Pretty Options for Plus + Curvy Size

In our latest issue we have two sew alongs. One happened in January,  the Clare Coat from Closet Case Files. You can access all the posts for this sew along any time. The second sew along is with Jenny Rushmore of Cashmerette Patterns and it started February 7. Jenny has a wonderful wrap dress specifically for women’s sizes 12-28 and cup sizes C – H. The Appleton Wrap Dress Pattern is designed to show off your curves but keep everything covered! The crossover front won’t show off anything you don’t want to. Plus, there is a built-in- waist tie and a clever neckband construction prevents unsightly gaping across the bust area.

There are different sleeve length options and for those hot summer nights, making this sleeveless is going to be trés easy.

As soon as I saw the photos for the Appleton dress, I wanted to make myself a wrap dress too!

The Appleton is a true wrap dress, whereas mine is a faux. I made mine with a lovely  green, burnout stretch velvet. I like the Appleton’s wider neckline binding, next time I’m going to replicate that. I also love the fabric Jenny picks. Fab all around.

appleton model 10001 744x1024 Pretty Options for Plus + Curvy Size

If you are looking for more plus size and curvy options for sewing, check out the collection of plus size e-sewing patterns from BurdaStyle. BurdaStyle has some of the most modern, fresh takes on plus size sewing anywhere.

 Pretty Options for Plus + Curvy Size The Best of BurdaStyle: Plus Size Collection has eight different garments to chose from.  This collection has the following:

Each pattern includes instructions on putting it all together. Plus, learn tips and tricks on how to tissue fit and grade for plus size in webinar format (similar to a video). So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your spring and summer sewing now!

For people who sew plus size garments: What are your biggest issues with sewing? What are your trouble areas, what would you like to learn for 2017. Or, what is holding you back from sewing more garments? Leave me a comment and three people will be picked (using to win a pattern from Jenny of Cashmerette Patterns.



Be sure to pick up our next issue of Sew News. If you like what you see and read in this issue, get ready. Our next issue for  April/May is going to have an additional 20+ pages. We’re excited here (plus, insanely busy!) – J

patterns 300x211 Pretty Options for Plus + Curvy Size

 Pretty Options for Plus + Curvy Size

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33 Responses to Pretty Options for Plus + Curvy Size

  1. Arlene Mendenhall says:

    I used to sew clothing all the time from PJ’s to gowns for myself and any body else that needed it. Now that I am overweight I have no interest in sewing clothes for myself, others yes. But this pattern does look nice, but I’m not sure if it would look that good on me. My stomach is a big issue. Like other comments I don’t want to waist the time making something for myself when I am not sure that it will fit and look nice with the heavy body.

  2. Amy G says:

    The big 4 pattern makers have lost my business. The plus size patterns usually swallow me when I make the suggest size according to my measurements. I wear a xl in ready to wear tops or a 14/16 in pants. I use to sew years ago but I can’t find any fabric that I love locally. I wish I could find quality fabric without being close to 20 a yard.

  3. Debbie Blanchard says:

    I am a full size woman with broad shoulders so I still have trouble fitting the patterns when they are sized for us fuller girls! I am going to try this dress!

  4. Mom C says:

    Top bigger than bottom. Short. And not too fitted. When I find an outfit I like I often take it apart and use it for a pattern. Thanks.

  5. Arlene Keller says:

    I’ve almost stopped sewing for myself because ready to wear in plus sizes usually fit me perfectly. On most patterns using the suggested size to fit my bust measurement, the shoulder falls quite a bit below where the sleeve cap should be looking sloppy and ill fitting. Then, again using what should be my size, seems to have so much ease that a styled dress or top many times ends looking very “tentish”

  6. Karena says:

    Thanks Ladies, you have made me feel quite normal, I can relate to all your problems, short legs, large waist means that purchased pants and leggings are sooooo long I need to be about 7foot to fit them. I have given up making my own clothes because they never fitted nicely and there were too many alterations I needed to make and did not know where to start. That was before the internet came along, so I may try again with all the information out there now.
    I went onto the pattern page and the model on the pattern is a decent sized lady, but unfortunately the pattern is out of stock. Shame, thanks anyway.

  7. Karen Christensen says:

    I struggle with making my necklines small enough. I make a full bust adjustment and cut the neckline a size or 2 smaller but the neckline still seems to gap. Also the front of my tops are shorter than the back when wearing.

  8. Margie says:

    I have narrow shoulders, size40 b chest, a16 waist, and 22 hips. Hight 5.5 and everything falls off my shoulders. Usually i use elastic waistand add extra to hips. I have to alter every pattern. I do not understand why larger size ladies are sized like smaller ladies. We are all different sizes and in differnt places. And why not use a size 22 plus model, not a 14. I would like to see real people not models that they do not have to fit .

  9. AnniePC says:

    Ah, the good ol’ days when I could buy clothes off the rack, and pick out a pattern and make it without adjustments. I’ve figured out what adjustments to make for my clothes, but now I’m trying to help my 38 y/o daughter who due to scoliosis has no waistline to speak of and very little room between her bust and hips. This wrap dress looks like something that would flatter her. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  10. Maryl says:

    My biggest problem is fitting my biceps

  11. Robin P says:

    I’m plus sized a large belly and wide hips but smaller and short waisted on top. I also have a disease which causes sometimes outrageous swelling in my legs and lower torso. I’ve almost given up trying to sew for myself and my “wardrobe” consists of lycra pants and over-sized sweatshirts or pull over shapeless tunics. To say that I hate this look is such an understatement. I’ve had multiple operations on my legs, one of which went terribly awry and left me with a huge wide and long scar on a leg that swells to 3x or more the size of my other leg and is discolored so I don’t feel comfortable wearing shorter skirts or baring my legs in shorts, although last summer was so hot I did wear shorts out but found the stares from others almost unbearable.

  12. Pal Koenig says:

    Big problem: balancing out the slightly broader back armhole adjustment with a sort of hollow chest at the front armhole and shoulder seam that falls backward

  13. Valerie says:

    My main reason for not sewing as much for myself is pattern sizing. I measure myself and then cut out the appropriate pattern size and it’s way too big. Then comes all the ripping out and re-cutting or making larger seam sizes to get it to fit and it’s never right all around. I’m basically a rectangle body shape, so you’d think it would be easy, but it’s not.

  14. Teresa Crawford says:

    The dress is lovely. However, if you are going to headline Plus sizes, why not use a plus size model? It is so hard to envision what we would look like in a dress that is supposed to look good on our various plus sized body types when a skinny model is used.

  15. Kathy C says:

    How do I adapt patterns to fit my full (as in 38G!) bust and adjust to fit my short torso? Trying to find the time to sew and then being faced with all of the fit issues is so frustrating. However, I’m getting a lot of tote bags and quilt tops made;-)

  16. Susan Koon says:

    I am a size 18/20; big belly; small breasts (42A)…large size clothes and patterns automatically assume you have large breasts…it is really hard to adjust patterns to fit me

  17. Leslie says:

    I have narrow shoulders, am shortwaisted with a sway back, pear shaped with wide hips. On top of that I am need to wear a 39F bra (that I make to get a good fit). Sometimes it takes longer to make the pattern adjustments than to make an entire garment, so I have lots of issues!

  18. Arlene Aughey says:

    I recently discovered wrap dresses and tops, and they are great for my body type – they have ease, style and comfort all in one!

  19. Pamela McCandless says:

    Oh, I forgot to say, I love the dress style, very attractive.

  20. Elaine r says:

    I have similar fitting problems as Kathy Z. added to which I’m quite short, but have a standard back waist length and a waist of sorts. Nowadays I mostly make slacks which are impossible to buy readymade. But I have a wedding coming up and will need something dressier!

  21. Pamela McCandless says:

    Fitting my J/K Cup without gapping, pulling, or tenting. I also have broad straight shoulders and long arms, so they pull fabric up. Finding a good length in tops is close to impossible. I have a waist, getting a waist with the chest has been a challenge keeping the ballooning from resulting. Then there is a factual tummy, hips, and tush that cannot be ignored, if it fits hips & tush, the waist is too big. I am tall, longer athletic legs, a 34-36 inseam, so everything is automatically sized for highwaters. I’ve actually put store pants on and they fit for Capri length. Even stretch leggings are an issue, if long enough, many times I can tuck the waistband under my bra band. AWWWFFFFUULLL! But boy do I get to laugh alot! We are not all made the same! Too bad pattern makers don’t get that. Items purchased in “tall shops” are not made for chesty women, they are merely elongated versions of the standard.

  22. Debbie N says:

    My issue is fitting for my body shape. It has changed over the years and not sure how to make adjustments to patterns to fit me.

  23. Sarah says:

    I’m a subscriber and a plus-size lady. I almost exclusively sew garments for myself. It has definitely been a challenge to figure out how to fit my body – narrow shoulders, an E sewing cup, big front belly, upside down butt, the list is long lol – but it’s also extremely rewarding when I get it tweaked just right. One of the biggest limitations for me, aside from time, is the availability of patterns that go up to my size without extensive grading. This actually leads me to my reason for commenting. I commend you for the new article and some efforts to include plus size sewists, but I’m really confused that the free garment pattern for this issue doesn’t then incorporate these measures as well. It still only goes up to XL which makes me sad and a little frustrated. Please continue to consider ways to not make your magazine exclusive. Thank you.

  24. Mary Ann Crow says:

    Petite Plus sizes! Need I say more? I have shoulders fitting size 10, C cup, size 20 waist and am 5’1″ tall. Very challenging, indeed.

  25. Ernie Foulenfont says:

    I’m ready to revamp my wardrobe and this wrap dress l
    ooks like it would fit right in.

  26. Carole Buerman says:

    What holds me back is trying to get a fitted area around my waist and not just a tent. I have a waist, but it is hard to get the fabric to curve out over my curvy bits in the stomach and posterior areas.

  27. Moira M says:

    My biggest issue is in fitting pants – I’m a tall size in the seat, average to tall in leg length, and typically there is a full size difference between the waist and hips…….hence when I’m making pants for myself I usually go for elastic waisted patterns because they are much easier to fit.

  28. Angela Short says:

    I have recently started sewing. I made a lap quilt and a pillow so far. This year I definitely want to learn to sew my own plus size clothing. Good luck everyone!!

  29. Angel Prince says:

    Would love to win one of her patterns. Her patterns are great to sew.

  30. Kathy Zachry says:

    My most problematic plus-size fitting concern is reconciling my narrow sloping shoulders with my DD bust size. I’ve learned to always make a forward shoulder adjustment + a rounded back adjustment + a FBA when necessary but sometimes I’m left with wrinkles above the bust in that “hollow.” I’ve learned to always wear soft shoulder pads, NOT linebacker pads!!! This helps balance my sloping shoulders and usually gets rid of the wrinkles. It’s taken me 40 years to learn this!

  31. Cevriye says:

    Time. I dont have a lot of time to sew (like every other sewist probably) which makes me very frustrated if i make a mistake at the end after spending so much time on it. Sometimes my projects wait for months and i move on to new ones, until i trust myself that it will work. Anyways sewing modjo for everyone !

  32. Kathy E. says:

    I love to sew for children and I used to sew garments for myself. Lately, I don’t sew so much for myself because what I make doesn’t have the quality appearance I want. I don’t like when people say, “Did you make that?” because it really does look home-made! More practice will improve my techniques, and I just need to do that.

  33. rebecca Y says:

    My main issue seems to be finding patterns to suit my body shape and what I want to wear. Thanks for the chance