Our Favorite Sundresses Of The Season!

Nothing spells summer like a sweet sundress. When the weather turns hot, sundresses are the only way to go. How do you define a sundress? Do you think easy to make, easy to wear, easy to style, something that shows a little bit of sun-kissed skin or the perfect travel garment – or all of the above? Stay tuned this week as the Sew News editors share their thoughts on what makes the perfect sundress and a few of their favorite sundress patterns.

sun dress  Our Favorite Sundresses Of The Season!

Follow the links below for more on our favorite sundress patterns:

Kate’s Pick: Josie Sundress by Christine Haynes (also pictured above!)

Amanda’s Pick: Isla Dress Pattern by Made by Rae 















 Our Favorite Sundresses Of The Season!

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  1. Marilyn Garcia says:

    really cute dress!

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