Fashion Sewing Competition – 1/2 Scale Challenge from American Sewing Expo

ase contest Fashion Sewing Competition   1/2 Scale Challenge from American Sewing ExpoRev up your sewing machines there is a fantastic sewing competition produced by American Sewing Expo and Designer Joi Mahon of Designer Joi. 

The 1/2 Scale Challenge is a ½ scale sewing and design competition produced by ASE and Designer Joi, themed “Fashion Icons thru the Ages”. Contestants will create a garment in half scale of any fashion icon they choose.

The competition is enhanced by an online tutorial taught by Joi Mahon of Designer Joi. Contestants will learn how to find inspiration, create a story board, draping on a ½ scale dress form and how to make the basic patterns. Those interested will also be able to ask Designer Joi questions as they work through the process of the tutorial.

All contestants are required to purchase the official Fashion in ½ Scale kit that includes a professional ½ scale dress form and the promo code to view the tutorial for FREE. The tutorial is available every day at any time through the contest deadline. Contestants must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Entries for the competition are to be mailed to ASE no later than August 1, 2014. All ½ scale garments will be on display at the 2014 ASE in Novi, Michigan September 26 – 28th. Prize winners will be announced at the event.

For complete rules and application go to:

Sponsors of this contest include  Baby Lock, Islander Sewing, ASE, Designer Joi, Mettler, Schmetz Needles, YKK, Fashion Supply, Inc. with more to come.

ASE half scale 474x1024 Fashion Sewing Competition   1/2 Scale Challenge from American Sewing Expo

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