Name Your #1 Favorite Sewing Tool

 Name Your #1 Favorite Sewing Tool

Do you have a sewing tool or notion that you can’t live without? You know the kind that if you were on a deserted island you wouldn’t want to be without it?

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There is no way I could pick one favorite. I love my magnetic pin holder and my rotary cutter.  I also love wax tracing paper over chalk and glass head pins. I can’t live without my Roweta iron and my design rulers will be never leave my side. I have an entire room filled with notions and tools that make my job easier and faster!

What makes your sewing life easier? I would be interested if anyone can name just one tool (sewing machines not included) they can’t live without.

Leave me a comment below!

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Jill Case
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 Name Your #1 Favorite Sewing Tool

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21 Responses to Name Your #1 Favorite Sewing Tool

  1. Carole says:

    School washable glue stick — I final found the solution to putting in a zipper smoothly! No pinning necessary. Matching plaids and stripes a breeze! Placing trim or buttons before machine stitching! Just make sure you let the glue dry before sewing.

  2. Teresa says:

    Leather thimble

  3. Barbara Scappaticci says:

    Sewing by hand, Sewing by machine.
    My scissors. Several pairs. Very sharp. You cannot do any sewing without them.

  4. Susan R says:

    Hello Jill :)

    My favorite sewing tools are sewing gauge, pin cushion, thimble, and last but not least the beeswax.

  5. Regina says:

    I can’t live without my good shears, Pro Iron, fine glass head pins and the table top light that now resides on my work table; it was my Dad’s and he used it to tie flies for fishing!
    There is nothing better than good lighting!! Definitely can’t go without it!

  6. Nancy says:

    I love all the answers here. I’m going to say it is my walking foot. I do almost all my sewing with it on including piecing and I think it makes all my seams look just that much better.

  7. Nadine says:

    My favorite tool? That’s a tough one. Maybe I am being sentimental, but I think it would be my old Kenmore sewing machine. My parents brought for my high school graduation gift and my birthday and my Christmas present all in one. Mom and Dad are gone now, but when I sew it brings back memories.

  8. I was going to say a nice sharp seam ripper – I like to baste my zippers in place. But the word <emsharp made me think of how I can’t live without my nice sharp
    scissors. Then, nice triggered the word crisp which made me think of how I can’t live without my nice hot iron that smooths out the crisp bends left in my fabric by my embroidery hoop.

    Ah well, I guess that is three!

  9. I couldn’t live without my beautiful Ginger scissors ! They have never failed me! And believe me everyone knows to never touch them!

  10. Lee says:

    I could not sew with out seam ripper, scissors, and reading glasses to thread the needle.

  11. Reda says:

    My rotary cutter and large mat. . . I would rank this above even scissors. Rotary cutting is so much more accurate and faster.

  12. Lori DeWald says:

    My retractable ID badge holder that actually holds my snipping scissors!..I just clip it to my is there no matter where I am in my retracts so there are no scissors dangling..It is most convenient snipping seam threads…I love it!

  13. No project of mine does without some re-do, and the task is much the easier with a seam ripper. Can’t get along without one (or two or more…more misplaced than readers!).

    • Jill says:

      I have five seam rippers,somewhere. Seam rippers are like men on a Sunday afternoon, never around when you need them.

  14. Janice B says:

    My Gingher bent handle shears. Cutting out patterns is SO much easier with great shears.

  15. Hi Jill! After spending last week at the national convention for the Smocking Arts Guild of America, I would have to say/admit that my favorite tool is scissors! I took three pairs with me and came home with a fourth (with serrated blades — who knew??). That’s after curating the three original pairs from my assortment of more than a dozen. And that paltry number makes me a slacked among my embroidery pals . . . Sigh.