Enter to win Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes!

stylishhandbagslarge Enter to win Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes!Don’t hear much complaining on a Friday, especially when we’ve got Free Stuff Friday!

In the April/May issue of Sew News the Off the Shelf column featured Choly Knight’s Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes.  Knight’s book is packed with ideas for making your own stylish handbag or tote plus you will get expert guidance on picking fabrics, hardware and detailed how tos and instruction. This book is filled with over 50 bags to make plus full size patterns are included. It’s great for the sewing newbie as well as sewists that are more advanced and need a little inspiration.

And, really can we every have too many sewing books? I think not.

Plus, get a look at the bag that Choly made that is featured in the book on page 136.  It’s roomy, trendy and great for a laptop, tablet of school books. Please check out Choly’s blog Sew Desu Ne for more fun projects, tutorials and more or visit her Facebook page at Shori Ameshiko.

photo 26 Enter to win Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes!For the question that you will need to answer in order to be entered to win Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes and a bag made by Choly Knight herself, what is your favorite type of bag or purse. Do you need a huge back breaker tote bag or are you more inclined towards small purses that hold just a few essentials.

Let me know in the comments section below. One winner will be picked and announced on the next Free Stuff Friday.

Plus, the winner from the Meet the Designer is… Sandy R who loves her fabric store The French Seam with over 1000 bolts of beautiful fashion fabrics and modern quilting cottons this sounds absolutely amazing.  If you are ever in the Indianapolis area be sure to check it out!

Hmm, I feel the strong need to go to Indianapolis. Sandy, I will be in touch with you to tell you how to claim your prize. Happy fabric shopping at The French Seam!

 Enter to win Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes!

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215 Responses to Enter to win Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes!

  1. Dottie Garrison says:

    I like fairs for gbagly large bags with lots of pockets. I love to sew and want to start making bags for gifts.

  2. Connie S. says:

    I like bags that are just large enough to have lots of organizing pockets. I’ve tried Hobo bags and I’m tired of everything falling to the bottom in a big lump. When I make bags for gifts, the medium sized bags with lots of pockets get the most positive reception.

  3. Jeanne R Wolfe says:

    I knew I had reached the middle ages when I had to turn to the cross-body handle on a small bag that holds all the essentials [zipper pouches for hair, lips, Rx drugs & pens; epi-pen, wallet, tiny planner and checkbook] without hurting my shoulders and back.

  4. Sharon Lang says:

    I like a medium size bag that I can carry all necessary things in.

  5. Teresa Stearn says:

    I love bags, cant say how much. I do like medium size bags that cant fit lots in an are organised to thats helpful. Like beach bags to an cross body bags so helpful when shopping :)

  6. Janet Lynn Deaton says:

    I like shoulder bags on the smallish side but not too tiny. I am wanting to begin to make handbags so I am interested in all the help I can find. Thank you.

  7. Normally I like a medium size bag. But I’m going to make a really big tote soon. BIG tote!

  8. Beth Shelton says:

    I have been wanting to make a few purses of all sizes. My preference is small to medium. I cannot find a purse that is “me”. Perhaps it is time to start !

  9. Brenda says:

    I love to make and use all types of bags, especially with zippers!

  10. Clarice Brown says:

    I prefer smaller lighter weight bags with pockets all around.

  11. Vickey says:

    Hello my Name is Vickey & I’m a. Somewhat of a newbie I. Been quiltin for about 1 1/2 now. A friend taught me after all these years she.s been knowin how to sew never mentioned 1 word about it humm was I upset but also I would like to subscribe to ur magazine so I can Learn newer Fancy Quilting. Thanks plez let me know how.

  12. Susan says:

    I love light weight handbags with a flap or a zipper that fits close to my upper body due to back problems. Oh, must have an outside pocket as well!

  13. Daniela says:

    Really trying to adjust to a smaller bag. Love my totes and medium bags. My problem is I’ve “Never met a bag I didn’t like.”

  14. Ernie Acuna says:

    I love to make all kinds of bags. My mother and sisters are always asking for new ones. Too bad I don’t charge them. I would make a fortune.

  15. Marion Bruce says:

    I love making different types of purses! My favorite is the hobo bag!

  16. Mama Lusco says:

    I love big shoulder bags with lots of zippers!

  17. Laura M says:

    I prefer a medium to small bag. I try not to carry my life in my purse :-)

  18. Elicia P says:

    My favorite style bag is a hobo/bucket tote. They pretty much hold/hide everything!

  19. I remember making a draw string bag in the 6th grade! Bags of all sizes are nice to have

  20. Susan says:

    I enjoy to sew all periods of historical clothing, vintage styles, as well as I have a swimsuit business. I make from the littlest suit to full suits,. I have been sewing since I was little, my gran moths taught me. I enjoy making vintage style bags, hobo bags.
    Thank you

  21. Krista Golden says:

    I prefer the hobo bag, but I also like organization with pockets and zippers.

  22. Jill spackman says:

    I use a crossbody bag. Just big enough to fit my wallet, comb, and a lipstick.

  23. Patti Avery says:

    I like in-between bags, not to big and not to small. I also like them to have lots and lots of pockets on the inside and some on the outside.

  24. Sue Lyn says:

    My favourite kind of bags are medium size tote bag that comes together with a long strap for versatility and they can fit my daily essentials. As a beginner in sewing, I would love to learn to make different types of bags and see the outcome. I hope to be able to learn more about sewing bags with the various patterns and instructions from the book.

  25. Lori Mehrer says:

    I don’t like the back breaker purses anymore. I don’t need to carry that much with me everyday. They were great when my kids were young though. Past the diaper stage but still needed to carry a few extra items. Now I prefer a medium size bag. Usually no bigger than approx. 8×10 or so. I don’t mind if it’s a deeper purse but I really only like to carry a wallet, my phone and a few essentials like a pen, small pad of paper, lip gloss & tissues.

  26. Becky Hill says:

    I enjoy making bags and giving them as gifts. Yesterday my June/July issue of Sew News arrived, I am anxious to make the Tote bag on the cover.

  27. I like bags on the smaller size that are wide enough to open and have everything in order to find easily. Must have several pockets and close at the top by zipper.
    I like it stylish and out of fun fabrics.

  28. scarlet says:

    I love tote bag,messenger and hobo,and i like to make all kinds of bags.

  29. Dianna says:

    I need a big comfy bottomless bag- sometimes it’s a pain digging around in there, but I carry Soso much stuff- small toys for kids, makeup, paper and pen to write things down, band aids, a bottle of water, lollipops for meltdown emergencies (theirs or mine), etc, etc, etc. lol.

  30. Paula F. says:

    My favorite bags end up being totes that I can also carry my computer or iPad in. I also like cross body bags for when I need my hands free.

  31. Libby Roseman says:

    I love a medium size bag that I can carry on my shoulder. That’s my favorite, but I love, love handbags…all sizes and shapes. They definitely can make a statement. I enjoy making them, too. I have evening bags that were my mom’s from the 30s and 40s and some bags of mine from the 60s. Love them all.

  32. Laura Kerr says:

    My favorite bags are tall round diaper bag totes because they hold lots of stuff and will fit into the basket carriers are any stroller.

  33. Linda Weidner says:

    I lean towards mostly everything! LOL day to day medium size, small cross body bags for concerts and tiny clutches for dress up ocassions

  34. I like big bags. And yes, since you asked, I absolutely need every one of the approximately one hundred items I carry around with me every day. ;-)

  35. Lori Barber says:

    I carry a small purse, just big enough to hold the things I need while shopping and a larger bag for the extras. I love the way it looks around my neck like a chic necklaces and I don’t have to worry about losing it.

  36. sabra robinson says:

    We have made bags and totes in my quilting class. My girls like the tote bags the most. I perfer medium size bags.

  37. Wanda Jones says:

    I like a small, multi-section purse for essentials that I can carry alone or in a larger bag.

  38. Kim Watson says:

    I prefer a small purse that holds only the necessary items.

  39. MelodyJ says:

    I like medium sized bags. My favorite styles are messenger and hobo.

  40. Definitely a big, back-breaking bag!
    But, it has to have pockets to keep things organized.

  41. Linda Sanford says:

    I am learning to make different types of purses and bags and LOVE IT!! Love being able to try new things and see the amazing results. so I love all patterns and instructions.

  42. venita abel says:

    I like a medium size bag that is VERY organized, with lots of pockets.

  43. Susan Sullivan says:

    I like to carry a tote bag to craft shows so that I can fit a small purse with my keys, credit card, and money inside where I know it will be safe. That said, for my regular purse, it seems that I gravitate towards larger purses to carry all the stuff I can’t leave home without!

  44. Barb S. says:

    Love a sling tote with lots of pocket for everyday and medium size purse if I don’t need to carry my whole life around.

  45. Denise Zeman says:

    Both! I need the back breaker tote for my commute into the office and the little clutch for everything else!

  46. Janie says:

    I like a bag with lots of pockets, both inside and out; handles long enough to put over my head; big enough to hold my wallet, sundries bag, writing notebook, pen, pencil, check book, address book, myriad sets of keys, hand cleaner, and so forth….just not so huge I can’t carry it comfortably! Looks like a very fascinating book!

  47. kell says:

    Depends on the season but usually use one to carry the essentials that I need.

  48. I have a wide variety of bags from large, hobo, cross body, medium, small. I prefer a larger cross body with lots of pockets inside and out. But if I am going shopping all day I want a small cross body for bare essentials. Winning this book would be awesome!

  49. Inita Bermudez says:

    Big Bag, oh ya

  50. Annette says:

    I like smaller bags but I find myself making a lot of library totes and grocery bags.