Beautiful Belle Handbag Sew-Along Week 4!

By now, your bag is beginning to take shape and if you are like me, you’re  thinking about other possible fabrics to make the bag out of. I’ve decided to make a few and have them ahead for impromptu gifts. If you decide to follow my lead, I know you will amaze your non-sewing friends with your skills and they’ll love the versatility of this bag!


Now that you have matched the lining to the exterior of the bag and sewn the 2 together across the top and sides, a little clipping is in order. Diagonally clip the corners

photo 1 1 Beautiful Belle Handbag Sew Along Week 4!

and I also suggest clipping the curved edge along the top. The top will lay much smoother if you take just a few moments to do the clipping.

photo 21 Beautiful Belle Handbag Sew Along Week 4!

Now the magic happens!! Slip your hand into the opening on the lining

photo 31 Beautiful Belle Handbag Sew Along Week 4!

and pull the exterior of the bag through to the right side.

photo 41 Beautiful Belle Handbag Sew Along Week 4!

Before you push the lining to the inside of the bag, you will need to close the opening that was left for turning. In the video I sewed the opening closed with the machine. If your fabric is a little heavier, I would suggest hand stitching the opening closed. It will look a little nicer and lay a little flatter inside the bag.

photo 51 Beautiful Belle Handbag Sew Along Week 4!

Once you have closed the opening in the lining, push the lining to the inside of the bag. At this point you should do a little pressing to achieve a truly finished look to your bag. Give the handles a good press, unless you used leather. Press along the top of the bag so that the seams are nice and crisp.  Now hold your bag up and declare, I made this!!!!

photo 61 Beautiful Belle Handbag Sew Along Week 4!

Be sure to post your finished bags to the Sew News Flickr page. I REALLY want to see your magnificent bags.

Thanks so much for sewing along with me. I’ve had a blast!

Rhonda Buss

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6 Responses to Beautiful Belle Handbag Sew-Along Week 4!

  1. Mary Meroney says:

    Can’t wait to try this project. I just found this site yesterday, and am loving all of the things I see on here, especially this purse. Will post more when I finish the project, and my favorite embellishment is to personal with embroidery (name, favorite places, etc.).

  2. Karen Poole says:

    This is such a pretty bag! I love making bags!!!

  3. Jill says:

    Karen, there will be another sew-along with a bag later in the year. You should join in!

  4. Laetitia G. says:

    I purchased the AB Beautiful Belle handbag pattern when it was newly released. Once I received the pattern I was too intimidated to give it a try. (I had even purchased all supplies needed) I’m happy to have stumbled on to your blog last week. I think I’m going to give it a try. Thank you for the written tutorial & videos

  5. Jill says:

    I’m so glad you did too! If you get a chance check out the photos on Flickr too. There are some wonderful color combinations that folks picked out. It was a lot of fun to do. And if you ever have a problem feel free to post on the blog and I’ll answer any questions.


  6. Laetitia G. says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t realize you responded to me. Thank you for doing so. I have looked at the flickr post & the fabric choices I see are great. This is definitely something I want to make soon. :o )

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