How To Achieve Great Fitting Garments At Any Age

Do you have the latest copy of Sew News yet? If you need any help on fitting garments we have two outstanding articles this month. Joi Mahon’s latest article: Fitting the Aging Figure addresses the unstoppable downward droop many of us face as we get older. And, in Rae Cumbie’s series, Fit Finder, she tells you how to find the best fitting pattern for your body.

Different Stages Of Woman 406x2031 How To Achieve Great Fitting Garments At Any AgeThe Aging Body

The aging body isn’t a hot topic in current sewing circles (who wants to talk about a drooping bust?). But, you know what? If we’re lucky were all going to get there eventually. Just because our bodies change in whatever shape, we don’t need to give up on sewing garments.  It’s when our bodies change that sewing will become even more satisfying. If you have a hard-to-fit body of any age, I can guarantee that you’ll have an near impossible time finding clothing that fits in department stores.

Fabulous Fit

Fortunate for us, we have Joi and Rae helping us achieve expertly fitted garments. Joi’s article offers great tips on how to keep your garments looking their best as our bodies trend toward a “downward shift”. Her article is geared to +55, but as she notes, you’ll notice there are many body changes that happen at any time in our lives.

Hunched Shoulders

For instance, I spend a lot of time at a computer, and I notice my shoulders, with every passing year, shift more and more forward. Fortunately, the pattern alterations for +55 are the same for anyone younger. Same goes for a narrow chest adjustment. I’ve been doing that adjustment since the beginning of time. Turns out this adjustment is a common one for an older figure, too.

Find Your Fit
Following the topic of fit, Rae Cumbie, in our newest issue details various dress design elements in the Fit Finder series. Find advice and tips on how to pick a dress pattern that will serve your body and lifestyle best. Any dress pattern can be made to fit any body. It takes a little practice and knowledge to pick the right pattern for your body type. Once you find it your wardrobe will never be the same!

Whether you are over 55 or under 25, we all have one thing in common: we want to have well-fitting garments. Learning how to fit yourself and achieve that well made garment is not difficult. To have awesome fitting clothing you’ll need two things: expert guidance and perseverance.

Let me know your fitting problem on the Sew News blog and you’ll be entered to win Create the Perfect Fit and Joi’s latest book Designer Joi’s Fashion Sewing Workshop (for a review of her latest book head to the blog). One winner will be picked on July 26 and announced in the newsletter.

See you then!

rae cumbie 600 How To Achieve Great Fitting Garments At Any Age

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 How To Achieve Great Fitting Garments At Any Age

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13 Responses to How To Achieve Great Fitting Garments At Any Age

  1. Carol says:

    At 5’10″ I’ve always had trouble fitting for a longer torso and longer legs. Now that my body is beginning to catch up to my age, 61, my waist is starting to spread. It’s like my body has a mind of it’s own! At one time, I could cut out one size of the pattern and sew it with no adjustments. Now it’s like I’m having to learn to sew all over again; this size with part of that size. I could really use this book!

  2. Tlcmathis says:

    I am learning how to adapt commercial patterns to my body. I am 50 years old 5″8′ with a 44′ waist, a 62′ hip and a 36′ inseam. So I either spend a month adding waist darts to pants that are way to big so it fits my hips…or I spend a month adding to the hip and crotch area to expand the smaller pattern. Nothing ever fits quit right and the length..HA…the hem is always crooked.

  3. wanda says:

    I have trouble fitting my tummy. It seems all my weight has gone there.

  4. Karen Sopjes says:

    I need pants with larger legs, but I don’t need the large waist or hips.

  5. Honestly, my biggest fitting problem is probably my brain. Looking in the mirror I find it very difficult to turn my focus away from the “flaws” and accept them simply as being. I would have thought I was old enough to really know this by now! I do know that a properly fitted garment makes a world of difference; improving my skills could return sewing clothes to the fun side of my brain.

  6. Donna Jo Strickler says:

    I am looking for help in adjusting patterns now that I am living with the results of a bi-lateral mastectomy. When I try and just “pin out the excess fabric”, it distorts most patterns. It would also be nice if I could get some guidance on adjusting ready to wear clothing with this same problem. I do not wear the very heavy specialized bra’s the industry is so pleased to sell for several hundred dollars each just for mastectomy patients. Please help me and thousands of others who have had to endure not only surviving breast cancer, but now have to figure out how to make clothing fit and still look good. Thank you!

  7. Lynne Vann says:

    At age 66 my problem is pretty much the same as always but more so! My waist has always been my fitting problem!! It’s always been larger than patterns allow. Then my hips are non-existent!!! I like clothes that give the illusion of shapeliness but it’s difficult to make it happen. With aging, my 5’9″ height and 160lb build I don’t want to dres frumpy and douty either. I have seen for myself and others since age 13 but still have problems getting a trendy fit!!!

  8. Michele says:

    I’ve never seen this fitting issue addressed. My shirts slide back until a V-neck or scoop neck top is hugging my neck! It’s very uncomfortable and looks pretty terrible. I would love to know what pattern adjustments I can make to correct that.

  9. Vivian says:

    While I primarily quilt now, I’ve long wanted to get back into sewing clothing, something I haven’t done since my early 20′s. When I learned to sew in my teens, I was thin and clothing styles were blousy and flared so fitting was something I never had to learn. Now that my figure is more “mature” and I’m interested in fitted styles, the struggle is determining how to make precise fit adjustments across all the “hard” areas at once (bust, waist, hip) while keeping the garment’s design line in balance. Also I’m finding that determining the right pattern size seems way more confusing than it once did (or am I just peeved that I no longer fit the “Misses” range?).

  10. Elisabeth says:

    As I am aging, I’m finding that commercial pattern bust line is too high. The most common tweak I make when sewing is adjusting for larger hips as I am pear-shaped.

  11. Lee says:

    Where to begin on my fitting situations? I’m over 65, under 5 feet tall and less than 95 pounds. Junior Petite patterns from the 1970s fit with little adjustment, but are no longer available from the main pattern companies. The ones I got then are still in use. My posture seems OK, but some of the other age-related changes I adjust for. Patterns sold for full size adult women need so much adjustment I simply don’t buy them.

  12. Teres says:

    Speaking of drooping…I would like to learn how to shift the dart so it ends where it’s supposed to!

  13. Cherie says:

    I’m still fairly new when it comes to fitting. I am long waisted so that is something I have to adjust many times and making skirts longer because I am tall.
    Thank you!