What Makes Sewing Joyous For You?

To say  sewing is my passion is a bit of an understatement. I not only work at Sew News, Stitch, Creative Machine Embroidery magazines where I spend all day writing and promoting sewing I also have a community organization that I run called the Denver Sewing Collective. It’s a group of men and women online and off and we sew, talk about sewing, sew and talk sewing etc. etc. etc.. I’m also the Vice President of the American Sewing Guild, Denver Chapter. On my off off-time in between family, work, working out, social life and so on I sew a little, at least every day. Or if anything just look at a new pattern or fold my beautiful fabric.

  What Makes Sewing Joyous For You?

What does this have to do with sewing?

So ya, I kind of like sewing. It’s hard to say why I like it so much to someone who doesn’t sew. It can be a pain in the butt sometimes, and quite frustrating. It’s an expensive hobby, can be any way. And, if you’ve ever tried to make pants or tried to fit your own body well again with the frustration.

But oh the joy of making something that fits, that gets compliments and “wow, you made that?!”. Or the joy of sewing for your little boy a monster softie that he adores and has loved to shreds. I’ve been giddy with happiness by making a pillow case for goodness sake.

I love watching a sewing newbie who has made an absolute disaster out of something and be completely unfazed and ready to do better the next time.

This type of person seeks out knowledge, reads blogs, watches videos and You-Tube, takes face-to-face classes whatever it takes because she is hungry to learn and figure it out. That kind of attitude is the hallmark of someone who has caught the sewing bug. You cannot fill her cup up.  LOVE. IT.

I was recently asked what books and educational references were my go-to sources. What has changed my sewing for the better. The nature of my sewing I rely heavily on vintage sources and out of print sewing books.  I also go to what would be considered the sewing elite in the sewing world. Nancy ZiemanClaire Schaffer and Lynda Maynard.

However, I have had the pleasure of reviewing Joi Mahon’s book Create The Perfect Fit. At first glance I was skeptical. But, good grief I learned something! My cup isn’t filled! I cannot sing her praises enough. I have used several of her fitting techniques when I am making a new garment or using a pattern and they work, period.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the spiral bound book (awesome) the clear instructions or in some cases a different approach to an old fitting problem (narrow chest adjustment). Whatever, I love it and it’s now in my top 5 sewing books.

You’ve heard of the definition of crazy? Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. That’s kind of like garment sewing. Sewing the same type of garment over and over and magically expecting different results.

No matter how many pant patterns you sew from you’ll keep getting the same result unless you try something different . Try a new fitting book, check out a new teacher or class, watch a video from a top-rated instructor.

So, however you choose to learn and grow as a seamstress, just keep your cup a little empty.

So, despite the frustrations what makes sewing a joy for you?

Happy Sewing!

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signautre 200  What Makes Sewing Joyous For You?

  What Makes Sewing Joyous For You?

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I write for the Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery blogs. I love sewing, vintage and would love to get a comment from you!
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5 Responses to What Makes Sewing Joyous For You?

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  2. Jill says:

    Love all your comments! Sewing Rocks!

  3. Bev says:

    I also LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to sew . I have been sewing for 56 yrs. I love to open my closet doors and just look and smell my fabric stash. I think it is the thrill of creating something from nothing. I also was teaching young girls to sew till I moved a month ago. The look on their faces when something they were making came to frutation.Well it was absolutely priceless. That is what sewing is all about ENJOYMENT,CREATING and WEARING or USING your creations. I LOVE to see something then go and recreate it. I LOVE making my own patterns. Sewing just makes me relax,it takes to the middle of solitude and allows me to be me! I feel so much better when ,I can sew ,sometimes ,I just surround myself with my collection of sewing books and just lose myself for awhile. I always come back re-energized!!! Sewing is the freedom to make what you want , when you want and how you want. I never have to a “cookie cutter” style ever! In grade school and High school , everyone wanted to know where ,I got my clothes and,I told them,I made them,but they never believed me. LOL. I just enjoy putting the thread and needle to the cloth and always will. Sewing is my Superpower!

  4. Jill says:

    Thanks for the comment Karen! Love sewing!

  5. Karen Poole says:

    Oh my gosh, what DONT I love about sewing? It’s taking a flat shapeless piece of fabric and turning it into a wonderful creation, it’s having clothes back in high school that fit just right (I was very very tiny and off the rack sizes could only wear children’s sizes that looked like children’s clothes). So sewing gave me the freedom to have age appropriate clothes that looked great and no one else had one like it! It’s the passion of having a vision in your mind and being able to create it in fabric or have your kids ask if you can make a certain costume for them (and now grandkids) and seeing their eyes light up when they see it finished and it’s better then they thought it would be or overhearing them telling a friend they always had the best Halloween costumes growing up because we never bought them at the store “my Mom made all of our costumes and she can make anything we want! And our costumes are the best ever”!
    And it’s teaching your kids or grandkids or others to sew and seeing that look come over their face and you know they get it!!!!
    There is nothing like it in the world. To say sewing is my passion would be an understatement. I never had the chance to work for a company related to sewing but I never wanted to either! I always felt that if I made it my work it might just take the fun and passion away!!!