’s made in Home Ec. They turned out great and I wore them for many years. Since then I marvel at how sewing techniques have changed.

  6. Robyn says:

    My first sewing project was a tank top when I was in Jr. High. It didn’t turn out very well because the knit I used wasn’t stretchy enough.

  7. Brenda green says:

    My first project was a green and white shift dress I made in home economics. I had to take out and redo several times but was able to wear the dress with pride. I love the thought of making it myself. I still love sewing although I don’t have as much time as I would like to have to see.

  8. Rose Rule says:

    My first sewing project was a cute (LITTLE) dress for my oldest daughter Crystal that was born premature and even premie baby clothes and some doll clothes were to big for her. I still have it. It is maroon and cream with little hearts all over it. She is now a beautiful grown 26 year old women. And alot taller than her mom!

  9. bj mumford says:

    My first sewing project was in Jr high we made quilted pillow covers. It came out a bit uneven but I was still very proud of myself.

  10. Shastina says:

    My first sewing project was a paper pieced square when I was 14, of a sewing machine and thimble. I made it and gave it to a quilting friend who was collecting blocks to make a quilt for a person who was sick. I have been quilting ever since. :)

  11. Cherita Md says:

    My first project was a mostly hand sewn stuffed thing that came in a kit for my home ec class a thousand years ago. I actually still remember sewing parts of it which is kind of weird lol. My first garment was a button up dress also made for a later home ec class. I was really interested in sewing I think mostly bc my mom was really amazing seamstress. One of my most special memories is my mom made one of my prom dresses which had dozens of handmade roses all over it. I was trying to decide it I wanted them on both shoulders or not when she passed away suddenly. My boyfriends mom actually finished the dress for me. I am still close to her to this day even though her son & I moved on years ago. So to me sewing is not just an art or skill but a connection to family that highlights the love that goes into making things for loved ones :-)

  12. Robin Pinder says:

    My first sewing project was an apron in Home Economics when I was in 4th grade. I was 8 years old. It was made out of red and white gingham and was very boxy. It was beautiful (in my eyes) but I was a chubby little girl with a soup-bowl haircut and had just started wearing cat’s eye eyeglasses for nearsightedness, and since all the aprons in the class were made from one pattern with no allowances for size, the apron ties didn’t close around my body. I was ashamed of being “fat” and took the apron home and hid it. I hated sewing after that for a number of years until I began working in an office and needed clothes that fit well and looked good. Since I wasn’t making a lot of money and had two small children, I began to sew again and discovered that not only could I make really beautiful things, I actually loved sewing both for myself and my girls. Now I still love sewing even more.

  13. Eileen Kay says:

    The first sewing project I really remember was making shirtwaist dress in a summer sewing class given by the Singer Sewing Machine Co. in downtown Denver. It was a small red plaid fabric, so I learned about matching plaids, made a matching belt.. etc. The class made quite an impression on me and I won a silver medal for my project. They held a fashion show and everyone modeled their creations. I was a very proud 13 year old! I still have the medal – wish I still had the dress!


  14. Karen Grant says:

    At age ten I recieved a gift of a doll clothes pattern. I was so excited that I sat down and cut out each and every pattern piece. When I proudly showed the gifter what I had done the frown told a crushed child that something was wrong. Soon came time to going shopping for fabric and notions. I love the art of sewing and growing in the art form has not always been with smiles. My passion for sewing has provided a lifetime of learning, sense of accomplishment with a few tears mixed in.

  15. Debbie Friend says:

    My first sewing project was an apron. This was a 4H project. It has been over 40 years so I can’t remember what it looked like but I think it was all white.

  16. Arlette says:

    My first “independent” sewing project was a dress made from maroon-striped cotton with a gathered dropped waist, and short sleeves. Wide grosgrain ribbon covered the gathers and I wore that thing out, I was so proud! I’m not even going to say how long ago it was.

  17. Hope Wright says:

    I made my junior prom dress. We never had sewing machine in our home before that time. It was a challenge but I followed the Simplicity instructions. It was an “A” line dress, with long sleeves and zipper in back. Dress was a light blue poplin with a print viole for the sleeves.
    Have to say I was brave to attempt this project but it taught me the enjoyment of making something for myself. Still can visualize this dress and that’s been 50 years ago.

  18. Nancy Rosario says:

    My first sewing project ever in lfe was a tote bag!! never finished it. However, I did make a lousy looking pair of curtains years ago. hahaha But Im most proud of my last sewing project….a rag quilt. turned out that I need to take classes. I didnt cut properly and as I put the layers together I kept trying to correct the mistakes. The end result is that the quilt was more than lopsided and ended up too short. I have more materials and I was hoping to take a class so that I can finally make my masterpiece!!

    I actually am a big fan of Vanessa the Crafty Gemini!! She’s wonderful!! I hope I win a class taught by her!! I know that I’d be able to create something beautiful following her instruction!!

    In case Im not picked I want to wish the two lucky winners a wonderful time in her class! You will definitely have fun and enjoy yourself!!

  19. Jodie Hussain says:

    My first sewing project was when I was in high school I made an western shirt with a vest sew on it. It turn out pretty good. This was like 17 years ago. I recently go back sewing and made pillow cases for everyone for Christmas, they turn out wonderful. I had made 2 baby quilts and a twin size quilt. Right now I am working on an queen size quilt.

  20. E. Sharon says:

    My first ‘real’ project was a gathered full skirt in Home Ec. when I was in the 7th grade. It was horrible! The gathering thread kept breaking and the waistband was a nitemare to put on! :(

  21. Sheila H says:

    Guess it was the baby doll blanket that my Grandma and I made using small squares of left over fabric and making them into a quilt. It is backed with flannel and then bound with home made binding. Still have it to this day! Oh yes, we sewed on her treddle machine which now has a place of honor in my house. Later “first” projects through 4-H were a hemmed hand towel (by hand), a flour sack dish towel with shirt tail hems and mitered corners, a triangle shaped wrist pin cushion stuffed with human hair, and an apron. Man, I was a busy little sewer that year.

  22. lynda says:

    My first “real” sewing project was the 7th grade, Home Ec Apron! I loved it; turned out great! I had, however been sewing for many years, prior (Hand sewing doll clothes); learned by watching my mother and grandmother (who made her clothes until she passed at the age of 85!).

  23. Marthie says:

    My very first sewing experience was to make clothes for my two young girls’s First Love dolls. That was 37 years ago!! They(the girls and the dolls) loved every outfit.

  24. Sheree B. says:

    My first sewing project was a summer maternity top for myself…32 years ago. It was the cutest lightweight stretch knit, white with little cherries on it. I love sewing!

  25. Gina S. says:

    It was a bright green daisy trimmed dress in home ec. It was awful

  26. Jaydeen C. says:

    My first sewing project was a drawstring bag. I used CraftyGemini’s tutorial. I’ve made tons now lol.

  27. Angela Eaton says:

    My first sewing project was a valance for my living room. I remember having to rip it out a couple of times because I sewed the rod pocket closed. Also, when I went to hang it, the fabric was so sheer that you could see all of my hems, so I ripped it out again and lined it. :) Thank you for the great blog, show, and of course, Vanessa – I love her!!

  28. Amy McQueen says:

    My first ever project was in a sewing class in Jr. High. I made a puppy shaped pillow! He was black & white with blue eyes & floppy ears! I used cotton for the body & felt to make his spots soft :)

  29. Jackie T says:

    My very first sewing project was in 7th grade. We all made pants, I loved mine they were my favorite color which is purple. I wore them everywhere lol.

  30. Ruth G Ross says:

    My first real project was a pink gingham apron made for 4H. I got a blue ribbon. Which was better then the re I got on my cookies that were “too big”. Like there’s a such thing as a too big cookie.

  31. leora b says:

    it is so great reading some of the other comments. Sounds like the A line skirt was a popular starter.. as it was for me also, 4-H project, I cant quite remember what type of fabric I used, it was solid blue and I wore it for a couple years also.

  32. Trudy L says:

    It was a potholder. I didn’t take sewing until I was in the 7th grade and was totally inexperienced in sewing even though my older sister made her own clothes all of the time. After the potholder we made a simple A-Line skirt, it had to be made of a fabric that was similar to chambray and it could be whatever color we wanted. My next project was a button up shirt with a contrasting yolk and cuffs. It took until I had a few years of sewing under my belt to get really used to it and a tailoring class in high school sealed the deal for me and made me much more proficient and accurate in my projects.

  33. Linda says:

    In about 4th grade I found some fabric in my mom’s stash and insisted on making a swim suit! It was some type of cotton. I made a two piece-but not a bikini style, more like shorts with a baby doll top I think. From then on, I knew I could sew. I’m sure it was ugly but I was proud of it.

  34. Judy S says:

    My first project was a wool dress in Grade 9 HomeEc – yeh, even though I’d never had a home ec class before, most of the other girls had, so the few who hadn’t still had to do a DRESS! Didn’t sew again (except mending and costumes for the kids) until about 4 years ago and started a quilt with a friend who was going to show me how and then she moved……it’s a wonder I am still trying quilts!

  35. Melody says:

    My first sewing project was a black dress. I taught myself to sew and use my grandmother’s machine. I knew nothing about back stitching. My dressed turned out pretty good. While wearing it around the house it started coming apart. It was so sad. :-)

  36. BJMarley says:

    My first sewing project was a dress that my grandmother helped me make. It turned out well enough for me to wear it.

  37. Nicole L says:

    My first project was making a quilt with my grandma. She taught me to embroider and how to sew it together. It still is my warm weather bed cover.

  38. Amanda W says:

    My first sewing project was a pair of elastic shorts that I made in middle school home economics. I can vividly remember the fabric I choose – it had a royal blue and white background with clouds and yellow bees all over it. I thought it was pretty cool at the time.

  39. Paula Maxwell says:

    My first project was a jumper back in High School. Not the best thing that I could have made but it didn’t come out too badly. I opted for a plain jane brown color which made me look sick when I wore it. I did manage to get one shoulder strap a little longer than the other and still don’t know how cuz I started with the same length. Oh well, my mom ended up fixing it and said I did a ‘good job’ but I needed more practice which I have done over the many years I have been sewing – about 46 to be exact.

  40. Belinda says:

    My first project was a Halloween costume for my son. It was a yellow crayon. I used black and yellow felt. For the hat (point), I cut a piece of poster board and formed it into a cone. Then I covered it with felt. I was so encouraged, that I went on to make Halloween costumes for both my children for the next 6-7 years.

  41. Jenniffer Howling says:

    My first projects were doll clothes and they weren’t real pretty

  42. Steph says:

    My first project was only about one year ago! It was actually one of the crafty gemini tutorials. It was a winter reversible hat with ears. One side was camo and the other side was red with stars. I was so amazed when it was done, and I have not stopped sewing ever since!

  43. nancy greenhouse says:

    My first attempt was in school when they used to teach sewing and cooking. I made an apron. I don’t use it but hang it in every kitchen closet or pantry I have. And its been 40 years!

  44. Tran says:

    First project was a simple apron with a pocket in home economics class in high school. As an adult, it was little drawstring gift bags.

    Also, I won the Wed giveaway but never got an email on how to claim the prize. Even checked the spam box. Can you resend?

  45. Elaine says:

    My first true project was the infamous a-line skirt in Home Ec. I wore it for a long time, and remember how difficult the zipper was to put in! It truly looked “home-made,” and not in a good way…more like a Pinterest idea gone bad. I do much better now, after years of practice, practice, practice! ;)

  46. Omayra Alvarez says:

    My first sewing project was an alphabet pillow In home ec class when in high school. Loved it!

  47. sarah seid says:

    My first sewing project was a simple bodice and skirt dress for my daughter who decided that at the age of two that she was not going to wear shorts or pants anymore but demanded dresses. This first dress was a very humbling experience. You see, I was in the mind set that hey, I wrote a thesis, traveled through out different countries, gave birth to a baby that sewing would just be snap-most things had come easily to me and in my arrogant brain of mine, I thought putting a simple little dress would be just as easy. Needless to say, it wasn’t. I started to detest the fabric that I picked out-blue background with little cow girls and red bandannas (see, I still remember the fabric!) and talk about passive aggressive behavior; everything became personified; the pattern was just a stupid thing, the sewing machine didn’t listen to me, the thread was breaking on purpose with a mind of its own and even the scissors were possessed and would not cut on the precise pattern line. I was at the point of just taking every thing and just bundling it up and stuffing it a drawer, deep down and away from reality until I realized that I was not respecting the process of sewing; understanding that sewing like fabric is an art form and the fault was all mine. And I began again. I read and re read the pattern until I understood what was expected and asked questions and went several times to the neighborhood fabric store to in require about things I didn’t understand like those little notches on the pattern and finding out lo and behold you don’t cut them off (I still laugh about that) . All in all that little dress taught me that it was good to struggle to have to do some things over and over and over again simply because it teaches one to appreciate the process. Even now after 17 years, I still struggle with sewing and I still embrace that struggle.

  48. Wanda Altman says:

    That was so long ago……I started sewing in my pre-teens. My grandmother stated me off making doll clothes and I remember she showed me how to make a doll hat using cardboard and fabric! Those were the days!

  49. Diana Scott says:

    My first sewing project was an apron in Home Ec. My grandmother bought me my first sewing machine then & I never stopped sewing after that.

  50. My grandmother helped me make a gingham dress without a pattern. I thought it was wonderful and wore it all the time. I think I was about 10 or 11 and wish I still had it to see what I accomplished at such a young age.