Free Stuff Friday – Enter to win a fun prize!

fabric glooms Free Stuff Friday   Enter to win a fun prize!To bring in a little more spring today’s giveaway is Fabric Blooms: 42 flowers to make, wear & adorn your life by Megan Hunt.

If you would like to be entered to win today’s free prize tell me in the comments section below, what your favorite season to sew is. Or what is your all around favorite season.

Remember to put your comments in the box below and one winner will be picked next Friday.

Good luck!

Last week’s winner of the Perfect Party Dresses is – Vickie. I will be in touch with you shortly to tell you how to get your book.


 Free Stuff Friday   Enter to win a fun prize!

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91 Responses to Free Stuff Friday – Enter to win a fun prize!

  1. Diane Juenemann says:

    I like to sew anytime, but always seem to be inspired in the spring. I would love to have the Fabric Flowers book to make embellishments for summer hats.

  2. Debbie Chenooweth says:

    I love to sew in the fall for Christmas presents. My family must make at least one homemade present for each person and/or family.

  3. Pam says:

    I love sewing for all seasons. Winter is my favorite — Christmas ans Snowmen!

  4. Melissa Erwin says:

    I love sewing all my summer stuff in the winter, and vice-versa. Takes the pressure off and keeps it fun!

  5. Linda Phillips says:

    Love to sew year round, but fall is my fav!!!

  6. Krista R says:

    I find my creativity is more active in the Spring and Summer times.

  7. Peggy Schaff says:

    I sew everyday. My sewing machine never gets put away. I wake up with new project’s everyday. It is too bad that I can’t sew more. I guess people would say that sewing is my drug of choice.

  8. Victoria says:

    Every moment of every day I love to sew… any season, anytime… I don’t know how I got through college because I stayed up and sewed all night my passion so strong to sew I couldn’t sleep… long complete the outfit at six in the morning and wear it to college that very day!

  9. Kelli says:

    My favorite season to sew is summer since I have more time.

  10. Marlene says:

    I’m ready for some flower’s this Spring.

  11. Angie says:

    Love to sew in the fall….when I’m inspired to get crazy-busy sewing for craft shows!! It bugs my husband who says “why don’t you start earlier?” :)

  12. Mary Beth Niedermier says:

    Fall – Halloween Costumes, Back to School clothes, Falls things for the home, there is so much to sew plus you are ready to come indoors and burrow into your sewing room!

  13. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    I love to sew all year around, I know that the closer to Christmas we get, the more everyone talks about sewing. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  14. Mindy Weaver says:

    This is a beautiful book. I love to try new things.

  15. Jaye Knight says:

    My favorite all time season is spring. We’re farmers and so spring brings lots of work and lots of joy.

  16. Theresa Brooks says:

    Fall, when I am getting ready for Christmas!

  17. Vwren says:

    I sew all year round (every chance I get), but I find myself “nesting” every spring, with all kinds of new fresh ideas that tumble into my mind too quickly to even remember them all!

  18. Stephanie Henry says:

    Winter! Too distracted by nice weather to be indoors!

  19. wendy says:

    I sew all year round/ I like early spring. the bright colors help spring along.

  20. Marlene Stockard says:

    I love to sew year round, but my favorite season is Fall. I love to sew Christmas gifts.

  21. Renejayne Bonner says:

    Winter, once all the vegetables and flower beds are finished and resting up for next year. I find I can concentrate on sewing. I buy patterns and material all through the seasons and come the winter storms and snow… I sew.

  22. Lynn B. says:

    I sew all year long. My favorite season is SPRING!

  23. Rhonda Whitt says:

    Love to sew year round.

  24. My favorite season is the Fall. I like to sew whenever the mood strikes me.

  25. Audrey says:

    I’d love to learn to make more flowers. So easy to use in decorating or adding that bling to things.

  26. Kayla O. says:

    I love to make summer dresses for my daughter!

  27. Carol K E says:

    I’m busy making summer play clothing for our grandchildren.

  28. Delia says:

    My favorite time to sew is for Halloween. I just love the time of year and the wonderful colors that time of year conjures up.

  29. Angela Wallis says:

    My favourite season is Friday nights through to Saturday mornings, thats my sewing time.

  30. Rina Mason says:

    I love to sew year round but my favorite time to sew is in the summer when it’s to hot to go outside. My favorite season is Autumn, love the colors, the temps and the decorations.

  31. Annette L says:

    Winter is best because I have too much yard work in warm months

  32. Julie Thoman says:

    I love springtime. Everything is so fresh and new. Living in NH winters can be long and grey. I enjoy the new spring colors and prints.

  33. Banner Witt says:

    Sewing in the summer is the only way to go! I love the sun, the breeze and the inspiration all around.

  34. Lois Fair Sausedo says:


  35. Banner Witt says:

    I have started sewing outside during the summer! There are a few necessary adjustments but for the most part it is lovely! I am blessed with a nice deck out in the country to set up on too.

  36. Rita Baker says:

    I love to sew and quilt and make crafts year round.

  37. Rita Baker says:

    I love to sew and craft year round.

  38. Shyla Bohall says:

    I love sewing all year long but my favorite season is winter. I enjoy being outdoors when there is good weather but when we get a snow storm there is nothing I would rather do than stay in my sewing room all day long…into the night too. :)

  39. Joni G says:

    I love autumn but sew year round

  40. Carol Medrzycki says:

    Love your website and blog

  41. Lisa Schoenoff says:

    Any day, Any time, any season, any month…all good times for me to sew! :o )

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  42. Vivienne C Aho says:

    Each season has a highlight for me. In the fall I like machine piecing quilts. In winter I like finishing quilts (and quilting them) and sewing big, heavy, or fluffy things. In spring, I like making wall art and clothing. In summer I like any kind of hand sewing that I can take outside. These are seasonal focuses — I still do everything all year long, especially if I am inspired by something or someone.

  43. Patti Denniston says:

    Don’t type as well as I sew.
    Love to sew anytime.

  44. Jane Timmins says:

    I like to sew all year round.

  45. Patti Denniston says:

    Love to see anytime!

  46. Lori Nichols says:

    Flowers are such an easy way to embellish ANYTHING, from headbands, barrettes, necklines, hems to purses, bags, pencil cups and so much more!

  47. Heather Roach says:

    I’m too new to sewing to have a favorite sew season but I love fall!

  48. Janel Miller says:

    My favorite season is spring. It’s so nice to sew new things for the warmer weather. I live in Florida, so it is just warmer weather.

  49. Donna Chadwick says:

    I love to sew year round !