Find out how to become a Certified Sulky Teacher! Get a discount code for $100 off!

logo magical thread art Find out how to become a Certified Sulky Teacher! Get a discount code for $100 off!Love sewing and creating? Have you thought about taking your passion and teaching others? Or just want to earn extra cash to use at the fabric store! If you love sewing and would love to teach others the very thing you’re passionate about Sulky now has a 3 month long online course that can make you a certified sewing teacher.

Sew News is excited to announce this fantastic opportunity with Sulky. You may have heard of Sulky’s certification program, well now you can experience all the fun of their program in the comfort of your own home. No need to book flights, or wait for a chance for them to come to you, now you can get all the benefits right from your home.

We get many inquires about how to take a passion for sewing and turn it into either a full-time or part-time career. One of the best ways is to show the world that you know your “stuff” is to have a certificate from a highly esteemed establishment to back up your experience.

You may be asking, what’s in it for me?

  1. This is a three month class. Not three days, three months, so a lot is covered in that time!
  2. You can take the classes in the comfort of you home. No traveling, great for those who don’t like to fly!
  3. Video instruction by the top professionals in their field.
  4. The classes are live &  you can ask questions just as you would in a regular classroom setting.
  5. Comprehensive, tried and true curriculum, lesson plans, reproducible class handouts, full color photos which show you step-by-step how to create each project, plus Sewing and Business Education.
  6. The Sulky brand, name and company is a highly valued  leader in the sewing, quilting and machine embroidery world.
  7. You will make 10 projects during the course and you will learn over 60 beautiful machine art techniques.
  8. Also included is instruction on how to teach others sewing and quilting.
  9. Last but not least if you register before August 5, 2014 you can get a $100.00 off the course fee! Coupon code is SN100. Use this code at checkout, but hurry seats are filling up fast (only 45 available!).

Here is how to get started!

Go to Craft Online University to sign up. Classes start September 8th.

You’ll find all sorts of valuable information on the class and all the specifics.

When ready to register use the discount code SN100.

And, you will be on your way!

Sulky MagicalThreadTraining Facebook eventx Find out how to become a Certified Sulky Teacher! Get a discount code for $100 off!


 Find out how to become a Certified Sulky Teacher! Get a discount code for $100 off!

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7 Responses to Find out how to become a Certified Sulky Teacher! Get a discount code for $100 off!

  1. jerilynn says:

    I would love to share the love of sewing,quilting and embroidery but I’m not sure if I would qualify for the certification class, as I’m still in the learning stages myself. I have been on a learning curve for the past 4 years and consider myself an advanced beginner. So please let me know what the prerequisites are for getting certified.
    Thank you,

    • Jill says:

      I think these classes would be great fit for an advanced beginner. I’m going to reply to you via email as well and can talk more. Thanks!

  2. Tambra Vandal says:

    We should not have to call anyone to find out what supply’s would be or not be included in this course. Sounds very intriguing, but for price I too would like to know up front what other cost I may have to cover.

  3. Loisann Langlois says:

    Thank you for your prompt reply

  4. Loisann Langlois says:

    I find it a little disturbing that you expect someone to register for this course at $399.00-499.oo but do not disclose the supply list / cost prior to signing up. I would like to know the complete cost of the course including the supplies prior to signing up.

    • Jill says:

      Hello Lois,

      You can call Sulky at 1-800-874-4115 or email at for more information. They should be able to answer any questions regarding the Sulky Certification classes.

  5. Sharon says:

    All though a $100 off the class is nice, then comes the supply list. Fabric, batting, Sulky color threads you don’t own, & all the supplies along with your sewing supplies. While I would love to do this, I don’t have the money laying around. While I have attended pricey classes/training for a week my supplies were included. Machines, food, of course flying & lodging were out of pocket I really enjoyed it. Ithink alt