What’s On Your Sewing List for 2016 + Find Out What’s New!

 Whats On Your Sewing List for 2016 + Find Out Whats New!

Just a few more days and 2016 will be here. My sewing plans for 2016 are rather modest. I plan on moving forward with the ball gown and have my pattern picked out, it’s a vintage Vogue from 1947. I have yet to receive it, but once I do I’ll copy the pattern onto Swedish tracing paper. Once I have the pattern copied I’ll start on a muslin of some sort.

Aside from the ball gown which is not a modest project by any means, all my other plans are relatively sedate in comparison. I want to make a pair of cigarette (slim fitting) pants. Plus, work on my LBD that I’ve had in a kind of sewing purgatory for a year or more. Make a jacket from the fabric I purchased in October at the French Seam in Indianapolis. Restart vintage McCalls 4604, this time getting it right. Mccalls 4604 150 Whats On Your Sewing List for 2016 + Find Out Whats New!

Oh, and churn out a half a dozen vintage skirt patterns. I just added that one to the list. Oops, forgot to add in a few home-dec projects such as reupholstering a few chairs. (I think my best laid plans are about to become more complicated.)


I have in my notes for 2016 to work on finishing up “fitting issues”. These are projects I’ve had hanging around my sewing room for a long time. I need to finish them before my body changes and I have to start all over! Last year I was working on a dress project that turned out great. I would like to make a few more of these dresses and really build out my spring/summer wardrobe for 2016.

anyaskirt Whats On Your Sewing List for 2016 + Find Out Whats New!

Aside from the ball gown 2016 looks to be the year of the UFO. But, then isn’t it always?

What are your plans for 2016? Would you like to learn a new craft, or perfect a technique? Maybe take an online class or two? One project I’m really excited to sew is  the Christine Haynes Anya skirt pattern. My progress hasn’t moved beyond finishing the one side seam, but on the dress form it’s looking so cute! I’ve changed things up a bit from the original pattern but it still has that classic quality to it. Look for a blog post on my changes and how easy it is to adjust a pattern to suit your needs. Coming soon!

If you have on your sewing list to tackle fitting issues, you’re in luck! We have a new series starting in our next issue. Called the Joi of Fitting it stars Joi Mahon and she’ll discuss fitting issues and how to fix them. Be sure to check out her book Create the Perfect Fit too. I love this book and you can read a short review here.

JoiFitting 201 Whats On Your Sewing List for 2016 + Find Out Whats New!

Fitting issues are the number one hassle when it comes to garment sewing. Once you learn the secrets to your particular fitting issue, your wardrobe will never be the same. Put fitting as your number one goal for 2016!



I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the new year. Be sure to write down those sewing goals for 2016. And, let’s work on them together!

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 Whats On Your Sewing List for 2016 + Find Out Whats New!

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