Make Your Own Bras – Pattern Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday sewists! We love giving things away, and we know you love winning things, so today we’re giving away 5 bra patterns from Kwik Sew, Bravo Bella and Pin-Up Girls!

We taught you all about making your own bras in the Feb/Mar and Apr/May issues of Sew News, (issues available here) and now you have a chance to win a great pattern to start from.

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Have you ever made your own bra? Maybe the idea has never even crossed your mind, but there are so many benefits to making your own bra. No more frustrating bra shopping, getting the perfect fit, and once you get the hang of it, make one in every color for a fraction of the cost of ready-made! Jump in to this new sewing adventure!

To enter to win one of the above bra patterns, answer the following question in the comments section below:

What’s your favorite sewing blooper?

Did you accidentally stitch the bodice upside down? Did you neglect to lay out the pattern pieces correctly on corduroy and end up with wales going every which way? Tell us your favorite blooper for a chance to win one of these great bra patterns.

We also want to hear about your bra sewing experiences. From the classes Anne St. Clair teaches, students are writing in to tell us it was easier than they expected. What experiences have you had sewing your own bra?

Comment on either topic before 10am EST tomorrow to be entered. Good luck, the winners will be contacted via email!

 Make Your Own Bras   Pattern Giveaway!
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291 Responses to Make Your Own Bras – Pattern Giveaway!

  1. Cynthia says:

    I just made a comically huge bathing suit from a vintage pattern. Let’s just say it leaves nothing to the imagination

  2. Denise Savage says:

    My sewing blooper was when I was learning how to sew on a machine in school. I made a beautiful apron and not only wanted to add a pocket but I wanted to be creative and add two. The only thing is I wanted to add them diagonally one on top of the other. Of course the top one sewed half way through the bottom one and rendered it un useable!

  3. Deb Bowman says:

    Of all the thousands of things I have made, I have not tried to make a bra–I am inspired after reading this and will give it a try. My biggest blooper–the very first log cabin quilt that I made, I turned the last square–didn’t notice it until it was totally done…so it forever remains like that, I look at it and smile! Chalk one up to the learning experience!

  4. Karen Burkee says:

    My biggest blooper was when I was hand sewing and sewed the garment right to my own clothes! Only took one time for that to happen.

  5. Mary Fortuna says:

    My biggest sewing blooper…I was making a wedding gown and had it all done except for the final press. I was Pressing the front panel of the gown and my iron had a mind of its own! It overheated and needless to say, I burned a hole in the sheer skirt front. I had a piece of lace just big enough to create a lovely triangle shaped piece that went from side seam to side seam and the Bride loved the extra!!

  6. brenda g says:

    my biggest sewing blooper was thinking that my finger was part of the material. Yes, I ran over my finger with the sewing machine while learning how to sew my first panty. … I think I am now no longer afraid of the machine

  7. My biggest sewing blooper happened in college. I sewed an 8-gored skirt out of crushed velvet (not cheap fabric!) and didn’t realize that for a fabric with a two-way nap I had to change the direction of some of the pattern pieces. The skirt wound up with four shiny panels intersected with four dull panels. I thought it was beautiful and wore it anyway.

  8. Cristina says:

    My biggest blooper occurred just as I was completing my first pair of pants, the perfect cream linen for my beach vacation. Unfortunately, I decided to serge finish all the seams. All was going well until I tried to serge the crotch seams and made a giant hole in the seat of the pants!

  9. Susan M says:

    My biggest blooper: I found this remnant of material that had creases in it similar to broomstick and thought the fabric would make a lovely peasant type blouse. I was trying to make all of the pieces fit onto the fabric I had, and ended up cutting out one sleeve having vertical pleats and the other sleeve having horizontal pleats.

  10. Toni Cox says:

    My biggest blooper was when I first began sewing. My first project was a pair of shorts. I could not understand how to put the legs seams together at the crotch area. And I just kept repeating the error over and over and un-stitching and resewing and never could get it right. I’m sure I did it ten times before my mother finally took it away from me and fixed it. To this day I have to be careful when sewing anything with legs. Lol.

  11. Cheri vaughn says:

    I had made a pants suit that I was very proud of. I needed to shorten the pants. I was in a hurry. I cut off the same leg twice.

  12. Jerilyn Lowe says:

    I once sewed a beautiful little girls dress in my newly set up studio. I brought it downstairs to show my husband when it was finished, and realized that the two fabrics I chose didn’t match in natural light. They had looked great under the fluorescent lights. LOL! I now have Ottlites.
    I would love to win these patterns, as shopping for these items can be such a hassle!

  13. Margaret Crammer says:

    My favorite blooper is …… I sewed my rather large billowy sleeve to the bodice of a dress I was making. When I lofted my arm, the dress lifted with I. Boy was my face red. Lol

  14. Annette says:

    Blooper: when making a bag, cutting the zipper without making sure the ring pull was in the right place. Had to replace the whole thing. I would love to try sewing a bra!

  15. Chris A says:

    As a young ride I decided to make us matching outfits. All went well until attempted to make the fly on the pants in the end I end up with button holes and buttons. Goodthingtheshirts were long enough to cover my mistake! The last time I are a bra I was a size A cup and it was a simple job. Now I amd assize double ddand I want a bra to support and still be comfortable. Do they make a pattern like that.

  16. I’ve been sewing for a long time, so people get the idea that I’m a pro. And they ask me to fix things for them. One time I was asked to mend a designer queen-size bed sheet that had a folded-over edge at the top with a tiny little strip of piping sewn just under the hemmed edge. I thought it would be simple, but instead it was impossibly hard to do. The hemmed seam had come unsewn and the hem was unraveled and it didn’t have a pressed edge any more to use as a guide. I botched the job so badly. Such a large amount of fabric, so many puckers in the seam, so off-center. The person kept saying, “It’s ok, it’s ok…”

  17. Susanne Ascue says:

    Finishing a dress and as I serged the side seams I realized I caught the center of the fabric into it and cut that too.

  18. Laurie Shearer says:

    I love to sew!!! It would be fabulous to win this pattern. I would use it a lot.
    I would love to win a subscription to the magazine. There are so many beautiful things offered in every issue.

  19. ruth philps says:

    I have made bra style bodices before but it was back in the 80′s, they always looked a bit conical at the front ie: Madonna!! It was not intentional at all, would love a pattern to try again with. My biggest blooper was cutting a vintage maxi dress into a mini and it showed my friends underpants. I had to add a layer to the bottom and it ruined the dress..have always regretted it!

  20. Jan C. says:

    I learned basic sewing skills in 9th grade, and since my mother was a good
    seamstress & made a lot of my dresses, I didn’t sew much after that year.
    When I was 18 years old, my mother was on a trip and I decided that I would
    make myself a dress…so very confident! It looked pretty good, except when
    I finished I found that I had put the zipper in upside down.

  21. Eve says:

    My biggest blooper was when I was working on a slipcover. Somehow I sewed the hem of the dress I was wearing into one of the seams of my slipcover. This is something I do all the time when hand stitching but only the once with my machine. I guess I am just very attached to my projects.

    I would love to make a bra! I have a few old favorites that may someday be deconstructed to make a pattern. I’d prefer to learn with a new pattern.

  22. Linda C says:

    I made a top with flowered fabric and let’s just say that I had flowers blooming on mountain tops. I couldn’t wear the top out of the house. I felt like it was staring at me.
    I haven’t tried sewing bras yet but it is on my list of things to sew.

  23. Suubi Njuki says:

    My biggest sewing blooper was the back of a dress made for a bridal party…this girl had a very small waist and a fuller backside so to accomodate that I added an unsightly V shaped wedge…still wince when I think about it ;-( oooo it was horrible

  24. Jess Z says:

    My favorite sewing blooper has to be from the first attempt to make a dress. I had made wallets, purses and other accessories, so naturally, I considered myself a pro! ;) I decided to draft my own pattern since I had been designing and making my own things since I began sewing and was feeling confident- big mistake! I made a basic shift dress pattern and went to town. I was thrilled with the side and neck seams. I was finishing my arm seams and was ready to try it on, until I realized something had gone horribly wrong. I did not give my arm hole and sleeves enough seam allowance and I could not put my arms through. It was awful! My husband laughed uncontrollably when I showed him. The sleeves were so small, I could barely fit my hand in them. I now keep it to remind me to not get too overconfident with a project and to ALWAYS double check if I’ve allowed enough seam allowances.

  25. LA Jensen says:

    I have a hard time finding bra to fit. Would love to win a pattern.

    The biggest sewing faux pas for me was when my granddaughter brought me her new Lulu Lemon pants for me to shorten. She and her whole family were there and all taking to me while I was doing the job. I carefully measured the first leg, cut the excess of, then used the cut off portion to measure the other leg only to realize that I cut the second excess off the same leg as I did the first time. I’ve been sewing for some 50 plus years and never before made such a ridiculous mistake. We all had a good laugh.

  26. I would love to make my own bra…maybe it would actually fit better than what I buy.
    My blooper was the pair of sweat pants for my husband. He could never find any long enough. The pants I made were long enough and wide enough for two of him! About sic months later they were perfect for me. Too long of course, but being pregnant with twins I lived in those pants as my belly grew!

  27. Sherry says:

    My sewing blooper happened back when I took a class on hand tailoring. It seemed I worked for months hand stitching and molding the collar and lapels of a wool suit jacket. I was pretty tired of the project but, finally made it to the end where I just had to stitch the lining to the hem line of the jacket on the inside. I laid it out carefully on the floor, stitched away, finished, rolled it up ready to hand in. My intructor picked it up and held it at arms lenght and started to laugh. I had sewn the lining about 3 inches to short and the jacket looked like a wreck. All those hours. ugh.

  28. Marlene Stockard says:

    I would love make my own bras. My biggest sewing blooper was when I was making a bright yellow playsuit for my daughter. I wasn’t paying close enough attention while installing the zipper and sewed thru the tip of a finger. I was so upset over getting blood on the front of her new outfit.

  29. Velosewer says:

    I’ve sewn a fitted jacket with welt pockets and:
    I was using the wrong side of the fabric. I even fused the fabric.
    The pockets were not at the same height, so I have to prepare another pocket welt on the same jacket. There’s 2 pockets on the right and 1 pocket on the left.
    Very couture!

    I still wear this jacket to work:)

  30. Mama Lusco says:

    Last year, my Easter dress had one skirt panel sewn on wrong-side-out. It was hard to tell the difference until it was all finished! I have never sewn a bra but would love to try!

  31. Elizabeth says:

    When I made my first pair of pajama pants, I managed to sew on one half inside out. I love my seam ripper!

    Would love to sew with the Pin-up Girls patterns, especially “Shelley”!!!

  32. Denise says:

    I dont know if this is considered a blooper but i have a dress left unfinished bbecause i didnt measure. I followed the pattern as written only to discover my hips dont fit their measurement even though i fit that size. So it awaits until i come up with a way to fix it without it looking like i made a mistake its been waiting since 2005.

  33. Joy says:

    I put the snaps on backwards on a diaper I sewed. Took many tries to get it right and wasted quite a few snap sets! After that I spent the time to really think out the placement of each snap.
    I would love to sew a custom bra for myself. Shopping for them is sooo frustrating.

  34. ida strickland says:

    I would like to make one.

  35. Frances colon says:

    One of my biggest bloopers was when I had made a beautiful spliced top with striped fabric forming a diamond pattern and then when i made the skirt which was a wrap around version, I didn’t realize until the moment when I was putting the outfit on that I had sewn the skirt going from left to right instead of rt to left. It just ruined the whole look, time and effort I had spent on it!

  36. Mary Jo says:

    As anexperienced sewer and trying to teach someone how to cut out a pattern I cut a major piece out backwards and had no more frabric to correct it.

  37. Judy A says:

    My favorite blooper: As a newlywed, I wanted to impress my husband with my sewing skills. I set to make him a pair of workout pants of this neat knit fabric. Didn’t even think that I would need to preshrink knit. The pants sewed out perfectly, looked nice, and then I washed them. I never have seen fabric shrink that much. Before washing they were ankle length; after washing, they just barely covered his knees. Learned my lesson there. Even knit gets prewashed now.

  38. Chantay Heidenthal says:

    My biggest sewing blooper was sewing sleeves in backwards and inside out. It was a very long night and my brain was tired but ” I just had to get the sleeves in”.
    Making my own bras would be great and ecomonical.

  39. Susan says:

    My biggest blooper was accidentally cutting the front of a brides made dress for a wedding party and no more fabric to replace skirt. I ended up being able to mend with a light interfacing and a clear thread, mending stitch. It was a mirical that it worked. Because the cut was a big one! I have not tried a bra pattern yet. Would like to try. I have built shelf bras, inserted bra cups in dresses, built corsets for Victorian garments, make swimwear.

  40. Mary O says:

    I just read in the latest Sew News about bra making. I would love to make a bra. I think I can surely make one fit better than a purchased one.

  41. Beth v. says:

    When I first learned to sew no one told me there was a right side and a wrong side to the fabric. I made a pair of clam diggers in 6th grade and the front of one leg was dark blue whilst the rest of the pants were a lighter blue.

  42. Misti says:

    Trying to quickly put in an invisible zip without changing the presser foot and stitching thru the zipper coil. Then wondering, Why won’t this zip????

  43. Lucy Thpmas says:

    I’ve wanted to sew my own under thing for a while now. This is great!
    I sew for friends some times. one time I had 6 or 8 pair of jeans to hem, all 25″. After finishing them I had a pair for myself to hem. Don’t you know I automatically hemmed them at 25″ when I need 27″. new pedal pushers.

  44. Joyce Andersen says:

    What blunder have I NOT made is more like it! Ha!

    My first (and at this point, only) attempt at bra-making was around 1970-71. I was in high school and didn’t have access to any of the correct fabrics, so let’s just say- polyester double knit is not really good fabric for a bra!

    I think it’s time to get over that nightmare, and try again.

  45. Carol t says:

    I am between bra sizes and would love to make my own bras. I looked in all the pattern books and could not fine any pattern.

  46. sewing lace inside out

  47. Kitty Austin says:

    My biggest blooper was making my hubby a pair of summer shorts back in the 80′s when “jams” were in style. I sewed them up in a rush because we were heading for the beach and he wanted to wear them while on vacation. He put them on at the hotel and headed out. After a while my son who was probably all of 6 asked why the birds on daddy’s shorts were upside down….it was a tropical print with toucans on branches and I had not realized there was an up and a down to the print! He looked down at himself and said “they look right side up to me” which made it even worse because I couldn’t stop laughing…he never wore them again!!

  48. Carol K E says:

    I had nearly completed an appliqué when I realized one of the words was misspelled.

  49. Melinda Johnson says:

    sewing blooper: When finishing a prom dress with an overlay that had hooks to attach it to the hand beaded underdress, the day of prom of course, I sewed the hooks on the wrong side of the overlay and had to sew my daughter into her dress as I didn’t realize it until she went to put it on.

  50. When I made my first skirt, a strait one with 6 panels, I did not know anything about seam allowances.Some were an inch, or two, or less. I only wore it once.