Enter To Win Cloth by Cassandra Ellis!

Cloth91096J Enter To Win Cloth by Cassandra Ellis!I had the treat of getting an advanced copy of the book Cloth by Cassandra Ellis. I am in love with it’s gorgeous photos and simple beauty of the projects.

Please read below for a review and make a comment as to what is your favorite textile to use or maybe one that you’ve always wanted to make something out of. One lucky winner will be picked to win Cloth by Cassandra Ellis.

Plus, stay tuned to the Sew News blog for a Meet the Designer interview next week with Cassandra Ellis and get another try at winning this book.

Cassandra Ellis is a designer and maker of high-end quilts and home wares. Originally from New Zealand, she now runs her own design studio where she teaches contemporary craft and interiors workshops.

This is a beautiful book. Not an ordinary DIY, craft/home dec book with spare, white back drop photos and cheeky text. Cloth is lush with rich, dreamy photos by Catherine Gratwicke and intelligent, thoughtful text (how may craft books open with a poem by Yeats?) It was a visual pleasure to look through the book. And, easy to image that I could and more importantly, would make the projects Ellis offers. Cloth is broken down in five sections: Cotton, Wool, Silk, Hide and Linen. There is a brief introduction to each textile followed by a short history, making this book part textbook, but in no way written in a dry, dull manner. Ellis tell the reader of the individual textiles production, current and past uses and as in the case of silk the different types. Of which there are many.

The projects are all relatively easy, from bags, to oven mitts, sachets, pillows, aprons, bedding and more. Many of the projects focus on reclaimed, vintage or thrifted fabric and textiles. But, all the projects would work well with modern fabric with clean, bold lines.  Patterns are included in the book and the instructions are written in a clear and uncluttered tone. Measurements (for the advanced copy) are in metric. Each project ends with “Design Thoughts” with tips, ideas and ways to further embellish the project.

Also included is a helpful dye and tool kit section. Listing items needed to make the projects as well as equipment needed to dye textiles.

The sections are layout according to fabric type


Screen Shot 2 Enter To Win Cloth by Cassandra Ellis!The section on cotton has eight projects. Tote bag, gauze tent, rug, apron, Furoshiki a Japanese carrying device, chair cushion, pillow, bedding and small purses.


Screen Shot 3 copy Enter To Win Cloth by Cassandra Ellis!Projects include hand dyed guaze panel, overnight bag, wool blanket pillows, pet bed, a pouffe (not a chair, not a cushion but a pouf!) and oven mitts.


Screen Shot21 Enter To Win Cloth by Cassandra Ellis!The lovely silk projects include the following: silk wheat bags, sachets, kimono silk quilt, sari curtains, tea stained drawstring bags, and a shawl.

Hidecloth leather screen shot  Enter To Win Cloth by Cassandra Ellis!The Hide section is particularly nice bringing attention to working with leather and sheepskin. There are five projects here; a journal, 3 bags, and a covered ottoman.

LinenScreen Shot 4 Enter To Win Cloth by Cassandra Ellis!Headboard or curtain panel, hand dyed cushions, slippers, duvet cover and pillowcases, Hemp napkins, and how to reupholster chairs.

All the projects in the book make the most of the textile being highlighted. The instructions are easy to follow and there is a wonderful resource guide that contains links and addresses to further research textiles, antique fabrics and sources to find extraordinary fabrics to use for your own projects.

Cloth would be a welcome addition to any sewing or home decor library. If you would like to be entered to win a copy of Cloth please make a comment on what your favorite textile to work with is. One winner will be picked and announced next Friday.

Good Luck!

Cloth by Cassandra  Ellis  – Published by Abrams | STC Craft – A Melanie Falick Book

ISBN  – 978-1-61769-109-6

And, last week’s winners of the Cuddle Fabric Kit giveaway are Sandi G and Sue C. I will be in touch with you shortly to tell you how to get your prize!



 Enter To Win Cloth by Cassandra Ellis!

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121 Responses to Enter To Win Cloth by Cassandra Ellis!

  1. anne m says:

    Thanks for the give away :) I mostly work with cotton, but I would love to learn how to sew with hide and wool:)

  2. Margaret kuzmic says:

    I love everything about design and fabric

  3. Paula M says:

    I am a beginner that is just learning basic techniques. I started with cotton and linen, but would love to experience all types of materials in future projects!

  4. Jeri Noble says:

    I love to work with cotton but have been doing more with silk. I’d like to get better at it.

  5. Marsha Bacino says:

    I love working with flannel! It’s great to use when embroidering with appliqués! Cotton is always easy and plentiful! Also knits are fun to use when making projects for the kids!

  6. Marlene Stockard says:

    I love working with and wearing cotton. It is endlessly versatile and so comfortable to wear.

  7. Barb says:

    I like cotton. Love natural fibers, and cotton works for most projects.

  8. Cyndy Lacey says:

    I love working with silk. Any natural fiber is good, the draping of silk is the best!

  9. Jayne Berghorn says:

    I love silk and lace–working with them is so luxurious!

  10. kristen mcclary says:

    I work with cotton the most but I like silk too

  11. Kris says:

    I love linen like in the zakat projects

  12. Kristi D. says:

    Love working with cotton. Would like to learn to sew with silk. Love all kinds of fabric. love to just feel it.

  13. Sandi Gasper says:

    First off the book looks and sounds fabulous! My favorite textile to work with is ALL of it! I mostly use cotton, but I love texture and like to embellish with all kinds of different fibers.

  14. Deborah Cooper says:

    This books sounds very interesting. I would love to make something out of DUPONI Silk.

  15. Lois Auger says:

    Love cotton, but would love the chance to work with any of the other fabrics.

  16. Mindy Weaver says:

    I work mostly with quilting cottons, but love silks and linen. Would look forward to working with both of these fabrics.

  17. Lori Schlamp says:

    I love Cotton

  18. BJ Marley says:

    Lately I’ve been sewing polyester satin. But I also like to sew cottons.

  19. Shirley McCollough says:

    Love working with leather! Helps to use a leather needle and teflon foot.

  20. Heather Radcliff says:

    I love to sew on smooth cotton. I mostly hand embroider

  21. jeannie says:

    I mostly sew cottons. I love silks and linens and try to break out and try new things in new ways.

  22. Nancy Truhn says:

    I would love to win this, I have a passion for fine fabrics, but unfortunately do not have a budget for them.

  23. Frances colon says:

    I love to sew with cotton and soft handkerchief linen, they hold the seams extremely well and drape beautifully yet have enough body so as not to be clingy.

  24. Chris Capps says:

    I love to work with cotton and knits mostly, but lately have been trying a lot of denim. Making quilts out of old jeans and have been making alot of jean skirts.

  25. Kathren says:

    I need to quit the day-job so I can just sew!! I am inspired :D

  26. Irene McM. says:

    A silk and cotton blend has the most beautiful hand and is a simple luxury to wear.

  27. Jana Leonard says:

    I love cottons!!

  28. Mercedes W. says:

    Love working with cotton.

  29. Jayne Szilagyi says:

    I love quilting and so I use a lot of cotton fabrics! I also use cotton fabric to
    wallpaper in my house, by using straight liquid fabric starch instead of paste.
    My dining room was once completely done in toile; including walls, tablecloths
    and chair covers.

  30. sheri ahmet says:

    i love wool, i love using it as it drapes so beautifully and i love wearing it because when its cold its so cosy i recently found a beautiful piece of wool and silk mix it is so light but I’m thinking it would be warm to wear i must find something to make with it soon!!!

  31. Audrey Smith says:

    Love Cotten and other natural fibers.

  32. I would like to learn how to use suede leather. I have a good fabric stash, even the washable suede. Hopefully, I will glean some pointers in the section on hide in the new book if I win it..

  33. Patricia Hersl says:

    I’m a cotton girl and loving every minute of it. What caught my eye was the toile on the picture. I buy a bit of every one I see. Just love them and how they work so well with so many other prints. Cotton happy!

  34. V Lee says:

    So hard to pick a favourite – right now I am enchanted by linen.

  35. P.J. Miller says:

    This girl can never have enoigh fabric – but lately natural fibers are getting my focus. Id love this for more inspiration for using my collection.

  36. I noticed the window treatment in the photo with the cat on the hassock. The dovet on my bed has that same print; I bought it at the Pottery Barn. I would love to know where to purchase that fabric. And… I would love to win this book!!

  37. Debrah says:

    I love linen for Renaissance undergarments.

  38. Lynda Verdenik says:

    Cotton, silks, any natural fiber- love it.

  39. holly says:

    I love working with Batiste doing shadow embroidery or shocking. It is so light and falls so well.

  40. kbo says:

    I love working with linen, how it drapes and the feel of the fabric, not quite liking ironing it though.

  41. Maryanne says:

    If it’s fabric I will find a way to utilize it!!
    Just love playing with fabric and figuring out what to crate next.
    On a Japanese path at present, sashiko, silk and aiming for a serenity and meditation
    Mood with two of these quilts!

  42. Heather says:

    Mostly cotton.

  43. Linda gerig says:

    I like working with cotton. Linda gerig

  44. Judith Anderson says:

    Fabrics that are easiest to press as you sew along, so I guess cotton & linen are
    my favorites. Sewing is my passion, & I sew most every day.

  45. amy mayer says:

    I love cottons and especially linens!

  46. Rosemary Griffis says:

    My favorite fabric to work on is cotton. It does just about anything and is made in so many forms: cotton knit, quilting cottons, heavy or light. I also like linens. I loved making a Christening gown out of Swiss batiste for my granddaughters and machine embroidering their names and dates of Baptism. I also like rayon challis — it has a great hand and a myriad of prints and solids. I just finished “T-shirt dresses” for my GDs. Superhero T-shirt fabric is the most difficult I’ve ever worked with. There had to be an easier way, I kept telling myself, but never found it. I’d love to have this book because I’m a fabric junkie who just loves cloth.

  47. Teresa says:

    I’m obsessed with knit fabric!

  48. teri c says:

    Work mostly with cotton but love silk and linen.

  49. Lynette says:

    Love Sew news and all it’s great ideas ! All fabrics offer something to work on and make beautiful !