Would You Sew A 1000 Dresses?

Remember the story of the woman who sewed a thousand dresses for little girls in need? Well, now the filmmaker Vicki Vasilopoulos, who brought the stories of Italian tailors to the world in Men of the Cloth, is making a documentary about the woman who sewed a thousand dresses, Lillian Weber.

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When Lillian’s story hit the Internet it brought to light the organization she was sewing for, Little Dresses for Africa. This is a non-profit organization and if you would like more information on it and their work please visit their Facebook page.

The documentary that is being made by Vicki Vasilopoulos is in the early stages of development. For more information please visit their website and consider subscribing to their newsletter to stay posted on their progress, plus visit their Facebook page and become a fan.

We love seeing how sewing brings out the best in people around the world.



 Would You Sew A 1000 Dresses?

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