Cool Tools for Pressing and Ironing

I have a guilty secret and that is I love to iron, except during the summer. There is something about ironing that I really enjoy. I love seeing all the wrinkles disappear with each pass of the iron. It’s all kind of meditative I guess. Now, pressing is a whole ‘nother game. I like pressing the seams flat in my garments and I do love giving my finished projects that final press. But, pressing can really be a chore. Fortunately, I’ve found a few great products that will make pressing (and ironing) a breeze and with less pain!

Cool Tools Cool Tools for Pressing and Ironing

The hottest products in pressing and ironing (pun intended) are from Clover. Clover Pressing Perfect products are invaluable for the seamstress, quilter or crafter.

No more burnt fingers with the Clover Pressing Perfect Hot Finger (1). Use this any time you iron. It’s a multi-purpose, heat resistant pressing tool to use in place of your finger (or pencil or whatever you use) at the iron.  There is a spatula end for finger pressing, point turning and gripping fabric to hold in place. Use handle as seam roll to press seams open. Press with or without an iron. Soft grip for secure and easy handling. Length 9 1/4in and it’s amazing!

3 iron products copy Cool Tools for Pressing and Ironing

Another product I like from the Clover Pressing Perfect line is the Hot Hemmer (2), which makes quick work of hemming and pressing.

Measure, mark, and press hems and more in one step. Great for purse handles, binding, hems, rounded corners, interior and miter corners. Heat resistant, thin, accurate ruler can be pressed with dry/steam iron, features non-slip surface to hold fabric for precise results. Size:  5in x 6in of awesomeness.

My other favorite tool is Iron Safe (3). I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten the setting I have on my iron and then just ironed away on a delicate fabric only to leave it scorched and ruined.

Protect your iron and fabric by preventing scorch, burn, and shine with this iron shoe that fits over the soleplate of your iron. Non-stick surface protects fabrics while adhesives wipe off. Eliminates the need for a pressing cloth. One size fits most household irons, works with all temperature settings, dry or steam. Not for use with cordless or multi-directional irons. Size 9 7/8in x 5 1/2in

Let me know how you like the new line of pressing tools from Clover!

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 Cool Tools for Pressing and Ironing

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3 Responses to Cool Tools for Pressing and Ironing

  1. Joj Jack says:

    I really love the iron cover it has saved some of ironing. The finger saver is great for many uses, and the perfect pocket is just plain great.

  2. JoEllen Jackson says:

    I really love your iron cover. The finger saver is great for many uses, andthe pocket perfect presser is great . Thanks.

  3. s.m.i izzath says:

    i love patchwork i used to see this everyday and i learn a lot about blocks and tools but even i don t have a roller cutter pls from where to get these tools thank you