5 Top Reasons To Learn How To Sew – Why Do You Sew?

notions5 5 Top Reasons To Learn How To Sew    Why Do You Sew?  I think learning to sew is one of the best things I’ve ever done creatively. I love the challenges it presents, I love the people I’ve met along the way and I love what I can do with fabric and color and the inspiration it gives me. And, I love the feeling I get when all the stars align and I make something so beautiful I actually dance for joy. No kidding. Sewing gives me so much pleasure and joy it’s hard to explain.

If I hear that someone wants to learn how to sew,  I practically fall over myself in giving them help and assisting them on their journey. Sewing is such an amazing creative outlet for me.

I also want to tell you we’ve got a great intro to sewing course that is great for beginners. We all have to start at the beginning!  Let’s look at my reasons for sewing, plus a peek into what you can learn in the class.

Reason 1: Sewing can save you money.

money giphy 5 Top Reasons To Learn How To Sew    Why Do You Sew?  Making garments, crafts or accessories can save you a lot of money compared to buying at your favorite store. In the Garment Sewing Introduction course, you’ll first learn all the basics of your machine, supplies and start sewing seams. In week 2 Seams and Finishes is what we’ll take on.

Reason 2: Learn to sew means you can make tons of one-of-a-kind accessories, tote bags, purses, scarves and more!

tote bag giphy 1 5 Top Reasons To Learn How To Sew    Why Do You Sew?  In week 3  you’ll make your first project a cute drawstring bag and week 4 tackle zippers by making a zippered pouch. And, this will kick off your obsession with sewing tote bags and purses!

Reason 3: Sewing shows off your creative side.

gif of clueless movie 5 Top Reasons To Learn How To Sew    Why Do You Sew?  No other hobby lets you show your true individuality like sewing. If you love polka dots and want to wear only polka dots sewing lets you do just that. Go crazy! As you move through the class in weeks 5 you’ll learn the basics of fabric and how to pick the right fabric for the project. In week 6 you’ll learn how to read and use a sewing pattern. Very important that one!

Reason 4: Learn to create garments you see on the runway.

fashion giphy 5 Top Reasons To Learn How To Sew    Why Do You Sew?  This is why I love to sew. I can create almost anything I see on the runway in a department store or boutique. Plus, if you have a hard to shop for figure, sewing can be so liberating. Week 7 you’ll learn how to make a skirt and week 8 you’ll learn about different styles of skirts.  Trust me, this is going to be fun. Skirts are one of my all time favorite things to sew. You will love it.

Reason 5: Sewing reduces stress.

cat giphy 1 5 Top Reasons To Learn How To Sew    Why Do You Sew?  Studies have shown that taking up a hobby reduces stress and makes life more enjoyable! Ahhhh.

Sure, learning any thing new has its stressful moments, but as a long time sewer I can’t tell you how rewarding sewing has been to my life. I’ve met so many wonderful people, continuing to learn and grown AND, have a pretty, nice wardrobe.

If you would like to start your journey I would love to be a part of it.

The Garment Sewing Introduction: Learn the Fundamentals of Garment Sewing 8 weeks long and is online and you can register now. You can go at your pace and I will be there every step for questions, problems or concerns. You’ll start of with the basics and at the end of the course make your first garment.

I do hope you join me!

head shot200 5 Top Reasons To Learn How To Sew    Why Do You Sew?







 5 Top Reasons To Learn How To Sew    Why Do You Sew?

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13 Responses to 5 Top Reasons To Learn How To Sew – Why Do You Sew?

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  2. Kristine says:

    I have always loved dolls! When I was little I wanted to know how to make clothes for them because I would get bored looking at the same clothes they came in. Mom taught me how to make baby doll clothes from socks and let me cut up scraps of fabrics and showed me how to thread a needle. The rest is history!

  3. Susan says:

    I love to sew, been sewing since my teen years. Great way to have unique clothing and making useful and pretty things gives my heart a smile!

  4. Andrea says:

    I have to say, I disagree with number one. Sewing your own clothes and other items was more economical 50+ years ago but today quality fabric, sewing machines, and other needed notions are not cheap. It’s much cheaper for me to go to Target, Sears, JC Penny’s, or shop the sales at Macy’s to buy clothes then it is to buy quality fabric, thread, zippers, buttons, and other notions. Not to mention the amount of time that goes into making home made items. I sew because I enjoy it but I do not save money when I sew my own clothes. There is a huge misconception held by most non-sewers that home made is less expensive which leads non-sewers to underestimate the value of a homemade item. This is extremely frustrating to sewers who try to use their skills and talents to earn money.

  5. Philipa says:

    Sometimes it seems I was born with a pair of scissors and some cloth in my hands… My mother is a geat fashion designer and seamstress as are my grandmothr and most of the women folk in my family. I learnt as I go along on my own mostly because while the women were sewing, I wanted to be different, so I learnt embroidery, cross-stitch, crochet etc… And it is true that having the only garment made-to-measure in the world gives a certain pride…

  6. Hina Lorennij says:

    I like to sew my own desses but don’t know how. I want to join you.

  7. oma says:

    I love sew .. i am learning it .. to do alot of cloth in professtional way .. i hope i can open my own store and have brand .. thanks for sharing ur artical ..

  8. Cheryl says:

    I sew to get my “creative” out where I can see it. I get so into it, I am in another zone and therefore relaxed! Love to sew!!!

  9. Preethi Mallawa Arachchi says:

    I was
    sewing from my small age,and I think I have the born talent of it . Now I do all my dresses and children and my husbands shirts also .But I am doing all in my own way . I want to do this in scientifical method . In future I hope start my own business , so please tell me the way how could contact you if possible .

  10. Linda W says:

    I love making clothes for an entire family out of one fabric. I made my sister and her husband and two children (a girl and a boy) matching clothes. The three year old boy got away from the family at Disneyland. A stranger took him by the hand and brought him back to my sister. He said “this little guy matched the rest of you, so I figured that he was yours.” Sewing can bless people.

  11. LISA MODLIN says:

    Sewing is surely a stress reliever! I’ve been sewing since 1982. I learned while I was in college. Even through 20 years of active duty with the Army, a deployment to Iraq and raising children, I always found sewing or anything crafty for that matter, to help me escape. Thank you sharing this article.

    • Jill says:

      Thank you for reading it! I can get lost in doing anything crafty. I really do love sewing and all that’s involved.