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Did you know that today is the National Organize Your Home Office Day?! I know, spring cleaning already? I am still trying to adjust to the new time change. But wouldn’t you agree that once your home is clean, you are a happier person? I feel so much better once everything is in its place. organize PM Learn To Organize With Style

However, I feel amazing when everything has a new, fresh look. I am going to tailor this “holiday” to just my creative space. I tend to neglect my sewing area and just let the thread pile up on the floor. I am sure I am not alone in this.

Is there anything that makes you happier than a new workstation?? It is by far my favorite! My husband was kind enough to add peg board to a wall in my studio, along with some thick cork board. Now I have the most organized tools and a new area for my inspirations.

Next step, a new table! If you want to build a DIY wood sewing table that is quick and easy, please check out Terry Hire’s sewing table plans, supply list and plywood cutting layout. (available at shopsewitall.com) The 6′-4 1/4″ x 4′ x 30″-high worktable, which may be adjusted to fit your own workspace, includes a sewing machine well, hide-away ironing board and storage shelves.

Sewing Table Plans 300x195 Learn To Organize With Style

Now, lets clean up that floor! I have the terrible habit of tossing my scraps, thread cuttings, really anything I can, onto the the floor. I always think to myself, I will clean it up later. Well, it has gotten out of hand and it’s time t stop. Available at shopsewitall.com is a scrap caddy that will attach to the bottom of your quilters table. This caddy gives you a place to store scraps, keep your scissors within reach, or you can simply use it as a mini trash bin (like I will). The caddy is 10″ deep with additional side pockets. Yes!! Just what I need!

caddy 300x255 Learn To Organize With Style

Oh my gahh!! I cannot wait to get started and customize my workspace! A practical workspace allows you to be more efficient. It will be interesting to see how much I can get done this year. Wish me luck!

Happy “Organize Your Home Office Day” to you!! Share your tips or goals to keeping your workspace neat and tidy. I look forward to hearing from you all!


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 Learn To Organize With Style
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