Make Your Own Bras – Pattern Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday sewists! We love giving things away, and we know you love winning things, so today we’re giving away 5 bra patterns from Kwik Sew, Bravo Bella and Pin-Up Girls!

We taught you all about making your own bras in the Feb/Mar and Apr/May issues of Sew News, (issues available here) and now you have a chance to win a great pattern to start from.

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Have you ever made your own bra? Maybe the idea has never even crossed your mind, but there are so many benefits to making your own bra. No more frustrating bra shopping, getting the perfect fit, and once you get the hang of it, make one in every color for a fraction of the cost of ready-made! Jump in to this new sewing adventure!

To enter to win one of the above bra patterns, answer the following question in the comments section below:

What’s your favorite sewing blooper?

Did you accidentally stitch the bodice upside down? Did you neglect to lay out the pattern pieces correctly on corduroy and end up with wales going every which way? Tell us your favorite blooper for a chance to win one of these great bra patterns.

We also want to hear about your bra sewing experiences. From the classes Anne St. Clair teaches, students are writing in to tell us it was easier than they expected. What experiences have you had sewing your own bra?

Comment on either topic before 10am EST tomorrow to be entered. Good luck, the winners will be contacted via email!

 Make Your Own Bras   Pattern Giveaway!
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291 Responses to Make Your Own Bras – Pattern Giveaway!

  1. Mel says:

    I would like a bra, I’m awkward number and cup size. The funniest blooper I ever know was sewing a heart pattern….and two of the hearts ended upside down. Or when I was first learning to quilt and I sewed the back pattern onto the front pattern and vice versa. Leaving some unwanted butterflies on the front and lines on the back….XD

  2. D Joh says:

    my very first sewing project was when I was 10 I was so proud of myself cut the pattern out all by myself pinned and sewed the jumpsuit together without asking mom for help when it was all done I held it up to take a good look at my hard work and oh my goodness I had somehow sewn the inseam of one of the legs to the under side of the armhole and down part of the side seam. mom took one look at it and laughed until she had tears rolling down her face. never did live down that mistake but I did learn from it.

  3. Barbara Cox says:

    I am not very proud – when sewing a long sleeved shirt I had one sleeve direction going down and one sleeve going up – pulled the stitches replaced the up sleeve and I did it again, the sleeve was pointing up. I decided it was not supposed to be and gave up. Now my friends all get a good laugh so it was not a complete failure.

  4. My biggest sewing blooper was when I was sewing a Santa costume for a teacher at my daughters’ school. He was a tall man and I took down all of his measurements. When I cut out the pants, I accidentally used the inseam measurement as the outside length. When he tried on the costume, the pants came to a little below his knees. Needless to say, the pants were way too short! Everything was perfect on the costume except for the fact that the pants were way too short!

  5. ronda perry says:

    Biggest sewing blooper was sewing tow legs together on a pair of pants. As for bra sewing never tried, but would love to due to the fact I have a larger bust. It is hard to find the proper fit.

  6. Maggie Flores says:

    On my first project I forgot to clip the notches on the curves so my collar never looked like it was supposed to but the puffy curvy look wasn’t so bad.

  7. kisia shaw says:

    I would love to have your pattern for a bra.I have sewed things upside down .

  8. Sheila says:

    One of my biggest bloopers was sewing and upholstering a fancy sofa in a very fine corduroy. I had been very careful to remember to cut all my pieces in the same direction but I had not counted on a wide-roll-over arm to come out two different colors. I would love to learn to make a great fitting bra. Ready made bras all have too short straps for me and are too far apart in the back. I am tired of spending a fortune and then having to some home and do extensions and alterations.

  9. Gracie hill says:

    Had to make my own bra just using material and copied from reg bras because my right is bigger than left breast. It’s not any fancy one just pulls up n gives support

  10. Joetta Gibbs says:

    my biggest sewing blooper was when I first started sewing. I was making brown knit gauchos with a matching bolero type vest. I had the gauchos completed when my parents wanted to see a swatch of the fabric. I thought I was cutting a swatch from leftover fabric, but ended up cutting from the completed gauchos. I was so mad at myself

  11. Cornelia du Preez says:

    The very first time I had to cut out out denim I ended up with 2 front right legs. Not funny if there is not enough denim left to cut another piece. So the jeans changed into very short, shorts.
    I was so proud of my first underwire bra and the perfect fit that I wanted to show it off to the world. LOL

  12. Emily says:

    I was sewing my blanket wrong sides together so I could pull them out right at the end. Well, I kinda forgot to leave space open to pull it out so I had to seam rip quite a bit then go back over it! It took forever!

  13. Kat Jones says:

    As a toddler, I begged my mom to let me sew. Finally at age 4 she let me have a piece of flannel and a real needle! I proceeded to sew the flannel to my pants. I was very upset but it didn’t stop me. I sewed every scrap of fabric I could get my little hands on. At about 9, my mom decided I could learn to use a real pattern. I faithfully followed all her instructions and carefully used her machine to put a simple blouse together. Then I cried my eyes out when I realized one of the sleeves was inside out! She helped me fix it and I wore the blouse out wearing it all the time! I’ve attempted bras but have not been happy with the results so far. This looks like a wonderful collection of patterns and I’d love to try them.

  14. Darlene Matz says:

    I made the cutest little kiddo back packs for my niece’s four little ones and went all the way to HI to deliver them. Only to discover that one strap on each was twisted! I’d like try making bras with untwisted straps.

  15. Dale Ellen says:

    sewing zipper in wrong side out.

  16. Heidi says:

    I think my biggest blooper happened when I was serging the seam on a acquaintance’s skirt and got part of the skirt caught in the serge. It made a hole and I had to replace the skirt:(
    I have never sewn a bra and just started to think that I should try. My bra straps never stay where they’re supposed to. Trying on bras doesn’t give enough time for the straps to fall before purchase.:(
    Please pick me.

  17. Beverley says:

    I have made two bras so far with the manuals sold by Pin Up Girls, and they are the best, most comfortable bras I have ever had! I’ve got several more I want to make, I go to the lingerie shops, snap pics of the ones I like then found the lingerie lace to make them. Beautiful, well fitted bras, that are fashionable and fit my 36H boobs!

  18. I would like to make my bras, I never am able to find one that is comfortable and fits right

  19. Tammy Kolowinski says:

    just stupid things…like sewing an arm sleeve to a shirt and catching the bodice up in the seam ….frustrating things like doing a collar wrong…one side doesn’t look even to the other side…grrrrr

  20. Janie says:

    Too many bloopers to even remember….however, one of the more recent – was making a diaper bag out of old jeans and sewed the side pockets on sideways (using the old jean pockets) – doesn’t hold much that way!

  21. Bonnie Hensley says:

    My biggest sewing blooper? Was sewing in the dining room, quilting a twin-sized quilt. Doing great, then for some reason the quilt would no longer move through the machine. Turns out that somehow I had stitched the tablecloth to the back of the quilt!

  22. Mary Koselke says:

    I was making a fitted suit coat and put the front piece in twice and put in the cut in pockets. There was no way to fix it.
    I would really like to make my own bras as I am hard to fit.

  23. Karon Wurst says:

    I had trouble following the instructions while in homec. class in middle school. After leaving school, I decided to make a gored skirt and vest without using a pattern, just using a skirt that I had and a blouse. They turned out beautiful. I also put in my first zipper at this time also. That was over 33 years ago.

  24. Sherry Jackson says:

    I made my husband a pair of dress pants that were three sizes too small. I misread the pattern and mistook the jacket size for the pant size.

  25. LisaRose says:

    My longest-to-correct blooper was meticulously hand-stitching antique lace all the way around a skirt before realizing it was on the wrong side!

  26. Debbie says:

    I made a matching top/skirt in the early eighties. A Liz Claiborne pattern. It was really nice. Used a small plaid and matched it perfectly. I ended up putting the buttonholes on the wrong side! I would love love love to try sewing a bra! Back in the stretch and see days I made underwear! That was fun. That one yard of 60″ navy blue lingerie fabric made a LOT of pairs of underwear! All the ladies in my family had matching ones for a time! Haha!

  27. Kam Murnion says:

    I have not sewn a bra before but would love to learn and has been many years since I have sewed to remember any memorable bloopers but would still love to win a pattern to start on.

  28. Ali B says:

    Sewing sleeves/legs of pants inside out. Makes me feel so smart! ! :-) I’d love to learn to make some more supportive bras, I’m a bit too endowed for all these wireless bralettes most gals my age can wear. :-)

  29. Catherine Kelly says:

    Cut out panne velvet skirt against the grain of the fabric. I was not able to hem it because the grain was all wrong.

  30. Harikleia Sirmans says:

    I’d love to have this pattern because I have a hard time finding bras in my size in the stores.

  31. Christy Snider says:

    My first attempt to sew for someone else was to make a shirt for my husband, then boyfriend. I had never noticed men botton their shirts backwards. Of course, he noticed right away. He gave it to his mother. She loved it, but I wasn’t. planning on wearing matching outfits with my soon to be mother-in-law.

  32. Maryanne says:

    Cutting two right bodices without enough fabric to replace error!!
    Always check two or three times now to make sure I am measuring and cutting correctly

    With my mighty chest would love the brace bra!!

  33. Kristin says:

    I’ve only sewed a bra-lette before. It was wonderful and surprisingly comfortable, but I’m going to attempt to make an underwire bra this summer – or at least a nicer version of the bralette I made!

    My biggest sewing blooper was my first dress. I french seamed it (twice!) the wrong way. I was not a happy camper hahaha.

  34. Cindy McCarty says:

    I am interested in seeing this bra pattern. ‘Sounds interesting to me! I have been saying that you pretty much have to “sell the farm” to buy a new bra these days.

  35. Salyer says:

    Mistake #1
    Was when I was making a shirt, and I sew it to my apron that I was wearing.

  36. Cynthia says:

    My biggest sewing mistake was when I was first learning how to quilt I sewed the front and backing together forgetting the batting inside. Thank goodness it was just lap size.

  37. Debra says:

    The incident that makes me laugh is the where I was cleaning out the sewing room and found a pattern for a dress pinned to the fabric but never cut out. The funny part is it was for daughter number 2, if I finished the dress it would not have fit daughter #4. How long had it been since I cleaned out that fabric? We all laughed at that one.

  38. Brenda Baker says:

    I would love to win a pattern for making bra,s……….My biggest blooper was when I first started sewing & I was making a dress for my 1 year old daughter, while sewing around the neck facing both sides of the skirt were busy burning on the cigarette I had on the ashtray right next to the machine…that was 46 years ago & I do not smoke anymore…

  39. alaskapsych says:

    I don’t know where to start with bloopers! But I have made a bra and found it to be comfortable and a great project. Would love to win!

  40. Heather says:

    So many ‘bloopers’ so little time to write! Ha! I guess my biggest mistake every was trying to sew 3 cobalt blue cotton velvet bridesmaids dresses in my teeny tiny dorm room in college. The ‘fluff’ was incredible – blue fuzzies EVERYWHERE – and my poor roommate was a neat freak! We almost had words about the cobalt treads, but thankfully, after several weeks of cleaning and 5 lint rollers, our tiny domicile returned to normal!

  41. Nicki says:

    Many when I was young and learning to sew……I remember ripping out quite a bit. I remember not getting the bottom fabric out of the way and sewing the seam to it :(
    I would like to learn to make bras.